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  1. BrutalDoomisAwesome

    Behold: Pregnancy Tester Doom!

    What else would be next playing doom in doom using ACS Script? Or playing doom as an Operating System?
  2. BrutalDoomisAwesome

    PS3 Master Levels in Prboom

    I'm basically trying to add the Master Levels from the PS3 Doom Classic Complete into Prboom. So far I got up too was In G_GotoNextLevel on prboom-plus version
  3. BrutalDoomisAwesome

    ps2doom source console port

    You potentially can but you'd have to downgrade from SDL2 to SDL1.2 since the ps2dev uses SDL 1.2.8 (for now at least)
  4. BrutalDoomisAwesome

    ps2doom source console port

    I'm trying to work on a fork of a source console port from 2011 called ps2doom by Luzkasz D.K ported from sdldoom using ps2dev from github and my main to do is trying to get sound support onto it. Link to my fork: https://github.com/7dog123/ps2doom Link to ps2dev: https://github.com/ps2dev/ps2dev
  5. BrutalDoomisAwesome

    Lesser known source ports?

    Ps2doom It used the sdldoom source code and uses ps2dev's pd2sdk gsKit ps2sdk-ports Source Code for ps2doom
  6. BrutalDoomisAwesome

    Satan wad (Monster Boss)

    I'm looking to make a custom monster wad of Satan, but I need help. I'm not good with Sprite Work. I need a Sprite for Satan. Here's a few example images on how he can look like. 1. 2. 3. Or you can mash them together like give him the body of No. 1 and the face of No 2. Or the face of No. 3. He can be the same size or 2 times bigger then the Cyberdemon. His attacks can be of any idea you can think of. He can even summon the Cyberdemon and/or the Spider Mastermind if you want him too since he is the ruler of all demonic beings.
  7. BrutalDoomisAwesome

    Doom GBA can re-loop Forever

    Well, why not there literally is an android bot app that can play Wolfenstein 3D, called Autowolf so it could be possable to make a bot that can play Doom.
  8. BrutalDoomisAwesome

    GZDoom compiling problem.

    Yeah I've got FMOD_studio installed.
  9. BrutalDoomisAwesome

    GZDoom compiling problem.

    The NDK-build compiler. I'm basicly experimenting with porting to android on a literal android phone by using AIDE- IDE for Android Java C++
  10. BrutalDoomisAwesome

    GZDoom compiling problem.

    I'm trying to compile an older version of GZDoom from the maint1.9 branch (because I like trying my hand at codeing) but, I keep getting an error in i_sound.cpp saying. "invalid new-expression of abstract class type 'FMODSoundRenderer' " Is there a fix for this? Experimenting with porting to Android. What I'm using AIDE- IDE Java C++ Android App (With NDK support) Beloko_Common Fluidsynth FMOD_studio GL gzdoom maint 1.9 (obviously) jpeg8d sndfile MobileTouchControls (from Beloko's doom touch) mpg123 openal-soft-android SDL
  11. BrutalDoomisAwesome

    What Do You Think Of The Doom Slayer?

    At QuakeCon 2014 on July 17, wherein a closed presentation was made mainly to silence ongoing rumors of the project being in jeopardy.[51] id Software executive producer Marty Stratton, the host of the presentation, announced that Doom 4 had been renamed Doom as "it’s an origin game, reimagining everything about the originals". So basicly it kind of is a different Universe.
  12. BrutalDoomisAwesome

    Funny Jump Scares In Doom

    A lost soul sneaking up behind me in PSX DOOM TC: Lost Levels, seemly from out of no where.
  13. BrutalDoomisAwesome

    OpenGl Error in Doom

    Upgrade your Graphics Card because your Graphics Card doesn't have OpenGL 3.3 or use an older Version of GZDoom. That supports you Graphics Card
  14. BrutalDoomisAwesome

    Android Linux Doom

    To give it a more nostalgic feel to it with no enhancements like with all of the other source ports like PrBoom, GZDoom, Zandronum. Plus I'm sure no one thought of porting linux doom to android.
  15. BrutalDoomisAwesome

    Android Linux Doom

    I have been contemplating on porting Linux Doom to Android. The first thing I'm starting off with is the SNDSERV but having a bit of a compiling problem it's just one thing that I'm having trouble with it is it's saying "NDK: jni/linux.c:66: error: undefined reference to 'errno' "NDK: collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status" Heres the code: Android Linux Doom snd serv