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Status Replies posted by ENEMY!!!

  1. Yay, another year of Doom!  The Cacowards are top notch as always, and the winners are all very deserving of their awards, so congrats to them ^_^


    For me, I did a lot more with Doom than I normally do this past year.  Oops! All Greyboxes!  was released, as was The Unending and Freaky Panties IV.  Then I also finally finished up my in-development-for-25-years megawad Kill.  That was something I had been working on consistently in small increments here and there.  Thanks to a friend poking me to finally finish it ^_^


    Of course I also found Wadazine.  That place has become a home for me, and I am SOOOO thankful to be there.  I love working with everyone there, especially on the Wadazine Master Collection series, which will see FOUR releases this year!  Insane.  Those maps are always a blast to play and putting together the resource packs is always fun.  And WMC means another four maps from me - again, a lot more with Doom than normal XD  So yeah, check out WMC01, WMC02, WMC03, and WMC04 once it's released very, very soon.


    This month I'm having to take an extended break from Doom due to some family health issues.  Not mine, but a close family member will be having a major surgery and has been needing my help during the lead up, and will need more help afterward.


    The Eschatology series will see its first release next year for sure.  I'm still turning it into a series of individual maps instead of more episodic releases, but I did decide to go ahead and keep the hub idea for the first release just because spliting up my development tree was too much work for too little gain.  Each map will just be added to that as I go, then.  Kind of a compromise between what I originally intended (larger project with packs of 4-5 maps released once every year or two) and what I mentioned in my last major status update (all concise individual maps released as they're finished, each one a small project).


    Speaking of "development trees", I seem to have standardized how I manage/structure my projects.  I need to do a write-up on that sometime, because having a set structure has really made it easy for me to spin up a new project quickly.  Kinda along the lines of the practice of having "src" and "doc" folders together with a Makefile/configure script for programming projects.  Things like reusable ACS libraries for common things I do in every map, a standard set of folders and tools, consistent versioning rules, that sort of thing.  Call it an early initial foray into "Wad Engineering" (like Software Engineering), if you will.  Just a concept I'm tinkering with that I think may help others.


    Anyway, happy birthday to Doom!  Go eat some cake.


    PS: Don't forget to join my Matrix server.

    1. ENEMY!!!


      I find this interesting and inspirational, as I've been going through some fairly similar mapping process issues, but from a different position - I have a lot of half-finished maps floating around and not a lot actually released, so my task is to try and start releasing stuff.  I've been pleased to be able to help significantly with K8Vavoom's development though.


      I had a foray into mapping for Quake and for Arcane Dimensions, inspired by Ben "Makkon" Hale's textures, but eventually figured that it would take longer to create maps in full 3D, and it would be tough to get close to the level that the Quake community is currently doing.  I also surprisingly found that there were features of K8Vavoom that I couldn't easily get in Quake.  But I think it's been useful, as Arcane Dimensions and Dimensions of the Machine have given me the idea of having a central hub map with sets of 1 to 3 maps branching out from it, and gradually expanding those over time, rather than full episodes or megawads, which I think had been too overambitious and had held me back.  Your plans for Eschatology resonated with me and reminded me of this.  


      Good luck with the family issues, especially the surgery.

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