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  1. I first completed Doom 1 back in 1995, so I don't have many strong memories of my first playthrough, but I definitely remember being stumped by the switch puzzles near the end of E3M4 for a while, and taking a while to figure out E3M7's system. It took me a while to summon up the courage to complete E2M8, as I remember that in the original DOS Doom I would walk up to the Cyberdemon and then the screen would abruptly turn bright red. I remember I had little difficulty beating the Spider Mastermind in E3M8 or the Barons in E1M8 though.
  2. ENEMY!!!

    FoxTex - Free to use Texture pack

    One thing that puts me off a bit from using these textures extensively is that, following the FoxTex and Quake mapping discords in particular, I keep finding that the original textures from Substance Designer are excellent but that, when they are downscaled to 128x128 to make them work better with Doom's pixelated look, they look more washed out and less colourful. I'm not sure if there's a way to address that or not, as for instance I had a similar criticism of the "Doom 3 textures for Doom" set, though ukiro's OTEX doesn't suffer from this. As demonstrated by RonnieJamesDiner's screenshot above, as well as Remilia Scarlet's maps using the Doom 3 textures, this can be overcome with the effective use of dynamic lighting, but with traditional sector based lighting things look a little washed out to me. I find it hard to write this as I know a lot of time and effort has gone into making these textures both good and usable, but I wonder if this is related to why there's surprisingly limited interest.
  3. ENEMY!!!

    Moving Trains

    True, somehow I forgot about that, despite having been very impressed by the moving trains when I first checked out Heartland. I'm not so familiar with how it works in Eternity but can see that it involves complex moving polyobjects and the extensive use of Eternity's portals.
  4. ENEMY!!!

    Moving Trains

    The k8Vavoom source port is the only one I'm aware of that offers a fairly straightforward way to implement moving trains, via 3D polyobjects.
  5. ENEMY!!!

    New Hub For Quake Mods!

    A correction to part of my previous post: the second picture showcasing the Makkon textures is from Makkon's a map for Halloween Jam 3, and it's also well worth checking out (as are many of the other maps in that set, some of which also use these textures). https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/hwjam3.html
  6. ENEMY!!!

    New Hub For Quake Mods!

    Yes, I saw this a couple of days earlier at the Quake mapping discord, it's excellent timing just after the Doomworld thread asking for a Quake equivalent of Doomworld. The screenshots are just maps that demonstrate the texture pack, although Ben "Makkon" Hale is currently working on a remake of Quake's E1M1 using these textures. He also released a cathedral map with his new marble set which is stunning and well worth playing and taking in the scenery: The tech set now has extensive computer trim sheets which people have already been mapping with in the Quake mapping discord. As a result of all of this I've been convinced to get into Quake mapping. The dumpstruck_ds Trenchbroom 2 tutorials are also well worth checking out. I've found out quite a few useful tips from those, especially the extrude function which is invaluable if you want to create good arches. There's plenty of shortcuts to learn.
  7. ENEMY!!!

    Was there a Quake 1 killer?

    I tend to think of an "X killer" as being the first game or two that significantly dents the popularity of X due to most gamers moving from X to the "X killer". In that sense Quake 1 and Duke Nukem 3D were the "Doom killers". I think of Half-Life and Unreal Tournament as the primary "Quake 1 killers" (Quake II was polarising and Unreal didn't catch on to the extent that Half-Life did). I remember playing Half-Life's Deathmatch Classic back in the day with one or two friends via LAN, which I thought was an interesting hybrid of Half-Life and Quake 1, featuring five of the Quake DM maps, though it has proved notoriously unpopular online. Unlike Doom 1/2, Quake 1 has taken a while to see a resurgence since that original drop in popularity, but I think a Quake 1 resurgence is well underway now.
  8. From 2002ado I found E3M2's track the most memorable.
  9. I think mine are Jimmy's "Astral Dreadnought" from Plutonia 2 (I was pleased to see this one getting a fair number of mentions earlier in the thread too), and esselfortium's "Mystproj" from BTSX 2.
  10. ENEMY!!!

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    Probably Manic Miner (1983) for the ZX Spectrum.
  11. ENEMY!!!

    is using crates a cardinal sin

    I'm reminded of Old Man Murray's Start to Crate system from back in my childhood. https://www.doomworld.com/10years/stc/stc.php https://www.oldmanmurray.com/features/40.html Personally I rarely have a problem with the use of crates, though I get some amusement from the Start to Crate rating system.
  12. I've notched up around 200 hours on Steam and the Steam playtime is just a small fraction of what I've played over the past 10 years. So I reckon probably at least 2000 hours over the past 27 years (I first got Doom in 1995).
  13. ENEMY!!!

    FoxTex - Free to use Texture pack

    I really like the direction this is going in. I reckon it's likely that I'll wait until Vol2 and Vol3 before I consider using them extensively in my own maps (mainly because I need the sci-fi and outdoor themes to go with these), but FoxTex has considerable potential to fill that "seeking something in a similar vein to Ben 'Makkon' Hale's Quake textures, but for Doom" niche. I saw a certain amount of potential in ComTex but I think these FoxTex textures are a considerable improvement over the ComTex ones.
  14. One of the ironies of this is that until very recently, I'd have said, "I never got into Quake singleplayer, I had a phase when I enjoyed Quake deathmatch around 1998-2001, but otherwise I found Quake rather boring and brown". In the past year I've finally got into Quake, thanks to the Dimensions of the Machine campaign with the remaster, Arcane Dimensions and Ben "Makkon" Hale's textures. I can honestly say that over the past year I've been enjoying Quake every bit as much as Doom. However, for me it's very much a case of Quake complementing Doom, rather than replacing it (as was advocated by many of the reviews around 1996-1998). Going back to Final Doom, in some ways one could see it as analogous to Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. RoE did add a couple of new weapons and monsters, but then you could argue that Plutonia established a new type of Doom gameplay (the "knockabout" style). RoE probably got less criticism partly because the Doom 3 modding scene struggled due to the amount of time and effort it took to produce good Doom 3 maps, so there weren't that many similarly good user-created maps out there, whereas at the time Final Doom was released, there were already plenty of similarly high quality custom maps out there. But also, by the time RoE came out, the advancing technology was already running into diminishing returns and reviewers weren't as hostile towards retro gamers. I think the PC Zone review still made one or two references to "flogging an (un)dead horse" and the like in its Resurrection of Evil review, but it was nothing compared to its Final Doom review.
  15. There was a later build from 2002 that was far closer to being complete but there's been no promise of it being leaked as yet.
  16. Not many of the old reviews from 1996 are around on the internet, but I found the following one from GameSpot which was quite typical: https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/final-doom-review/1900-2558714/#comments-block-32375913 The PC Zone UK magazine with the Final Doom review is also up on the Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/PC_Zone_42_September_1996/page/n71/mode/2up?q=final+doom The other quote I vaguely remembered from the PC Zone UK review was, "Those people who still play Doom do so (a) in a vacuous attempt attempt to cling onto a utopian bygone era of gameplayer which never really existed, or (b) to play deathmatch." I remember having felt a bit attacked by that as an old school Doomer in those days. At 62%, though, the PC Zone review wasn't quite as negative as the GameSpot review (46%).
  17. Just found this comparison of the 2001 build with the final version that we got in 2011. I'm surprised that so many of the main locations and set pieces remained intact between the two versions. To me, the 2001 version had potential to be a lot more fun and less watered down, though still containing some of the same flaws as the 2011 version. The 2011 version just doesn't have as much Duke3D-style charm IMHO. It would've had to be released before summer 2004 to avoid being compared unfavourably with Doom 3 and Half-Life 2, but I imagine that had it come out in late 2004 or 2005 it still wouldn't have been as negatively received as the 2011 release was. All of this said, I doubt that it was ever likely to be as positively received as the original Duke3D, either.
  18. Yeah, I'm in a similar position, I don't personally like Plutonia that much, but I think that's mainly down to taste, because I never really got into that "knockabout" style of gameplay, rather than because of anything fundamentally wrong with it. TNT for me is a mixed bag, some very good maps but also some duds. Nonetheless, I've still made a point of getting Final Doom alongside Doom 1/2 when getting the Collectors' Edition in 2006 and again more recently when I re-bought Doom on Steam (because it was cheap and I wanted to be able to log my playing time) - even though I haven't been bothered about the Master Levels. I guess I think of it as too iconic these days not to pick up as part of the collection.
  19. Yes, I remember reading a few reviews which were along the lines of what Graf Zahl said. I vaguely remember a few quotes from the PC Zone UK review, "As id themselves say, Technology moves on", "Legoland scenery" and "Fancy a game of Quake?". I hated the general "Doom is old hat now, move on to Quake" attitude of that era, but I also see a lot of merit in the criticism that, at the time of release, Final Doom didn't offer enough new content and mechanics to be worth the price, especially when it was up against the likes of Quake and Duke Nukem 3D, and especially with the controversy after it was originally going to be released for free. Today's circumstances are of course very different.
  20. I don't think anti-piracy is the main motivation for this. Microsoft has been on a general spree of trying to nudge Windows users into compliance with Microsoft's default settings recently, as part of trying to maximise take-up of the Microsoft ecosystem (Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge with Microsoft Bing search, etc.) There's been a lot of controversy recently over their use of the compulsory Windows updates as a weapon to push Edge with Bing as the recommended default browser for Windows. Forcing Windows users to log in with Microsoft accounts makes it easier for Microsoft to push users into their ecosystem with targeted ads. Anti-piracy can be cited as a reason for this, but I'm reminded here of the EdgeDeflector fiasco, where Microsoft cited security reasons for blocking it, but it seems likely to me and many others that the primary reason was to stop users from opening various links from within Windows using browsers other than Edge, especially in response to Firefox proposing an update which would give Firefox EdgeDeflector-type functionality and potentially erode the market share of Microsoft Edge. Of course, it's not just Microsoft that is doing this sort of thing - Google, Apple etc. are every bit as keen to push everyone into using their ecosystems. I am generally concerned about the way the industry is going here, where, instead of being able to choose between purchasing individual competing products, users are increasingly sucked into having to choose between subscription based "all in one" packages. Overall, I don't think of compulsory Microsoft accounts as a huge step that will result in me switching to Linux, but I see it as a part of a concerning incremental shift towards the big companies gaining more control over end users, mainly in the interest of maximising market share and profits, and citing security reasons so as to make it difficult to argue against the general trend.
  21. ENEMY!!!

    I use gzdoom, will I need any other source port?

    I've generally found that almost everything works in GZDoom but there's a scattering of maps that are specific to Eternity Engine (e.g. due to Eternity's portals, such as Heartland) and K8Vavoom (due to its lighting system and 3D polyobjects).
  22. ENEMY!!!

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    I don't know if this is already known but at present there are compatibility issues with ANIMDEFS.txt in the pk3 structure for texture resources. The animated textures in OTEX_1.1.pk3 don't work (but the flats work fine), but in OTEX_1.1.WAD everything works. I'm aware that development is inevitably slowed by the war, and for now a workaround which I've tested successfully is to apply TEXTURE2/PNAMES or TEXTURES lumps within the root of the pk3 file (e.g. copying TEXTURE2/PNAMES across from OTEX_1.1.WAD to OTEX_1.1.pk3).
  23. ENEMY!!!

    Doom's soundtrack and Youtube Copyright

    I had a very similar situation to the original poster a while ago when my rendition of E1M2 in a minor key was falsely flagged as copying someone else's song (I checked out the song, and the chord progression was similar but the melody, which was alleged to have been copied, was totally different). Although my videos aren't monetised and I have no particular desire to monetise any of them, I had similar feelings and clicked Dispute, and went for option 3 (I wished there was an "It was a false automated claim" option, but naturally YouTube/Google don't want to admit that their system is far from bullet proof). Shortly after that, while my YouTube channel didn't get any strikes or anything, it disappeared from Google searches, as if it had been blacklisted by Google bots. I resorted to deleting the video, and sure enough, my channel re-appeared on Google searches.
  24. ENEMY!!!

    Valiant is FANTASTIC!

    I definitely second the recommendation of Ancient Aliens, it's still easily in my top five favourite Doom mapsets and a serious contender for my number one spot. Valiant isn't far behind for me, either. The gameplay of Ancient Aliens has much in common with Valiant.
  25. ENEMY!!!

    Accidental Plagiarism

    It's an issue that discourages me from writing music to some extent. Generally I have a wide range of sources of inspiration which means that what I come up with won't be very close to an existing piece of music (unless it's deliberate, via a remix). However, small snippets of it could be derivative, and there's heavy-handed copyright enforcement from the big labels which are pushing for even vague similarities or duplications of a few notes with existing works to constitute copyright infringement and to be equated with plagiarism, even if sources of inspiration are openly acknowledged. But there aren't similar copyright issues with Doom modding, and I see it as very unlikely that any of my maps would be close enough to other modders' to raise plagiarism issues. I doubt that anyone would complain if one or two of my rooms closely matched existing rooms by other modders and I see it as highly unlikely that large portions of my maps will come out somewhat derivative.