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  1. Warmaster


    what does this mean?
  2. Warmaster


    nice raiden gif
  3. Warmaster


    If you have seen the 1994 Horror/thriller BRAINSCAN you can see what i am gonna suggest. i think it would be great if a team of DooMers put effort to make a wad based on BRAINSCAN. Plot: A lonely boy named Michael Brower (Edward Furlong) lives an isolated existence in his absent father's mansion. Michael's mother was killed in a car accident, which also permanently injured his leg. He spends his spare time stalking his crush, a typical girl-next-door named Kimberly. A huge fan of horror films and video games, Michael's only friend is a similar-minded misfit named Kyle. Kyle tells Michael about a new, ultra-realistic game called Brainscan. Intrigued, Michael sends away for the first disc. The game begins strangely, with a warning screen informing him that the experience has much in common with hypnotic suggestion. During his first experience with the game, Michael is encouraged to act as a psychopathic murderer by the game's host, an entity known as Trickster. In-game, Michael murders a stranger and takes his foot as a trophy. Later, he is horrified to discover that his victim in the game was a real person, and that the same murder also happened in the real world. Kyle begs Michael to let him play the game, and Michael angrily rebuffs him. Later Michael is tormented by Trickster, who exits the game and plays a song by the musical group Primus in Michael's bedroom. Because he is a possible witness to the earlier murder, Trickster tells Michael he must kill Kyle, which he eventually does in-game. Michael doesn't remember Kyle's murder and calls his house. The phone is answered by a policeman, Detective Hayden (Frank Langella). Michael becomes paranoid that he will be sent to jail. He is also continually annoyed by the presence of Trickster, who refuses to leave his home. Trickster ultimately instructs him to kill Kimberly. At nightfall Michael sneaks into her room, but refuses to hurt her. Trickster reveals that he is actually the evil part of Michael. He possesses Michael, the struggle of which wakes Kimberly. Kimberly tells Michael that she loves him, which allows him to break free from his own inner darkness. At the last minute, the Trickster materializes and opens the bedroom door. Detective Hayden enters and shoots Michael dead. Michael awakens in his room. He discovers that the whole experience was a fantasy. After a short tantrum, ranting at the game for his traumatic experiences, he excitedly realizes that Kyle is still alive and that nothing in the game happened in the real world. He goes over to Kimberly's and asks her out, which she replies with "maybe" before giving him a kiss. The next day, Michael brings the Brainscan disc to school to show as part of a horror movie marathon. Unexpectedly, Trickster appears before the disc begins to play. I believe this would make a extremely great story based WaD and since the film is about a hardcore killing game released in 1994 it would fit the theme for DooM very well. If you are interested message me or start on the project.
  4. Warmaster

    The Unholy Trinity

    The map is extremely blan and boring, the gameplay is dull and the music is extremely repetitive and annoying,this has got to be the worst map ive ever played.
  5. Warmaster

    The Army of Darkness Wad

    That Maze was horrible on the pit and im not gonna lie i had to use NoClip to get out of it, and the sequence of fighting after getting out the maze was very tough.
  6. Warmaster

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Yes there was more textures and sprites but i also found the graphics a little sharper and the contrast and colours were way less gray than they were in DooM I.
  7. Warmaster

    Doom 1 or 2?

    I'd have to say DooM II because it has more weapons, more demons and more bloodshed with slightly enhanced graphics too. Also DooM I was way too short and in my opinion DooMs II soundtrack was way better.
  8. Warmaster

    The Army of Darkness Wad

    Yeah the old web was way more unique and communities were way more closely knit together, Its kinda sad how so much drama and stupid things have come to the internet and alot of communities don't exist anymore. And yes its AOD-DooM's 20th anniversary and it very much deserves to be in the DooMworld best WaDs of 1996.
  9. Warmaster

    A Proper Doom Movie

    I think it would of been cool if they made the movie back in the 90s since it would of fit in more with the era of kickass action movies. Doomguy could of been played by action icons like Arnold Schwarznegger, sylvester stallone, Bruce willis or hell maybe even kurt russel. If anyone is looking to do a remake i hope they base it on classic DooM and stick with the classic DooM storyline, They could possibly even add a VCR effect to the film to give it a retro feel. I know alot of people may feel like you cant bring back the effect of a retro movie and thats partially true but although crude the youtube production Kung Fury certainly had a semi retro feel and they could make it similiar to the great effects used in Kung Fury.
  10. Warmaster

    D O O M W A V E

    Also if you are adiing enemies try and make them something like demon gargoyles made of marble or Busts to stick to the theme.
  11. Warmaster

    D O O M W A V E

    Looks pretty funky is there a download link or am i a BLIND cretin.
  12. Warmaster

    The Army of Darkness Wad

    Ive Just played through the Army Of Darkness wad and i have to say it is one of the best wads ive played. It has a great storyline referencing from the films and is overall very fun.It is also very challenging so if you fancy yourself a hardcore DooMer try it out. Ive always wondered to myself that the super shotgun looks very similiar to Ash's "Boomstick" and im certain that Id got some ideas off of the Evil dead. If you have seen the movies: Evil Dead (1981) Evil Dead 2 (1987) Evil Dead 3 The Army Of Darkness (1992) Try this out. People should make more maps based on movies i suggest. i know it sounds inpractical but the Matrix would make a fine wad, run around as neo and shoot agents in the matrix. Credit to Stefan Maes and his team for the Map. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/themes/aod/aoddoom1 Tell me what you think of this 1996 Wad if you have played it.
  13. Warmaster

    Army of Darkness DOOM Total Conversion

    Extremely great wad, alot of time was took into making textures and had some great references to the movies along with badass Ash quotes its pretty "groovy". If you consider yourself a Hardcore Doomer try this out it is very challenging and takes alot of effort to fight through this army of darkness.
  14. Warmaster


    It has some decent architecture especially the first level and i found the shuttle sequence very cool but as people said monster placement and spawns are very random and anoying. Also the tunnels are quite spooky and annoying at the same time aswell as on the third level you can get clipped through the tunnel/vents by overwhelming enemies which is very dissapointing but still a good collection of maps and amazing scenery of space and planets.