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  1. beezee88

    another bloody bz88 question

    that was quick! Thanks boris, i'll give this a try.
  2. beezee88

    another bloody bz88 question

    ok , i need more advice about... stuff. I had a level that runs in vanilla doom2. I wanted to add some colored lighting through scripting. I wrote a test script in a hexen-format level, and the lighting worked. I then copied the behavior lump from the hexen wad and pasted in the doom2 wad. I ran the doom2 wad through ZDoom, but it crashed. Basically what i want to know is, do i have to convert my doom2 level to the hexen format in order to implement scripts? If this is the case, is there a program that will do the conversion? I tried in doom builder to change it to "ZDoom in Hexen format" in the map options but it returned an error saying that because it was not designed for the format it would most likely fail. Sure enough, all the lines turned to garbage. :@ part two of my question: if i have to rebuild my level manually in the hexen format (god forbid!), what hexen triggers and arguments do i need to exactly replicate the behaviour of those in doom? for example, to simulate doom trigger 88 (WR Lift Lower Wait Raise), i have used hexen trigger 206 (Platform Lower Wait Raise (lip)) with a movement speed of 32, a return delay of 90 and a lip of 0, the line is checked "repeatable effect". But i would like it to be exact. Is there any information on this? A lot of stuff here, thanks muchly for help that you can give me.
  3. beezee88

    i need some textures...

    oh yeah, thanks for pointing that out nightmare. ---------------------------------------------- cool thanks TUD, xwe is so f'n useful! hmm, since I am making my maps exclusivly for ZDoom (i think) i can just use the flats I need on the walls. Actually, this leads to a related question (see another bloody bz88 question :).
  4. beezee88

    i need some textures...

    hmm, ijust read that over and it confused me. if you can't understand what i meant, i want to convert flats RROCK12, RROCK14, and SLIME14 to patches with a TEXTURE lump, and i would also like RROCK14 sent to me as flat lump. thanks again :)
  5. beezee88

    i need some textures...

    i need some texture help. can someone pelase make me a pwad with three textures not replacing any of the basic doom2 textures. the textures i want are the floor tiles RROCK12, RROCK14, and SLIME14. I tried to do it myself but i could workout how to write a custom TEXTURE1 lump and in the process i fucked up my original RROCK14. (could some one please send me that as a lump so i can fix my doom2.wad? - i had no backups.) If you don't have time, could you at least explain how i do it myself? thanks.
  6. beezee88

    interesting question

    co-operative mode seems an obvious reason for that. I've never actually played doom multiplayer though, i don't know if an automap picked up by one player would affect the other or not...
  7. beezee88

    psxdoom.wad viewer?

    dammit, i'll ask kaiser where he got his textures from then. and about those 'mp3s', it's cdda music doom uses, and the sounds and levels aren't stored in the wad, they are elsewhere on the disc. PSXDOOM.WAD is just graphics stuff as far as i can tell.
  8. beezee88

    psxdoom.wad viewer?

    does anyone know a wad viewer/editor that can read and extract from psxdoom.wad, the psx version of doom? xwe can recognise it as a wad, but the lump names are fucked and the textures appear only as hex code. I'm pretty sure there must be something, cause consoledoom.wad has the cool animated fire sky from PSX Doom. well, any answers?
  9. beezee88

    The /newstuff Chronicles #148

    Southern Cross kicks, everything else is a bit sucky though.
  10. i decided to blog this because it's probably not urgent enough to go in everything else. That probably means no-one will see it though...

    just wondering if anyone would be kind enough as to explain to me how to use irc? on trillian? I can't find any tutorials on google.

    It's rather perplexing, as I'm used to the simplicity of IMs.

  11. beezee88

    bye bye MSN

    yeah, the chatrooms don't affect me, but I know a few people who use 'em for fun mostly, it annoys them a bit.
  12. beezee88

    bye bye MSN

    Google- msn chat Microsoft once more, the nanny state strikes again! Because a few dirty little paedos use MSN to find kids, EVERYONE has to suffer now. I think it's only UK though, but it's still fucked up. It's not going to solve anything, as everyone will just go elsewhere, giving others strained bandwidth and Microsoft will probably lose out on some advertising revenue. Maybe they are doing it to protect themselves from any possible lawsuits, but I haven't heard of anyone sueing a chatroom, they have disclaimers and stuff (don't they?)
  13. beezee88

    Helmet vs. No Helmet

    Frederik 1, Beezee 0 I'm not in an argueing mood, and what you said probably made sense anyway :)
  14. beezee88

    Helmet vs. No Helmet

    not in zdoom SCREENBLOCKS 11