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  1. You've done it! The hideous Spider Mastermind that ruled the Inferno hellscape has been slain and you are triumphant! But... where are you? You clamber to the edge of the eternal plane of suffering and look down to see the awful truth. Inferno floats above hell2 itself! You've never heard of anyone escaping from hell2, but you'll make the bastards sorry they ever heard of you! Quickly, you rappel down to the surface of hell2. Now, it's on to the final-er chapter of Doom! --Infernew.๏ปฟ do you like doom episode 3 (inferno) as much as I do??? no?? well that's okay friend, i understand. I really really like Inferno. I love the idea and design philosophy behind it: Hell doesn't make sense. It doesn't conform to human ideas of design, architecture, or structure. It just throws human-designed rooms entangled with nonsensical horrors and puzzle-like elements at you, as well as quite colorful texture schemes. These ideas along with hordes (not slaughterlike, just normal hordes) of enemies make Doom 1's Hell maps amazing, atmospheric, and pretty heckin fun. That's why I want to start a project to just throw together a bunch of E3-inspired maps... a new Inferno... Infernew if you will. They're pretty easy to make! They vary quite a bit from level to level as well, so you have lots of different ideas and concepts to study and use. The catch? It'll be in Doom II. You'll have access to the SSG along with all the different Doom 2 enemies. c: Be careful though!! Too many Doom II enemies and such may start to pollute the Episode 3-vibe. I've been meaning to start a project like this for quite a long time, but I didn't want to start it without a map to showcase and I never really got around to making the map, until I realized how easy it would be... and it was. E3 maps are somewhat simple in most of their designs, making maps quite quick to put together. The map isn't actually done, but I got too excited ;~; It'll be done within a few days when I get some free time, and I absolutely intend on creating additional maps for this in the coming weeks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***DISCORD*** https://discord.gg/sxkqxWh ***RULES*** IWAD: DOOM2.WAD Format: Vanilla [Doom: Doom 2 (Doom Format) in GZDoomBuilder] Deadline: July 31st August 4th, 2018. These maps should be reasonable short and simple, so they shouldn't take long, though I'm willing to extend the deadline if necessary. Maps should be inspired by Inferno in some way both visually and gameplay-wise, but you probably already knew that. c: edit: We'll be using these resources: d1gfxd2_infernew.zip Keep in mind that we'll still be using the E3 sky. Every map must have: coop starts (and no coop softlocks), at least one DM start, and moderate multiplayer/difficulty implementation. Custom music is allowed, and E3 music is especially encouraged. Other music may be used if you believe it fits with the E3 aesthetic. All maps must be maxable. Each map must have an accompanying demo. You don't have to make it right away or even yourself, but there should be a demo of some kind (casual, speedrun, etc.) completing each map by the deadline. edit: Please no weird zdoom meme-demos. You can use chocolate, crispy, DOS, pr/glboom+... really anything that makes vanilla demos. In fact, it would be REALLY cool if some of you even used this special fork of pr/glboom+ that supports voice recording in your demo!! https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/96894-my-prboom-build-with-in-demo-voice-recording-support-and-something-extra/ ***SUBMISSION GUIDELINES*** Nothing too extreme, just: [map name]: [link to map] Most inspired by (list levels you drew the most inspiration from if any): ? Build time: ? Music (if known): ? Coop support: [starts only, limited, or full] DM support: [starts only, limited, or full] Description (optional): ? [type of demo, uv-max, casual, etc.] Demo: [link to demo] If someone else makes a demo for your map, be sure to edit your post to include it and the author who made the demo. [screenshot (at least one)] All links must be current! If you update your map and make a post for it, don't forget to update your previous posts with the updated link + any notes! Don't forget to include some sort of identifying information in the name of your wadfile like "bonfernew.wad" or something. You can put your entire username in if you wish. link to first WIP map (technically beatable, but untested in current state as it's largely unfinished): bonfernew.zip minor screenshot of said map: ***MAPPER LIST*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, need help or if I'm missing any vital information, please say so in the thread or PM me. I love you.
  2. bonnie

    Favorite midis?

    What are your favorite and must-have midis? Not just from the original doom games, but from anywhere. Any custom doom wad, any game, really any midis in general. What kinds of midis do you like using in your own maps? What kinds of midis do you like hearing in other people's maps? On top of that, if you could provide a link to it or an example of it being used in a doom wad or something so I could go ahead and add it to my ever-growing collection of midis, that would be very heckin nice friend. I'll start!! My favorite midi is the nightwish-wanderlust midi used on map28 of scythe 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuBgIWg4_74 c:
  3. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Lighting_effects
  4. bonnie

    Things about Doom you just found out

    https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Michael_Abrash the reason was an interesting read and now i must know more about this mystical man
  5. bonnie

    Share a random fact about yourself

    my profile picture is animated
  6. this isn't zootopia 2 what the heck
  7. @NaturalTvventy if i had to pick one, i'd pick scythe 2 map28, wanderlust but im gonna pick more:
  8. bonnie

    How would you describe Doom wads/mods in 5 words?

    scythe 2 - scythe, except it's completely different
  9. bonnie

    32in24-17 - 3-Way CTF

    bon3wayCTFv103.zip forgot about this until that mention but this should be good enough or something
  10. bonnie

    Things about Doom you just found out

    for anyone wondering where this is or how you get to it:
  11. bonnie

    Tantum Mortuus Est - Dead simple Community project.

    heck friend, switching to UDMF is kind of an extreme reaction to a problem that's already been solved for you. Giving each monster KeenDie on their death animations is as dead simple as changing a monster's stat in dehacked, and I could actually just make a patch for you in about 30 seconds if you want me to. As shown in the video, KeenDie can be activated multiple times per map if you close the doors, which would allow for some fun boom scripting involving an off-map voodoo doll scrolling along a track lined with tag 666 doors. If you don't understand what that means: The point is that so far, I'm the only person who has actually directly expressed interest in making a map for this (and I'm still interested if it reverts to boom format), but rebranding this to be more about cool dead simple-esque map effects and teaching mappers how to do some basic boom scripting and stuff could breathe a ton of life into what is otherwise a pretty unappealing project for most people. I'd also strongly recommend getting the ball rolling with at least a demo map to demonstrate what kind of things you could expect from a refreshing take on Dead Simple. You're not gonna get 32 maps, but you could very well get away with at least an episode, friend. p.s. i could PM you some ideas for potential things to put in a demo map if you want
  12. bonnie

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    it would be a massive blunder on his part if he does anything other than put the maps in one of the normal episodes and just use the dehacked patch to change the automap to say E5 on a side note, i thought only boom format dehacked supported changing the par times
  13. bonnie

    Things about Doom you just found out

    KeenDie can be activated multiple times per map, once per monster-type, so long as you close the tag 666 doors after they open. This could allow for some pretty cool stuff with boom scripting.
  14. bonnie

    Tantum Mortuus Est - Dead simple Community project.

    Actually it can activate multiple times, so long as you close the tag 666 doors. Example: edit: while I personally think the initial premise of the wad is a little silly, this project could still be a pretty good exercise in boom scripting and would be fun. assuming the project doesn't die, i'll consider throwing something together in a month or so, ideally e2m2 themed since I also think having set themes is pretty foolish as well. if the project stays alive but you don't get rid of the themes, I guess i'll take map31.
  15. bonnie

    Tantum Mortuus Est - Dead simple Community project.

    correct but basic boom scripting should remedy that
  16. bonnie

    Tantum Mortuus Est - Dead simple Community project.

    The workaround for this is a dehacked patch that gives all monsters KeenDie actions, which opens doors tagged with 666 when all monsters of that type die, since for whatever reason Commander Keen behavior isn't hardcoded like the other special actions. edit: I've verified that KeenDie is applied on a thing-by-thing basis. You can put KeenDie on as many monsters as you like, but as soon as all monsters of one type die, KeenDie will activate.
  17. bonnie

    Bouncing Projectiles?

    MBF has a BOUNCE flag you can set, designed to emulate the beta BFG which has projectiles that bounce off floors and ceilings. I know you probably weren't talking about dehacked, but oh well. :c
  18. bonnie


    unless you're working with mods (edit: or zdoom apparently), you unfortunately cant place one because the pistol doesn't actually exist as a weapon you can pick up, it's just the starting weapon for the player you can place clips though, if you only wanted to place a pistol for ammo purposes if you are working with mods, i cannot help you for i am inept
  19. bonnie

    Any advice for a first time mapper?

    pump out garbage. it sounds stupid, but trust me: whatever you make first is going to be garbage. and so will your second map... and your third map... and so on and so forth until one day you suddenly start making gold, but until then your maps will be garbage so you need to pump them out fast. don't dwell on your first maps because you think they're the greatest thing since sliced bread; your judgement is just warped since it's your own map. the faster you can release several independent maps (no multi-level wads) while trying out as many things as possible and getting feedback, the faster you'll improve. your first maps should be primarily for experimentation-- trying different actions, making different traps, using interesting texture combinations, trying simple lighting and contrast, having interesting environments and height variation, working on scale (very important, make sure your maps don't feel like you're playing in a miniature scale model of a normal map), etc. A few maps down the line, you should pick up SLADE for more advanced wad editing, for the purposes of experimenting with custom music and some custom textures. Don't go adding massive texture packs all at once, just add small groups of textures you want to use to spice up the map, and go for some nice midis, which set the mood and even the pacing of your map. brief tutorial on adding custom textures: list ๏ปฟof music lump names for each map in Doom 2/Final Doom for when you want to import custom music: lastly: learn hotkeys and different modes whatever map editor you're using has for you (if you haven't already). there are plenty of tools designed for streamlining the map making process at your disposal (that you've hopefully seen in those tutorials you mentioned), so you should really make use of them, so just take a little bit of time to explore the editor as much as possible, every little button and dropdown list and the help pages or whatever. stuff like stair builder, bridge builder, curve tool, visplane explorer, sound explorer, find and replace mode, map analysis mode, etc. are all your friends and you should tuck them into bed every night with a kiss on their cheeks anyways that's about it, i just wanted to dive into some advice i didn't explicitly see stated + things i wish i was told before i started mapping P.S. make sure you're actually testing the maps in the correct compatibility. when you start with vanilla/limit removing, start with chocolate doom or prboom+ on -complevel 2. zdoom ports screw up a lot of things, so it's easy for an otherwise vanilla/boom map to be unplayable in those ports because gzdoom does something wrong that you don't realize (that is, if a zdoom port is your main port) P.P.S. I have a poorly organized midi collection going if you're interested
  20. bonnie

    Knee Deep in... Doom64 EX

    I detested Doom 64 but gave this a shot anyway and definitely enjoyed it. my only complaints: felt pretty grindy, i'd rather see a short mapset with progression in the difficulty than have you cram too much of it into one small map too linear and closed in; the switch that opens the shortcut to the courtyard being left out is understandable, but e1m1 had a certain openness and breathability to it that this map kinda loses, but could be somewhat regained with more windows and sightlines between areas, among other things. it's also still a little lame having the progression be so cut-and-dried. i fully understand the feeling of wanting players to explore every bit of the level, but going as far as putting a blue key in the stair room just to force them to go in there and see the scripted sequence is going too far i dont know how the brightness works in doom 64, but the exit wasn't dark enough and i could see the back wall when i went in, completely destroying the immersion and ruining my entire life no door at the start behind the spawn, completely fogging up the lore otherwise i liked the theme, i really liked most of the texture work (the courtyard was a little unappealing), and i even thought the gameplay was still pretty decent and i especially think it would be very preferable if you created some more maps to go along with this also post a screenshot next time, this is a special circumstance with it being a doom 64 map!!! thankfully i'm amazing and took one for you (which you may use if you like): P.S. doom 64 ex was being mean so i couldn't even use my mouse during my playthrough P.P.S. i'm going to also make a doom 64 map now and it's all your fault
  21. bonnie

    My love for Doom has been rekindled.

    ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ the best advice i can offer you is to download Slade3, the best tool for advanced wad editing. it even has a built-in map editor, but definitely just stick to gzdb for that. here's some other advice though that you may or may not need: simple tutorial for importing custom textures: list of music lump names for each map in Doom 2/Final Doom for when you want to import custom music: and here's even a very simple dehacked tutorial to introduce you to some of the basics that i made as a response to a thread back in 2017 (i make multiple posts in that thread): i may add more things here or double post or whatever, but if you have any questions i can feebly attempt to answer them, especially if they relate to dehacked or things like replacing sounds and sprites and whatnot
  22. bonnie

    FRAGHOLM - Single Level Map

    some of those visuals are EXTREMELY creative and well executed, however the gameplay seems a little lacking based on what i saw in the editor, although i didn't even play the map because i spent 5 minutes finicking around with the rocket launcher and plasma rifle only to realize that the door at the start doesn't even work because there are walkover lines directly in front of it, blocking use actions in many non-zdoom ports!!! ;~; if you aim for vanilla and boom compatibility in the future, you have to leave atleast 16-units of space in front of switch and door line actions because you can't use through other kinds of actions (a quick fix here would be to put the walkover lines inside the door or just beyond it)
  23. bonnie

    32in24-17 - 3-Way CTF

    thank you friend!!! i have exterminated this filthy slimetrail (and some others i just found) and changed that awful blue base texture: bon3wayCTFv102.zip i'll be sure to credit you when my map receives its nobel peace prize friend P.S. you might have done it by accident but when you @ somebody, you have to click the name on the little menu that pops up so it has a blue highlight or that person wont get a notification (i saw your reply by pure coincidence), like this: @Worst
  24. bonnie

    32in24-17 - 3-Way CTF

    after recovering and finding that i now had years to finish the map, i took some extra time to work on it and get some prettiness in there i'm fairly certain my unique design will shape the landscape of 3 CTF doom maps for decades to come please clap name: infernew mapping burnout-ville music: super mario world castle music (no idea where i got it) build time: 5.5 hours (a crushing reminder of how agonizingly slow i am) sky: OSKY06 EDIT: download: bon3wayCTFv102.zip since i have no idea how 3ctf is played, i'll have to wait to see or experience some gameplay to know what steps to take to fix my mess however i'm certain that my tiny, cramped, 24 unit tall stair bases are excellently designed
  25. bonnie

    How to put music in a wad file?

    here's a list of doom 2 maps and their respective music codes: doom 1 just uses the actual map name, i.e. e2m1 is called D_E2M1