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  1. Doomaholic87

    DOOM music

    Heck, as soon as I found out that I could download Doom music in mp2 format I started downloading them one by one on a 26.4 conection. It was the same with Q2 music.
  2. Doomaholic87

    DOOM music

    Heh, I'm a musician. I've played saxophone for almost five years now. Concert band, Jazz band, and Marching Band. I can sit, play Doom and tap my feet at the same time. No, Doom music rules, along with the ambience of Quake music and the wonderful QuakeII music from Sonic Mayhem. Yes, I agree Diablo music is good music.
  3. Doomaholic87


    My Computer I went downstairs (by force) to watch the ball drop, then went back upstairs and sat on the computer.
  4. Doomaholic87

    carmack convinced nvidia!

    Quote Computers do make errors. Values get rounded to the nearest valid value (determined by the amount of bits given to those values you operate with). 1.0000000001 will be transformed to 1, and there's nothing to worry about, unless you make millions of calculations more. End Quote It's not the computer thats generating the error, its a flaw in the programming. Not writing the program to take away .0001 after a million calculations is the error. By the way, how do I quote.
  5. Doomaholic87

    carmack convinced nvidia!

    So thats what the A stands for.
  6. Doomaholic87

    carmack convinced nvidia!

    Ok so I'm probably not understanding half this, but I get the point. So 32bit has the same amount of colors as 24bit but the extra 8 bits go toard alpha channel transparecies. So 64bit would go torards things such as z-buffer for depth perception. Right? Also, are you putting NIN down? Bad! No dont do that!
  7. Doomaholic87

    video cards

    You know I was expecting better as well, but from a different card. I had a V3 2000 and it burnt up. I got a Radeon expecting it to be better, assuming because it was newer and had more memory, faster,.... I got home and was disapointed. Just makes me miss 3dfx more.
  8. Doomaholic87

    the best port: please help me zdoomgl

    When I had my old Voodoo3 card, i cant remember exactly which one it was. Hold on...... Ok, if you want an OGL Doom with md2 models, get ...looking.... Get DoomGL or you might want to try ZDoom GL You can see some screen shots with optional m2d's if you go here http://www.doomworld.com/doomgl/zdoomgl-screenshots.html I thought there were also gun replacements, youl have to look for those.
  9. Doomaholic87

    How to use levels with EDGE v.1.27?

    ?? I could have sworn that it was gledge32 -iwad <wadname> or edge32 -iwad <wadname>
  10. Doomaholic87

    Ive got some issues with edge...

    Edge is to damn slow, when it gets faster, then its worth changing your OS. Right now I wouldnt.