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  1. I have the norovirus and I'm shitting liquid. Every crap I take looks like a disaster scene from Deepwater Horizon. Anyone else here gravely ill?

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    2. Sargon of Akkad

      Sargon of Akkad

      No illness here. I just ate a Cajun burger the size of a Ford Model T and now I'm having dumps the size of Jeff Goldblum.

    3. geo


      A few days before Christmas I strained my back, but it didn't really start to hurt until Christmas day. The strain was bad enough to go blind with pain and need to throw up when I sat up after lying down for a few hours. To my recollection its only happened once before. The blind isn't where everything went dark, but rather everything went peach or flesh tone for a few seconds. A day later the strain is still there, but at least I can move.

    4. HavoX


      There was this one year, when the flu bug hit everyone, me included. We had to forgo our Secret Santa tradition at the farm...

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