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  1. GAA1992

    Night Shift - Limit removing Doom 2 map

    Sorry for necrobumping, but i really thought this had something to do with a gameplay mod i made, also called Nightshift. I can't download it yet, my pc is on repair, but i am also posting here to register my interest and, who knows, maybe even draw inspiration. I have a thread for my mod here on Doomworld, but the main link is outdated, so here is the Zdoom thread with the most recent version. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=68043 I hope you enjoy it, and i wish you success on your modding. ;)
  2. GAA1992

    Nightshift v1.6 (A survival-horror Doom mod)

    Just updating this thread in thanks to ICARUSLIV3S, who made a video with Nightshift. And to bump it, so other users can ignore it at will.
  3. GAA1992

    Nightshift v1.6 (A survival-horror Doom mod)

    Hello, just coming by to announce this mod was updated! Among the big changes, the options menu was reverted back to its original form, a fog system was added, and the Tonfa Baton is back as an optional starting melee weapon. Link is on first post, have fun!
  4. Hello everyone, welcome once again to one of my mods (the 9th, to be more precise). During these days and months i've not been uploading any updates and bugfixes to my mods, many things in life started to get in the way, and i didn't quite had the guts to work older things. But when working personal patches, mainly for Factotum (another survival horror mod i have), something started to roll the gears. It was Nightshift. Nightshift is a weapons/gameplay mod for GZDoom/LZDoom/QZDoom only that aims to be a survival horror experience, making things harder, intensifying encounters, encouraging resource management and set you in a lower ambience rather than the usual heavy metal. But you don't have to count only on your wits and your luck! Nightshift is the smallest weapons mod i've ever uploaded so far, but ironically it is very much complete. You can choose to play this in Doom, Doom 2, Heretic, Hexen, Hacx 2.0 and even Chex Quest! You can customize the probability of your ammo spawns, which weapons to start with, if you want the damn ambience or not, visual and overall aesthetic effects, weapon behaviour, items behaviour, and i can't believe i've done so much CVARS in a mod under 4MBs! Although your arsenal is limited, weapons are very stronger than usual, so if you decide to scavenge for ammo in order to have a more exciting gameplay, the firepower won't make you feel like you are wasting bullets. If you are already thinking on which mods to play this with, i can already tell: Dark ambience mods, fog mods, moody music, any kind of atmospheric add on can enhance your times with Nightshift, either this or guaranteed your money back! WEAPONS: ITEMS: PLAYER: CREDITS: RECOMMENDED ADD-ONS: VIDEOS: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD! Enough talk, have fun!!!
  5. GAA1992

    Aracnocide [Update 12/01/20]

    Thanks man, will remember to see that for next update!
  6. GAA1992

    Aracnocide [Update 12/01/20]

    Hey guys, me again. This project was updated within the last days, but i decided to take my time to get a stable release before editing the other threads around. The game now has SEVEN classes and 129 weapons! Many features were added. You don't need the custom enemies to play, you can play with other monster packs too. Have the most of fun! Feedback is highly appreciated. Happy new year.
  7. GAA1992

    Kriegsland II: Untergrund [v1.3 16/11/19]

    Thanks man! Kriegsland II has less weapons and actors than the first one, so i believe that even with other mods loaded alongside this one you won't experience slowdowns. So i highly recommend you try Kriegsland II first, so then you can go on the first one, with or without the nazi pack. ;)
  8. Harder than the original version, i had to appeal a bit to some mods insgtead of the usual Smooth Doom, but definitely beatable and fun. The overcharging of health and ammo thing was solved and now the map gets me spending ammo with caution. Discovering the portal tricks saved my ass countless times.
  9. GAA1992

    Ultra-Crispy (25/07/19) - Blood GZDoom mod

    Thank you for letting me know! However, i also wonder what would slow things down, since Caleb's death would also be the same, hahahah Also, there might be one or two scripts which execute upon UC death, that may be the issue, however it still don't matches the other maps.
  10. GAA1992

    Kriegsland II: Untergrund [v1.3 16/11/19]

    Hi guys, i'd like to say this mod was updated with some small fixes. Things were adjusted in the HUD, a major bug involving grenades and dual wield was fixed, the N.K.W.S. was rebalanced to make the Sturmflinte stronger and i've changed the footstep sounds to differ things from my other works. With that said, have a nice gameplay with this update!
  11. GAA1992

    Kriegsland II: Untergrund [v1.3 16/11/19]

    Thanks Doomenator, will keep in mind to apply these changes with the next update! :D
  12. GAA1992

    Kriegsland II: Untergrund [v1.3 16/11/19]

    Thank you! It indeed changes accuracy, although the screen shakes a bit. Take your time and leave feedback when you can!
  13. GAA1992

    Kriegsland II: Untergrund [v1.3 16/11/19]

    Once again, this mod was updated! Nothing really major, just some fixes on SBARINFO, removal of leftover files which weren't meant to be there, renaming of some actors and fixes on texture and replacemente patches. Also, this mod is now compatible with Return of the Triad, by ElZee and 5thFifty. Speaking of that, The first Kriegsland reached almost 4000 downloads! It's a pretty impressive mark, considering my mods don't have too much flux around, so, thanks to you all and keep spreading the word and getting psyched with Kriegsland.
  14. GAA1992

    Kriegsland II: Untergrund [v1.3 16/11/19]

    This mod was updated, in the spoiler below is the changelog. Have fun!
  15. Hello again, welcome to my 8th mod. For those who know Kriegsland, i only need to say thanks for all your support in these years! For those who don't, Kriegsland is a mod based on the Wolfenstein latest series of games. While this second entry doesn't seems as much inspired as the first one, you might like the more "tech" look. In the spoiler below is the lore of Kriegsland II: LORE: BEFORE PLAYING: Unfortunately, Zandronum support is not possible. But older versions of GZDoom (such as 3.2) and even LZDoom work perfectly. FEATURES: LINKS AND ADD-ONS: CREDITS: VIDEOS: As always, have fun and GET PSYCHED!