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    Guys, chill your goddamn balls, this is the best wad than your "good" wads. Your "Good" wads are just BRUTAL DOOM.
  1. Mine is Freelook WASD (fps player?), yours?
    Best wad ever. You guys are jealous.
    Alright nigloids, this isn't from namboner aka zandy boi. I am really fucking intelligent around here. Digimon digivolve to calooby!
    Best. Wad. EVER.
    Idiots don't know the true power of Doomguy 2k!
  2. UACMN for Mockaward. No, seriously. Better than H-Doom since it fucking sucks. I'm an anti-weeaboo and i fucking banish everyone to The Bad Castle on my house if someone loves H-Doom and faps to it. Also, don't whine on me and all that, consider me as an alpha. I don't always go butthurt and whine "OMG DIZ MOD SUKZZZ WEWEWEWEWEWE 0/5". I really don't care if you do something to me, i'm just an ordinary person that makes mods, eats food, loves caviar, is an Owl, Watches TV, Plays PS4 when i want to, Takes out the trash once a week, goes to a mini market when has money to buy coke, drinks water and all that. TL;DR'ing it is not allowed. You may consider me as an average dude that has a sense of humor. If you don't like terry wads, don't whine and just ignore. If you don't like something, Do as i say what to do: IGNORE it. I was a Go!Fag [Goanimate Fanboy] back then, and i was butthurt, however it's not related to doom and all that, but listen, Don't whine and calm the fuck down. Also, don't go berserk against me because i just like terry wads. I just understand it's humor and you guys don't. Just IGNORE. Be an like me, be like most of alpha guys, Ignore if you don't like it. Just don't go WAAAAAARRRR mode, go ahead and calm down. Don't you dare to test me. I achieved my thick skin and i could just ignore you.
    ▼ I'd tell you a chemistry joke but I know I wouldn't get a reaction. Anyways, best wad.
    The fucking best wad!
    I rather play The Bad Castle than that.
    You guys don't know the true meaning to the power of the cheeks and Awesomeness.
    SIEG HEIL! SIEG HEIL! SIEG HEIL! Lol 6/5 for using resident evil 4 regenerator music
    Even though Namboner sucks dicks because he is stalking one of my friends, this terry wad is good tbh.
    You guys are all fucking butthurt.