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  1. Athel

    Trying to find the lost episodes of Doom

    In the future, try putting such questions in this Trying to Find A Specific WAD thread, youll find a lot more success with people looking to help you there!! As for your wad, a quick google search gave me this link, is this the WAD youre looking for?
  2. Athel

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON

    Yooo let's talk, what are you looking for? I could get something together if you'd like! :D
  3. Athel

    Memento Mori Resurrected CP.

    You know what? Let me not be a debbie downer and strike something: if this project actually does manage to get picked up from the ground (keep in mind I was not even paying attention to the name significance when I made my first post), I will happily see to contributing a map. Where do I sign up and what's the preferred amount of time for a submission?
  4. Athel

    UNSEELIE HOURS - a short dark fairytale themed map

    Oooo the detailing in those shots look amazing! Gonna give this one a try real soon! EDIT: Gave the map a playthrough. Very fun little map! I am intrigued as to your choice on UDMF, this looks like it could easily be a limit removing or vanilla map at most -- the style and the combat is definitely reminiscent of an older style wad, which really appeals to me. Overall nice work!
  5. Athel

    Memento Mori Resurrected CP.

    The idea is there but I can't help but feel as though better organization of the opening post would lead to a lot more interest in the project. As it stands, it feels very clumped together, there's no real indication of work that's already done -- I understand you've linked a Discord server but if there's not even a screenshot on the main thread, there may not be as high a turn out as you'd expect. If this seems to be condescending in any way, I do apologize. I tend to be on the fence towards these sorts of things, and on a positive note, mapping in a more older style is something that will always appeal to me in this stage of my mapping career. This thread at the moment just leaves an itch that has yet to be relieved with what I'm seeing so far.
  6. Athel

    PUSS XVI: Pac-Man Doom - Version 1 out now!

    Oh is that so? Hm, not too sure if I will end up making something or not but I'll play with the idea. If anything I can always just do it for any personal projects. I'll see about it though!
  7. Athel

    Does anyone have old versions of Heretical Doom?

    That's what that thread is for, yep! WADs and Mods of all shapes and sizes!
  8. Athel

    PUSS XVI: Pac-Man Doom - Version 1 out now!

    I realized too late this could have been used to make something seriously "Dark Deception"-ish, ahh well. It looks like a neat concept and some of the maps look pretty interesting to play, I'll have to look through and see what someone of you guys did. (The aesthetic of @Steve88's map above particularly intrigues me!) I see now this isn't as limiting as I felt it was at first. I'm assuming these only run for one month before the next one starts up?
  9. I've been thinking about it, just can't dedicate any time to do anything for other projects and I know if I did contribute I'd want to do a lot more there than the small bits of linedef movement I did for -1
  10. How about "The One-Hour Experiment"? "One Hour Left"? "Doomworld Mini Project"
  11. Slight bump to inform people that the fifth and last RC has been released! If nothing too gamebreaking has been found, I will be putting this on some archives. I don't think I'll be able to put this on idgames because of the SSG secret, but there will be other places I can put this on. In addition, there is a server on TSPG that runs this wad on DM for those who are interested! (Look for Emblem Public DM Test) Spoiler for changelog You can download it from the opening post! Thank you guys for following this project, and I hope to see you guys in my upcoming works.
  12. Athel

    TNT 2: Devilution (Second beta released)

    In my heart and mind, Devilution will forever be TNT2 and Revilution will be TNT3, simply due to the way both were developed. With something more relevant to this, I must admit that I am rather slow to play this, but it is such an enjoyable experience I've had thus far. When I last played, I was on Map 05 or 06, not even clearing the first episode, but I am truly in love with this and will see it through to the end. I can't say anything that hasn't already been said here, so great work TeamDevilution :p
  13. Fun little map! I thought you had me softlocked for a second until I noticed the teleporter right nearby. That could have been rather catastrophic and would have also put an end to my little FDA demo. I thought I would finally throw my hat in the ring and get something quickly blocked out, something that I might use for a project later on down the line but also because I needed to mentally distract myself. Takin' No Toll Map Format: Vanilla Doom 2 Editors Used: Ultimate Doom Builder Map: MAP01 Custom Textures: no Build time: 1:00:00 for layout, 7:00 to actually make it possible and playtest it Download link here Spoiler for screenshot
  14. Slight bump to let people know I've released the ZDoom version alongside a hotfix I didn't properly post at first, whoops!! Go check the OP! If everything is alright with everyone, I'm willing to consider this finally finished and can send it out to other hosting services! Edit: Forgot to do something stupid with the zdoom version, please hold Edit2: We should be good now!