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  1. souio

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    - I still get killed because I'll focus on enemies in front of me and forget that enemies can appear on my left and right - I actually prefer corridor type areas to wide open rooms.. probably because of the above lol - I have the worst observational skills and usually rely on walkthroughs to find secrets that aren't discolored walls (and I'll still not even notice those 80-90% of the time) - When I get a berserk pack I get too punch-crazy and forget I have other weapons so I'll try to punch out every imp, caco and revenant I see and usually pay for it - I usually go hunting for other health packs before I pick up a soul sphere
  2. It's interesting because many game devs always state that people usually play on Normal difficulty so that's what they base their games around and is the most balanced. I know Doom community has a many players that only UV, which is the "fair" hard mode, so I'm wondering if many WADders actually do the opposite of game designers and start on UV and work their way backwards from there.
  3. lol this was the room that inspired the thread to be made
  4. Wow, what a great supportive community! I swallowed my pride and did saves before most major encounters and am having a much better time. I've made it to map 08 and think it's time for a break for the night. Was a little frustrated since I was dying so much so early, but when I got more comfy and realized that there was really no consequences for death, I was dying quite a bit less. I'll probably do pistol starts after playing though this completely a couple times, but I'm enjoying this so much more. Thanks everyone.
  5. Nah, it's chaingunners that always get me. The fact that, even with 200 armor, they can get you from 100 to death in 3 seconds is kinda crazy. I can take out revenants, archviles, mancubi no problem, but if a chaingunner is in a room, 99% of the time it's the reason for my death
  6. lol my gaming skills are strange. My death count for stage 2 of Evilution is now 3-4x higher than E4M1 of Thy Flesh Consumed.. which is known as one of the most difficult vanilla Doom levels.. and i'm not even 1/2 through
  7. ...then start up Evilution for first time and die 4-5 times on the second stage (no saves, but I shouldn't need them this early, eh? Dunno what's wrong with me lol. I heard it's the easiest of the 2 after Plutonia. Should I just give up right now?
  8. souio

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Urania

    Am I allowed to skip levels for the club? Like say I have a 10 day break and am trailing behind a few levels, will I have to write write-ups for every level from, say, may 5-14 before I could do 15? Or could I write level summaries sporadically so long as it doesn't go over the date/level limit?
  9. souio

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Urania

    Gave up 3 maps in on last month's because of exams, but ready full on to take on this... oh crap. Map 01: Bolt-Hole Pistol Starts + UV + Mild Cerebral Palsy Reflexes + 2 beer in me + keyboard only + trying to do it one go + notoriously brutal wad of 2016 = dying 20+ times at beginning of stage 1 (well, i guess pistol starts won't count there lol). Saves definitely. May try no saves when I am not buzzed. I'm gonna document my playthrough as a walkthrough on how i complete every part - detailing the tricks I use to overcome my horrible reflexes.. which it seems like there's gonna be a lot of creativity used lol. Immediate when it starts, I run into the west alcove. In this hallway, I take out the two zombiemen while the crew near the berserk pack approach me, so I shoot the canister to take out a few. I then run back to the alcove and pick out some zombiemen and imps until I feel safe enough to run around and clear out the first room. You gotta create your own safe spaces in this level i noticed lol. afterwards I took out the chaingunners and some shotgunners and stole one. that brought my health down so I used that opportunity to grab the berserk pack, punch out the pinkies and go upstairs and grab another shotgun and nice armor (I think in hindsight I'll grab armor first lol). I avoid the SSG for now since the trap got me a couple of times. I take out the chaingunner ambush to the left, and also the shotgunners in the little room. With almost 50 shells (dang!), I go back to the first room and check out east hallway. When the hidden doors open, I play peek-a-boo with the shotgun strafing left and right till they're all gone. After making sure the hall's cleared (learned that when a pinky bit me by surprise), I grab the goodies. Seeing that I have over 100 bullets, I decide chaingun the revenants through the big door. I go through and take out the shotgunners in the trenches with my shotgun, and I decided to go back in the door before only to realize it's a different place oops. So I camp out and take out the imps. I go back through the hallway with the many little crevices and go up the lift only to realize that takes me to said "different room", so i take out chaingunner and imps on the ledges. After clearing out the east side, I head back to the west and risk the SSG. Again, I play strafing peek-a-boo on the small platform with the two doors, switching from left/right door and blasting till I pretty much have everything killed. I went to the small room with the button.. and got my ass kicked by the 2 cacodemons and random chaingunners spawning in my safe spaces. Damn... So I restart, reclaim my SSG (doing worse than before), and see the small room with revenants and imps. Equip my SSG and peek through the window and take them out. Red Key battle.. hoo boy. Pretty scarce on ammo. Dude loves to scatter enemies around the level. Even with saves, I must have died over 50 times lol. Gonna feel pretty accomplished playing through the rest of this.. especially since this is considered the easiest stage. I grab the key, run to where i see the two revenants spawn. Blast them with SSG. Blast the imps as well. The chaingunners that sneak out from behind help me save some ammo. That's pretty good. I then slowly make my way through the rest of the place, trying to take out as many enemies as efficiently as possible. Chaingun has become my best friend.. Chaingunners are why I prefer Doom 1 so much; enemies that can bring you from 100-25 health in 3 seconds even with 200 armor.. ugh! I snipe them out, then use my SSG on hell knights and chaingun to finish them off.. I exit the stage with 168 kills (for level 1! WOW), 15% health, 118 bullets and 8 shells.. too many deaths to count... took almost 2 hours..... Off to stage 2!
  10. souio

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Speed of Doom

    Map 2: Mysterious Cove - What a great intro! The creepy music, the cave which is a wide open area and eerily void of enemies with some items scattered around - was actually a bit nervous to grab each of them in case of an enemy trap, then grabbing the shotgun, they all appeared and action started. That was awesome. - The arachnatron fight directly afterwards then popped up. The one behind me blocking my path caused me my first death, but i was able to kill both of them without a scratch by playing ring-around-the-rosie with them around a pillar - Following the big battle in the cave, we come across a building with a clever elevator gimmick. The switch on the wall of the elevator was really clever imo. The battles were pretty easy but fun. Satisfying shotgun use. Again, we see a place where berserk and chainsaw are within 10 seconds of each other (grr.. but forgiveable since berserk was a secret this time :P). Double hell knights took me by surprise. Decided to go all mike tyson on second one but fell off roof so I got back up and shotgunned it. - I was stuck for a few minutes and didn't realize I had to hop from roof to roof. That was a creative twist on this level. Simple ambush happened and it was fun. Then another arachnotron ambush happened in crate room (I seem to love these kinda rooms) and I surprisingly survived that mainly by running up stairs and playing peek-a-boo behind crates. - The final battle was a bit anticlimactic imo tho, with 2 imps, 4 chaingunners and 1 mancubus (which I just chaingunned through). Final Notes - Darkwave seems to have a talent for making good ambushes and pacing them. I'm always at edge of seat wondering if I'm going to trigger something and it's great. - I'm really liking this WAD's theme of mixing various outdoor environments with indoor buildings. Really makes it immersive, opposed to many WADs' habits of being in one building for 6 levels in a row, having us believe that they're different only cause of the stage names. Really makes it feel like mini-levels within levels. - Only thing about this map is too much ammo. But not really a complaint since it is only the second level and it would be good for newbies.
  11. souio

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Speed of Doom

    Level 1: First Blood I liked the ending of the stage Section Analysis - The beginning cave was a nice touch, it was fun going through a straight cooridor mashing (well, holding down) the punch button with minimal risk with the zombiemen and some imps, only to come out to a large field. I practiced some caco-punching but it wasn't going so well (had a caco fire 7 shots consecutively while trying to punch it and 7th crit'd me.. in my years of playing doom they've only fired 2-3 at a time at most.. they must hate being punched). Even imps were triple-shotting when I tried to punch them, so I eventually switched to shotgun since luck isn't at my side. The field was a fun battle, and I liked the little "hidden" cave off to the side. This leads to my only piece of constructive criticism: When making a berserk-centric map, it's probably best not to put a chainsaw in the level, as it can be slightly annoying when you switch to your fists and plow forward only to stick the chainsaw into the enemy leaving you vulnerable for a few seconds. - I liked the inside of the building too. It was a nice little puzzle house. All of the spectres were satisfying and mixing a chaingunner in with them added some tension as I'm an ambush puncher and thought "should I switch to shotgun in case he comes?" (I had 4 health at that time lol). All in all, a decent opening map and fun to play. Can't wait for 2! (Also, my observational skills are crap.. where's the second secret besides the chainsaw?) Also, I may do guitar covers of some of these midis..
  12. souio

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Speed of Doom

    I'm going to be playing this with a bit of a twist I was born with mild cerebral palsy, so my reflexes and motor skills aren't up to par with most of the population. However, that's never stops me from playing through WADs on UV with pistol starts. One of the fun things about having crappy reflexes and a testament to Doom's game design is that there are always creative ways around the hard parts that don't require lightning fast reaction times and it turns the game into a kind of puzzle. So I'll be analyzing this WAD's level design in-depth; mentioning the parts I have trouble with, and how I overcame them. I usually play with saves, then once I figure out the difficult parts, I try to go all the way through. Booting it up now!
  13. souio

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Alien Vendetta

    Map 03: "Cargp Depot" DemonSteele Analysis UV, 3 "HP", No saves, "pistol" start Wow, WHAT a level! Completed it third try using regular Doom mechanics, with DemonSteele? Over an hour and a half of attempts! Despite using DemonSteele for the past couple of months, this wad is actually teaching me new things about it every time I play. One is that the only (super) shotgun you can get is quite nerfed and not even very good at close range. I can shoot a zombieman point blank but off center a little bit and the shot will go right over his shoulder. It seems to be a super shotgun with a regular shotgun's spread, if not narrower. If I shoot a group of zombiemen, I am happy if I can get 2, and wowed if I can get 3. This, combined with the fact that the only way I can get shells is from boxes laying around which only give 10, as well as taking 2 per shot, can make some of the encounters pretty tense. One of the good things about the small spread though is room with the 4 Revenants in every corner - even if I shoot from across the room, they take damage like it was almost point blank. The beginning room was actually where the majority of my deaths took place (and I don't even think the revenant killed me once lol). The aforementioned lack of spread makes it so that all 5 shots are used up with only 6-7 enemies killed, leaving me ammoless with everyone shooting at me. The chaingun isn't in this mod, so it's not at starting area. I eventually was able to find a way by going in, slicing once, then causing a nice infight party in there and have them kill each other while I stood by the door to slice up anyone who wanted out of it. There was usually an imp standing at the end that I could end quickly. Nearly impossible to get through that area without getting hit. Thankfully there are 2 medkits (which restore 2HP AKA all my life) and armor which grants me 2 additional HP. Next room with the imps on the crates is a nice little breather (and showed me that lack of accuracy with the shotgun). So I easily take them out, as well as the chaingunners (though I tend to take a hit there too). Plus two more smaller 1hp recovery stimpacks The next room full of imps on the other side of the crate room was something that gave me a lot of trouble too. The trick to that is to go through the door, take the 4 imps to the left out via shotgun, then turn right and shoot a single shot at one of the imps to get their attention, then hide in between where the 2 stimpacks are between crates and swing away. There will be some left over in Cacodemon room, but that place didn't really give me much trouble surprisingly. The next interior area was pretty difficult with all of the sergeants at the top of the stairs (one super shotgun blast with original mechanics took them out.. here, took at least 6 shells). The pinkies running around were fun to slash, as always. Had to get to the bottom of the stairs though to make them easier to and so they wouldn't surround me. The yellow key was pretty easy. Mostly some gallery shootin' for the enemies on the crates, then running between the crates and and slashing away. Shot the chaingunner then door-marshal'd all of the imps. Interesting note on imps and same-monsters in demonsteele is that imps will start infighting amongst themselves even though they take no damage. Normally this would make the game easier, but since this is basically all about door-marshalling, you'll be required to run in and try to break up the fight and risk getting hit in the crossfire. This led to several hits and deaths as well. Finally was what was supposed to be the difficult room of the level, which is the 4 revenants. Funny enough, that was one of the easier rooms in the level. It was fun playing Ring around the rosie with the blue key pillar and shooting them all until they all fell. Doormarshalled the other imps, then pushed the switch then all hell broke loose. The spectres are twice as fast as normal spectres and are programmed to flank your character.. this killed me so many times.. until I learned about the tiny yellow door frame where they couldn't surround me (as it's much smaller than even average doors). Took 15 minutes of practice (saving before I pushed switch) before I got it. Then once I found the trick, I replayed the stage beginning to end After that I killed the hell knights and beat the stage. BTW, I cheated and explored the city for a bit :) I just saw stage 4 has over 200 enemies... good lord!
  14. souio

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Alien Vendetta

    Map 02: Rusty Rage DEMONSTEELE ANALYSIS UV, 3 "HP", No saves What is interesting about this mod is that the tougher (well, Doom 2) enemies like Revenants, Archviles and Mancubi are actually made into the easier enemies as you swing your sword so fast you hit stun them until they die. (Although Mancubi are upgraded so that they shoot 5 vollets of 4 fireballs at a time so fancy footwork is required). So in that case, Imps and the hitscanners seem to actually be the toughest non-boss enemies when out of ammo. I found this map actually easier than the first map. I think one of the reason was both the abundance of health packs and shells everywhere so I was able to shoot my way through this for the most part. I think the designer of this level has a little fetish for blowing up large clusters of enemies in an explosion (I kinda do too lol). There's an exploding barrel at the beginning near the Sergeants, there's exploding barrels near another group by the exit, and there's a rocket launcher in the room with the Soulsphere which, when collected, opens up 2 closets full of chaingunners, which can pretty much all be taken out with one rocket each. Gotta say it made the level satisfying and was awesome when I got a "Strike" by clearing all of the enemies in one blast. Another highlight was the pinkies in the sewage area (which are trivial with my melee focus) and having them all rush at me while I slash them to bits. (Wish I had a GIF of me doing that.. looks so satisfying) Toughest part was the curved hallway at the beginning of the level as the hitscanners were out of my sword reach and would drain my 3hp pretty fast. But yeah, explosion parts and pinky rush made this to be a fun level. Can't wait to see level 3! (And I'm dreading Map 06 from what people are saying here)
  15. souio

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Alien Vendetta

    MAP01 DEMONSTEELE ANALYSIS: Wow.. tested this out UV Max with Vanilla Doom and got through it first try, Demonsteele took 10+ tries. I really gotta know the enemy placements off by heart.. so hopefully this will be an interesting analysis. First room of the level has 4 stationary enemies, two imps and 2 basic grunts. Attacking one only gets the attention of the enemy of the same type so I snuck up on the Zombiemen first and took them out, then I went for the imps (who were so close together I could get them quick). The sergeants were easy. Red Key Room: There are 3 imps standing around spread out so it can be awkward since I'm playing on keyboard and circle strafing isn't the easiest. I had to run up the stairs and take out the sergeant. and then took out the imps one-by-one as they walked up the stairs. After grabbing the key, a 3 imp monster closet opens up and it is difficult to avoid taking damage. Thankfully there are 2 stimpacks (which actually recover 1/3 of my health on a 3-hit pack, thankfully). In the secret room, the blue orb in this added 2 additional hits to my 3-hits, so i mow through the imps to take it, usually taking a hit in the process. I also go through the waterfall and get my shotgun with 18 ammo (enemies don't drop shotguns in this so ammo can only be found with the actual pickups which are reduced), and the chaingunner is taken down with no problem. Central Hell Knight Room: By this time there are two imps waiting to ambush me, but there are monster fights everywhere instead. I hide around the corner and pop out and slash them and while the Hell Knight is distracted with an imp (in this he's programmed to throw his fireballs at you nonstop pretty much at your pistol's rate) I unloaded my pistol on him. I also used up most my shells taking out everyone shooting at me around.. which sucks because the stairway has 2 sergeants and an imp wating for me so i gotta pop up and run at them when the opportunity strikes. The room with the chaingunner has 3 imps pop out, but my sword has good enough range that I can slash and take them out. Plus I'm blessed to see 2 health opened up with it! In the room that's opened up after pressing the switch, there is a cacodemon (which in this mod is replaced by Heretic's Disciple enemy and a bunch of other enemies, so I stand outside the doorway and hack away (something tells me this will not be the first time saying this). In the next room, I try to go after the imps hiding behind the gates (you can slash through gates, thankfully!) and regained my health. After that, I jump into the pool with the spectres, which move twice as fast to balance the mod, so I take a hit but they're gone. I also take out the spectre behind the gate in the secret room. The sword has a suprisingly long range! I go in, get my armour (2 more additional hits!) and exit the stage! Other notes: I really like the creativity of the secrets of this level. I liked green but not dangerous liquid, and I really the opening in the last room. I even liked the green torch to exit the level. Nice little touches like that make these kinda maps charming. ...jeez if this wall of text is for the first (and probably shortest) level, I'm scared to see what's next, yikes