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  1. FlightPhoenix

    Any way to keep this imp idle after firing?

    Did you make sure he is deaf?
  2. FlightPhoenix

    The /newstuff Chronicles #523

    Thank you so much for the review!! Looks like i need to focus more on making sure that a room looks nice before adding stuff like breakable lights and details (i like to implement small things to give more depth to the map, but i usually forget about the general layout of rooms and end up creating squares) . I'll make sure to create more complicated layouts and to place monsters and items in a smarter way in the map(s) i'm working on right now. Thank you again, i always apreaciate criticism. :)
  3. FlightPhoenix


    Amazing map, very balanced and challenging. The atmosphere and the music are great, the gameplay is not bad at all. More linear than you might expect, the lag (which should be expected from a map this big) is the only problem. Maybe the traps are a little bit repetitive and predictable and killing the Imps in the park was a little bit tedious. Overall worth playing!
  4. FlightPhoenix

    The /newstuff Chronicles #520

    Thanks for the review! Yeah, my map was pretty easy (I don't know what I was thinking while placing all those armors and health) and it was a little claustrophobic too.... Thanks for pointing out the flaws, it will help me making better maps!
  5. FlightPhoenix

    Loading custom textures.

    Thank you so much, it worked! I'll be sure to mention you in the WAD infos! :)
  6. FlightPhoenix

    Loading custom textures.

    Hi, i'm trying to create a map using Scythe 2 textures. I only need to load the textures, but if i add Scythe 2 to the resource list it will load other things, like the custom title screen, the custom HUD bar and the custom music. How can i load only the textures that are in the WAD? Thanks in advance!