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  1. SgtHermann

    Map Author Spindleshanks

    While browsing snapmap i found a gem Map Author Spindleshanks since his name wont trigger any searchresults in snapmap here`s one map to get started. MapID: 924EMZXG be sure to view all of his work. no minute is wasted. sgt ;)
  2. SgtHermann

    Tormented Souls - 4 level campaign

    it was a blast. very imbueding. the server room was the best. awesome use of decals. never imagend u can use them in such a great way. all thats left is some nitpicking: dindt like the life limit. (personal taste) on place 2, right behind the possessed security is this module "pits of gehenna". and fights in this modul with heavy hitters on your heels, incorrect ledgegrab ledges (not ur fault), solid impaled skeletons to get stuck on and limited lifes is...plodding? other than that you have my upvotes. sgt;)
  3. SgtHermann

    Four Maps Campaign Mode

    hi ghost played your campaign. solid level design. nice combat. liked especially the thunder lightning modul enviroment effekt. if u allow i would use this one in my maps too. the maps felt a little bit empty so i looked at your resources. i saw a heavy memory count. didnt open your maps in the editor so i cant tell what hits memory so hard. i guess thats the reason for the missing decoration. i love good decoration nearly as much as good gameplay. maybe reduce the memory consuming things to get space for the messy felsh, blood and debirs in future maps. keep it up sgt;)
  4. SgtHermann

    Map: Hell Chronicles Episode 3

    Hell Chronicles Episode 3 Map ID: SJ98E8HF Objective: Take your Revenge. Nonlinear Adventure with lots of exploration and tough arena fights. Can you find all the secrets. Try it and leave a Comment. A video showing the gameplay without secrets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1m5-QunuyI Sgt;)
  5. SgtHermann

    Need help with custom map + WIP screens

    its funny i always wondered how other author manage to put their AI on Props. then one day i watched this viedo on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNcZojU3PKM on 1:00 you see two imps spawning in with the blue effect. that was an revelation;) btw: i tried putting a revenant on a prop it dindt work :/ sgt ;)
  6. SgtHermann

    Spelling Request

    "And Hell shall betray itself." i like this one very much. it fits perfect in the theme i had in mind. thanx a lot. sgt ;)
  7. SgtHermann

    Spelling Request

    for the next episode of Hell Chronicles i need some native speaker advise: "this shall be the tool of your revenge" is this how you say it? it should sound medieval. like an old language. like satan or cthulhu hands u something to release your hate. i used google translate and it came up with "this should be the tool of your revenge" we all know translate-tools have a limit and since it should be eminent i ask you for help. thanx in advance sgt ;)
  8. SgtHermann

    Apothosis Station

    Impressive this map makes my fingers itch for a duell :) the exposed center weapon-pickup is great design. u have to risk a lot to get there. thats it! 2 things and these are only from watching the video: -the rails look very nice and i think they interfere with z-axis combat wich is a very strong aspect in this map. maybe turning them non-solid so they only hinder sight or remove them (would be my choice) and replace them with a flat trim or "warning lights" props (handlight or something like that) and a light-fx to mark the edge. -i would think about swapping the pickup-locations of the rocketlauncher and the super-shottie. in snapmap the launcher deals about 400-500 dmg the shottie puts out 1100-1200. in a tight enviroment like your map the shottie is the dominant weapon. furthermore i guess the launcher is better for shooting an opponent trying to get the shottie. sgt;)
  9. i double DMGUYDZ64. i like checkpoints. i think its good for the feeling of progress. i think its good when you can "die trough" a map. so limited lifes are not my thing. if a map is well done, i will return and try to pull it off with one life. sgt;)
  10. SgtHermann

    SnapMap update

    i like the new patch. the new props are great. the new possibilties must still be explored. the construction props should do a good job. i didnt get how to put textures on blocking volumes. any hints? the classic modules are waste of space. in my view they compete with doom-ports like g-doom or zandronum and loose big time. the new ai models in the classic low res enviroment wont blend together. and the action happens in great mods like brutal doom 2.0 b. the music is nice and useless. the classic sound-fx are unnessecary. the classic modules with modern textures and props would be a better way. the classic musicthemes in industrial or metal interpretation would be a blast. nevertheless i am looking forward to work with the new content. sgt;)
  11. SgtHermann

    Gates of Hades - TXUE385N

    Nice map. Good use of the props. Good progression Well balanced, stiff action. Every PowerUp is needed. I enjoyed playing this one. Sgt;) PS:Half way through the map i had a blast from the past: I used to play Monster Manor on that 3DO Console. Man i loved that game.
  12. SgtHermann

    Map: Hell Chronicles Episode 2

    Hell Chronicles Episode 2 Map ID: A7MQZTUE Objective: Investigate the Base. Nonlinear Adventure with Classic Doom-Gameplay and mild Action-Puzzles. Try it and leave a Comment. Sgt;)
  13. SgtHermann

    Map: Hell Chronicles Episode 1

    thx for the offer. i will surely come back to it... Sgt ;)
  14. SgtHermann

    Map: Hell Chronicles Episode 1

    Thanx a lot. I am happy u enjoyed this map ;) @GhostGuy: English isn`t my native language so i cant avoid miss-spelling or grammar-blups completely. Shall try harder in the future. @Dr.Mandrake: I fixed the bug with the wrong respawn in the cold room. thx for pointing out. Sgt ;)
  15. SgtHermann

    Map: Hell Chronicles Episode 1

    Thanx for the comments @ MINDustry: Sry for frustrating u :(. Starting with no weapon and stumbling into a wave-event ins`t fun. I am aware that something like this can happen. It was a hard decision: using a POI there would mean using them allways and i don`t like them very much. Using the Camera and the blinking light, also telling players they should look for such signals was the way i choose. Saying this i hope u give this map a second chance ;) @ redrage: i am glad you enjoyed it. Sgt :)