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  1. ENEMY!!!

    Doom songs transposed from minor to major

    Apologies for resurrencting an old thread, but I haven't found anything more recent on this topic on Doomworld. I wasn't a regular on Doomworld in 2016 so missed this thread, but Doomkid recently uploaded this at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5YKB7_Fj_M&t=0s. It's the kind of thing that I've been messing about with since around 2005, so I decided to come up with my own version (editing the original MIDI files in FL Studio) which covers all of the tracks from the Ultimate Doom. As scattered tracks are at least partly in a major key, I decided to transpose the minor keys into major, and the major keys into minor. This resulted in the D_Bunny theme being somewhat messed up.
  2. ENEMY!!!

    When did Doom WAD's hit their Peak?

    As well as the emergence of Doom Builder etc., I wonder if the culture also contributed. I remember that around 1997-1999 there seemed to be a stigma against playing older games, along the lines of, "Why do you still play Doom? Quake and especially Half-Life are much better! Move on!". I have rarely encountered anything like that since the early 2000s - these days "retro gaming" is pretty widely accepted.
  3. ENEMY!!!

    When did Doom WAD's hit their Peak?

    I think Doom mapping reached a first peak around 1995, and then fell into a trough during the period 1997-2003, when many mappers moved over to Quake, Half-Life and other newer games/engines, and before Doom Builder and its descendants became established. I can't identify a clear-cut peak after 2003, to me it gathered pace again in 2004-05 and has stayed comparably strong ever since.
  4. ENEMY!!!

    Doom 90's Level CD-ROMS

    Thanks for this! I downloaded the 3D Game Alchemy (which I had back in 1997 but lost a long time ago) and sure enough, under "DOOM/SPECIAL" there are WADs called "ALL_E1" and "DOOMTOWN", neither of which I could find on the archives when I looked earlier. I vaguely recalled "P-PLANT" from "ALL_E1" with its E1M3 slot and odd red rooms with lights on the floor. SKYCITY's also on there, and while I think the other two are clearly dated (though with a lot of nostalgia value), I think SKYCITY still holds up quite well today. These were the first custom WADs that I ever played. I'm assuming I must have mainly tried out the WADs from the Special section as I don't recognise the others.
  5. ENEMY!!!

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    My first reaction to this screenshot was, "This is no cave."
  6. Until recently it's been GZDoom, because of it having the most wide-ranging advanced features that suit my purposes, but in the past 2-3 months I've been veering towards k8vavoom for some of its niche features such as more fully featured dynamic lighting and the upcoming 3D polyobjects.
  7. ENEMY!!!

    What Doom editors do you use? (Updated version)

    Mostly Ultimate Doom Builder, except when I am away from my desktop PC and using my ageing laptop which doesn't have a new enough version of DirectX - in that case I use GZDoom Builder (specifically the Bugfix dev build). I also use SLADE3 but mainly for pk3/WAD management rather than mapping.
  8. ENEMY!!!

    Did 90's CD-ROM's with PWAD's contain anything good?

    I remember having a 3D Game Alchemy CD at one time with a limited number of user WADs on it. I vaguely remember one called Doomtown or similar (not sure if that ever got uploaded, for when I look up Doomtown it looks different to how I remember). There was also a wad called ALL_E1 which I haven't been able to trace. Skycity was on there and I remember finding that map good for its time.
  9. I used to watch GamesMaster religiously as well, I actually vaguely remember this episode, certainly the bit where the kid gets the Supercharge in the secret area. 1995 was the year that I completed Doom for the first time, so I think I had just completed it when this aired in the UK and I hadn't found many of the secrets, so I was intrigued by the secret areas. It might well have contributed significantly to my strong interest in secret hunting in 1996/97 which has to some extent stayed with me since.
  10. That sounds promising. Yes, in UDB there are various configuration files that allow you to add new thing IDs to the editor, I've used that to create custom coloured keys for example, and polyobjects are covered under "Hexen linedefs" and "ZDoom linedefs" there.
  11. I've got in touch with DavidN (author of BDLite) at the ZDoom forums and I will indeed be creating my own k8vavoom compatible fork over the coming weeks/months. My idea is similar to that behind Tango's Supercharge, it will be a base for my own projects but will also be a resource for other modders that will work with k8vavoom as well as GZDoom (and possibly other source ports as well, but it probably won't play well with Eternity Engine for instance). I'm aware that "real life" can get in the way of these things and it's the first time I've taken on something like this, so I don't know how rapid progress will be, but it's an exciting prospect. A quick question regarding 3D polyobjects, do you know if they'll also work in Ultimate Doom Builder?
  12. I actually prefer Doom Eternal over 2016. I found the checkpoint-only saves and the platforming frustrating in DOOM 2016 and found that they put me off from exploration, but have rarely felt that way with Eternal. One of the main reasons is Eternal's mechanic of fining you 10-15 health when you mistime a jump and fall too far, and respawning you close to where you jumped (until your health drops to zero or below, of course). For me it strikes the right balance. It's not realistic, but it's Doom, it doesn't have to be. I'm not a fan of the whole "rip and tear" thing but I think that's been around since at least the early days of Brutal Doom, and I guess id wanted to cater more for that demographic with the new Doom games. But I don't feel that either of the new Doom games force the "rip and tear" thing down my throat. I remember for instance wandering around exploring Exultia and hearing a subtle rendition of the Doom 1 victory music playing and feeling thoroughly immersed in it. I don't think much of the lore in Doom Eternal either, apart from the descriptions of the monsters and weapons, but I guess my solution was not to take too much notice of it. It's probably difficult to make a decent storyline out of a premise as simplistic as that of the original Doom games.
  13. Reading your post it looks as if you thought I wanted you to make k8vavoom compatible with Supercharge 2.8. Apologies if it came across that way, as that really wasn't the intention (and I've seen your caveats about mods on the first page). I had rather briefly contemplated the idea of creating my own build/fork of Supercharge that would be k8vavoom compatible, and decided that it would be far too much work. But my main point is that the same idea with BDLite looks very feasible.
  14. I noticed that -bdw resembles a stripped down version of BDLite. I decided to test BDLite with k8vavoom and it turns out that it mostly works well if I comment out the three lines of code which use the "gameplay" DECORATE command (relating to deathmatch, so it shouldn't affect singleplayer). There is a glitch (which also arises in -bdw after switching to and from the fists) with weapon sprites being incorrectly aligned after switching to/from certain weapons - perhaps this stems from another DECORATE incompatibility that I haven't yet located. Apart from that, it seems to work as well as it does in GZDoom. Another good thing I noticed is that BDLite (unlike Brutal Doom) doesn't include its own headshots system and the k8vavoom headshots system still works with BDLite, as does the blood/gore mod. I'm tempted to have a tinker around with this over the Easter weekend and see if I can address that weapon sprite placement issue and get it working 100%. I also tested Tango's Supercharge 2.8 last weekend but that would require somewhat more work to get working - again with a couple of tweaks to the code it will run, but many of the sprite and sound effects are a bit off. But I was pleasantly surprised by how well BDLite works.
  15. ENEMY!!!

    Opinions on super-long levels in megawads?

    I like long wads as long as there's a sense of progression as others have mentioned, I particularly like the sense of starting in a small area and expanding out into a big interconnected world. For me, the "big world" factor is the main thing that justifies having a particularly large map. If I'm moving linearly from one corridor to the next, I think that kind of thing is better broken up into smaller maps, but for example when playing Eviternity map32 and Ar Luminae I felt I was navigating a large world, where breaking it down into smaller maps would have risked breaking the immersion (breaking such large maps into a hub is a possibility, but again, hubs don't seem to be that popular). I can see large maps being tricky for players who prefer to complete maps in one sitting, especially without saves. For particularly large maps I tend to get around the sense of exhaustion by tackling them in two or three bursts rather than trying to complete them in one go. In those cases it helps if there is a strong indication that the map is going to be particularly big (some others have mentioned that as well). I agree though with the sentiment that large maps are often best placed either standalone or in a small mapset - I think map32 of Eviternity sort of gets away with this because it's the "super secret level" but map 19 suffers to some extent more due to its placement than anything wrong with the map itself. Sunder is an unusual case because of the nature of its releases - in that case each individual map release is a big event, so when I try out a new Sunder map it feels as if I'm playing one or two standalone maps rather than tackling them as part of a whole megawad of big maps.
  16. ENEMY!!!

    Which Doom Soundtrack Do You Prefer?

    Yeah I was thinking of the PC versions. I'd put the PSX Doom soundtrack right up there with the Doom 1 PC one. I'm not as strongly into the PSX Final Doom and Doom 64 soundtracks, but think they also have their moments, and would put them roughly on a par with the Doom 2 PC one.
  17. ENEMY!!!

    Which Doom Soundtrack Do You Prefer?

    For me it's Doom 1's soundtrack. I find Doom 2's soundtrack rather less interesting and often rather less original/more heavily based off metal songs. TNT's is hit and miss for me, but on the whole the hits outweigh the misses.
  18. I had been wondering about how well 3D polyobjects would fit in with current editors (especially Ultimate Doom Builder) - this is good to know!
  19. I was surprised to read you'd never used portals, but I think I confused a couple of your maps with Amuscaria/Eriance's Hell-Forged ones. I loaded up Shadows of the Nightmare Realm and Umbra of Fate and, sure enough, not a portal to be seen! I have a desktop PC that is meant to run DOOM 2016 at full speed so I've probably not felt the full extent of the performance issues with portals, but I've often noticed that portals (especially stacked sector portals) often don't play along nicely with dynamic lighting, both re. glitches and performance hits.
  20. I mentioned in The Unending thread that k8vavoom is the first source port that I've encountered that may tempt me into basing some of my future Doom modding primarily around it rather than GZDoom, thanks to a mix of @ketmar's development work and @Remilia Scarlet's demonstrations of the power of the lighting effects and shadows. Adding 3D polyobjects/platforms will make this even more likely, especially with the level of functionality in the videos. The main downsides of k8vavoom for me are the lack of ZScript and portals, but I can understand the reasons for them being impractical to implement (I read them when traversing the earlier discussions in this thread). I don't see k8vavoom replacing GZDoom as my source port of choice, I can rather see myself having two favourite source ports instead of one, which is a very good thing.
  21. ENEMY!!!

    Monty Python

    And now for something completely different: Remember not to say "mattress" to Mr. Lambert, and whatever you do, don't mention the war!
  22. That sounds potentially exciting to me. I'm aware that if 3D polyobjects get implemented, some might be tempted to use them to increase the emphasis on "jumping puzzles" and the like, which especially with Doom's physics probably wouldn't end well, but I can see scope for very positive, imaginative and ground-breaking use of them. It would be easier to implement things like the impressive train sequence at the start of Heartland (which was done with the Eternity Engine but required the extensive use of portals and elaborate scripting) and horizontally moving lifts, cranes etc, and holes opening up in the floor. So I'd say it's definitely worth trying it out, though I'm aware that it might not work.
  23. ENEMY!!!

    [Release] The Unending

    Just played through this map in K8vavoom (I had somehow overlooked both this map and the source port up until today, but K8vavoom was brought to my attention in the "I want to see your wads" thread when I drooled over Doom 3 textures being used to great effect). It's the first enhanced source port that I've encountered that might tempt me into choosing it over GZDoom for some of my mapping in the near future. Yes, I found the map enjoyable, I think especially for the visuals and the "Sign of Evil" remix (when the music first started playing, I had a feeling it might develop into that, but was still pleasantly surprised when it did). There was indeed a sense of anti-climax at the end, though I wouldn't say I was disappointed by that, it rather reminded me of the end of Doom E1M8 (fittingly, given the choice of music).
  24. ENEMY!!!

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Not sure how you got the lighting to look that good in GZDoom - I recall it being difficult to get it looking anywhere near that good in Doom 3 itself! The last shot especially reminds me of Doom 3's moving pistons.
  25. I haven't listened to the Rise of the Triad soundtrack yet (surprisingly), I'm tempted to check it out because of the recommendations in this thread. I have two favourites from the mid-90s, Doom 1 and Hexen, for similar reasons. Doom 1's is more iconic and has more ambient moody tracks than Doom 2, and less of the direct remixes of metal bands' music. Hexen's soundtrack had a large impact on me in my childhood. Heretic's soundtrack for me has its moments but many of the tracks are too short for my liking, meaning that they get repetitive after a while. Doom 2's is a mixed bag. In the case of Duke3D, I think the main theme and the first couple of levels have great music but that most of the rest of the Duke3D soundtrack is just average. Descent might well slot into third place after Doom I and Hexen, it's a bit hit and miss for me but on balance I like most of the tracks, including the first four levels and Level 8, which subtly incorporates a speeded-up version of Grieg's "Ase's Death". Aubrey Hodges's music for the PSX Dooms and Doom 64, and Trent Renzor's music for Quake 1, are quite hard to place because they aren't MIDI-based and go more down the "sound design" route. But I reckon the Playstation Doom soundtrack is probably up there with the PC Doom and Hexen soundtracks for me, and the others perhaps on a par with Descent.