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  1. Relinquished

    Crunchynut44 MIDI Pack

    A lot of cool midis @Crunchynut44! The intro section to Baculus would work great on an intermission screen / title screen. I'm quite fond of Down Below, Bamboozled, Climbing Under, Stomping Grounds, and The Dank so far. Basically, anything that sounds suitably evil :P. I'll keep these in mind for future projects, thanks for sharing!
  2. Relinquished

    Nova III

    I started playing through the Alpha map set yesterday to get a feel for things before making a start on my Megiddo section. I'm really liking the maps so far. I'll give DMPhobos's map a try later and give my 2 pennies. I've made a good start on my Megiddo section this morning. It'll be great to at least contribute something after my hiatus :). EDIT: I've finished playing through DM's Lunar Comms Station; these are my thoughts. As Scotty mentions above I really enjoyed the layout of the map. At the beginning it feels like old school DooM I, in terms of game play, but the setting is new and refreshing. It is somewhat of a turkey shoot throughout the majority of the level, though again as Scotty mentions getting rid of any needless doors will help with the flow. As an example from my play through, I felt more monsters should teleport in after you pick up the plasma gun. Its a good way to introduce new monsters because the player has a new shiny weapon to use. Perhaps add a few more monsters that attack from different directions to keep the player on their toes. I enjoyed the final exit area. I didn't expect a lift in that section, so it was a pleasant surprise. Its a really solid finish to the level, and I also like how you added a lift back out of the pit so you can re-explore the level if needed. This is super minor, but I also noticed (in the exit area lift) two small health packs get left behind when the lift lowers, so they appear to slightly float. I've added a screenshot so you know what I mean. A slight reposition should prevent that. All in all I enjoyed the map. With a few tweaks here and there it'll be even better! Keep up the good work :).
  3. Relinquished

    REFRACTED REALITY (formerly Infinite Void)

    I have to say, these screenshots look great! I've been on hiatus for a bit while doing a 6 month college course, but I'm glad to see new mappers are coming in with great ideas! I love the aesthetic you've gone for, and I can't wait to see a playable version. How many maps are you aiming to complete for this project?
  4. Relinquished

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I've decided to attach the latest teaser of my upcoming Nova III submission 'Lunar Core.' I've had several 'stumped' moments during this one, but it'll be finished over the next couple of weeks.
  5. Relinquished

    What are you playing now?

    I finished playing through Cyber Dreams last night. I enjoyed it for the most part, but as Spie812 points out, the final maps are quite luck based. I really enjoyed the concept overall. Does anyone know if anything else like this has been made? I don't think their is a direct sequel, but something similar would be interesting to sink my teeth into.
  6. Relinquished

    What are you playing now?

    I decided to start playing Cyber dreams as I wanted some inspiration, and I've really enjoyed it. The concept could definitely be expanded on. The strangest thing is there are a couple of maps I have played before, but I have no idea when that was. I must have played it ages ago at some time. I'm on map 21 and I'll likely finish it during a second sitting.
  7. Relinquished

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    After 21 hours of work, here is the first teaser for my next map. The running title is 'Lunar Core,' though this may change. This is my submission for Nova III, and I decided to really drag myself out of any comfort zone I may be hiding in. I may have bit off more than I can chew with this one, but so far, its going quite well. This is designed for the 3rd episode that has a Moon theme. I wanted to try something a bit different, so this map takes place in a cavern deep within the Moon with technology left behind from some previous, forsaken, expedition into the Moons core. Most of the map has been built using curving line defs to give it a natural, organic look. I also wanted this one to be completely my own ideas and to move away from my previous map. Although 'Technomancy' tuned out well, it was always designed to be a one off piece. 8Bit Shocker has also created a brand new midi track for the map, and as a result I'm especially excited to get this one finished.
  8. Relinquished

    Night Town (Limit-removing map on /idgames)

    I've just finished this one, and I enjoyed it overall. I like the layout of the map, and contrary to what others have posted here I found it quite tricky. Maybe I'm tired, or more likely I need more practise. Many of the set pieces are well done and I had to do some of them a couple of times to figure them out. I found the start to be the hardest section, and then from there it wasn't too bad. I like how you reuse the same spaces for some of the fights, and the final large fight was fun. Initially I thought the starting area could have done with a tiny bit more health, but I am quite tired this evening, so I wouldn't take much stock in that. I apologise I've not gone into more depth, but I enjoyed the map and I'll look forward to your future releases.
  9. Relinquished

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    @paymentplan, looks good man, I'm looking forward to giving it a spin when you are ready.
  10. Relinquished

    Night Town (Limit-removing map on /idgames)

    This looks interesting @Paul977, I'll check it out after work and give my feedback. It looked good from the screenshots you posted up a while ago in the 'what are you working on' thread.
  11. Relinquished

    Music looks for a WAD

    @8Bit Shocker, welcome to Doomworld! As it happens I'm working on a map currently for Nova III, and I would be interested in collaborating with you. If you want to check out the Nova III thread (its called Nova III - The search for more maps!) you can see what its about. Its designed for new map makers in the community to come together and design a megawad. We have 21 maps already I believe, so the project is coming along nicely. My own map is in the early stages, so its not ready to be viewed yet, but I can give you a run down on the theme I'm going for. I have a few ideas in terms of music, but it would be cool to have your input. As Nova is designed for newer mappers, it may be a good place to contribute. There is an Alpha version available if you want to check out some of the earlier maps. The quality this year for Nova III is really good.
  12. Relinquished

    Dark Harvest [4 Level WAD/PK3]

    I've played through all four maps this evening, and so to the feedback. I agree with much of what @rdwpa says above me. I enjoyed the visuals across all the maps, and as I mentioned earlier, you have clearly improved from your first map set, so well done! There is certainly more variation, and the maps are built with more varied shapes and encounters. I liked in map 01, for example, where you have the window which connects to the area you go to at the start. This kind of interconnectivity is a good starting point for some complex interactions later down the road, so keep it up :). The game play could use some tweaking, but you do have some good ideas here, such as the teleporting enemies to keep the player on their toes. Again, as rdwpa mentions above, the best way to get a feel for monster placement, and encounter design in general, is to play other wads. I would personally recommend Scythe 1 and 2, particularly the original as the maps are small and punchy, giving solid game play throughout. You have to be a little careful with the hitscanners sometimes (that is to say, the zombie men monsters, Arch-Vile, and Spider Mastermind). Placing them at the very start, such as in map 01 and 02, is almost like handicapping the player before the level has started. This is only because their attack is not a standard projectile and cannot be dodged (except by hiding behind map scenery, of course). Whether they hit or not is a matter of chance, but its entirely possible some players will be hit just after the level has loaded, which would be considered annoying at the very least. I noticed on map 03, in the red key area, the Arachnotrons are positioned such that their plasma fire is blocked by the stalagmites on the ground. This makes them easy fodder, without any chance to threaten the player. For these maps I would suggest changing them for a different monster and / or shift the stalagmites about so they don't get in the way as much. There are other instances where certain monsters can't reach you (such as the pinky Demons), and one instance from map 02 (I think) where a Caco couldn't reach me near the start. While building maps its worth keeping in mind how much room your monsters need to manoeuvre themselves in an effective manner. You can drop in the monsters early during the mapping process as a guide, so you can adjust platforms and such if necessary. I could probably write a great deal about the subject, but I feel it is something better experienced yourself by playing the work of others. As you make your way through a wad you can ask yourself questions along the way, or after beating a map that you particularly enjoy. Why was it enjoyable? How were the monsters placed for the map? These are some basic thoughts that spring to mind. You can also extend this into weapon placement, key placement, bonus items, etc. Even with the original cast of Doom monsters, there is a great deal of variety to be had in terms of combat situations. Anyhow, I look forward to your next wads. Keep it up, you are doing well!
  13. Relinquished

    Dark Harvest [4 Level WAD/PK3]

    Judging from your screenshots, there is a noticeable improvement from the first set of levels you posted up here. I will give them a play after work and write up my feedback.
  14. Relinquished

    Nova III - old thread, don't use!

    I had a quick go of the Alpha build the other day and I was really impressed with the first few maps I played. When the Alpha is updated with more maps I'll give it a proper run through. My own map contribution is well under way, and I'm excited to see this project completed. I'm confident this will be the best Nova yet, Keep up the great work everyone!
  15. Relinquished

    Dimensions [/idgames]

    Well its the weekend, and I've given the first 3 maps some play. I really like the aesthetic choices across all 3 maps. The first map is a classic hell lava pit with tons of enemies coming in from all sides. I did this one on HMP and enjoyed it for the most part. Having to pick off some of the Arch-viles near the end of the map was a bit of a chore, but apart from this I enjoyed the map overall. I had one cool moment where I opened up the final exit area while the cyber's were pelting me with rockets, I dodged out of the way to watch the storm of rockets smack straight into the Arch-viles, so satisfying. The second map is really cool, although I found it a little confusing to figure out where to go. The upside down scenery is a cool idea, though I got to a bit where I had to do tricky platforming while in this state. I would have persevered with it if it weren't for the lack of light on this section. I could barely see where I had to go, due to the position of the platforms and the fact its quite dark. I will give it another go when I have more time, as I like the music, the atmosphere of the level, and the first fight was fun. Map 3 is definitely my favourite. I need to replay it to find all of the secret fights, but all the fights I did do were creative and got me thinking. The square sector fight with the Arch-Viles in the central pillbox was really interesting. I dropped down to HNTR for this one so I could get through it in a sensible time frame. I'll play it again on HMP and look for all the secrets. One small thing was the steep stairs to reach one of the areas could perhaps be highlighted a little more, as I initially didn't notice it. I've taken a screenshot of the stairs I mean. I did Idclev to the secret maps just to take a look, but the difficulty levels go a little too high for me personally, and I prefer your first 3 maps that feel more crafted. I don't have any criticisms that spring to mind to be honest. For your first release this is great stuff, and I'll be looking forward to future maps sets from you in the future. Your knowledge for how each of the monsters function shines through, and I'll be revisiting this when I get more time.