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  1. Athel

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    I've started playing through this earlier today, and may I just say I love how interconnected the transitions from one level to the next are so far. I've made it through maps 1 and 2 and saved about a quarter way to map 3. I just might be able to make it through all 32 maps of this wad. Though if the secret exits are as hard to find as the easily missable switches in maps 1 and 2, I might not be as quick as I want to be. Then again, from the screenshots alone, this seems like a wad that's worth exploring every single little nook and cranny. Nice work, guys!
  2. Athel

    TNT 2: Devilution (Clean thread, new updates)

    This is a rather interesting project here. It'll be interesting to see this actually *out* there into the wild so that we can play it. I always had a soft spot for TNT, and I'm glad it's getting a sequel, similar to Plutonia. I'll be keeping my eyes propped open for this.
  3. Said this on the Discord but I may as well say it here to make it official I'm interested in this project, and though I would be fine being a playtester, I'd like to try my hand at making a map for this 8) I'm just not sure what slot to file it under, however, so hopefully that won't pose as too much of an issue :/
  4. Athel

    Doomworld Mega Project 2017 (Final)

    Yeah, afraid I'm not 100% familiar with Serious Sam, sadly. I'm making the "main paths" of the level before I go on to do the serious decoration and all that fancy jazz. I don't want to be midway of decorating just to realize that I hate how I did a certain part. I'm not 100% how I can do that first beginning part, there aren't really that many outdoorsy maps that I've played that have elaborated on that. To be honest, I kinda want to be inspired by Mega Man/Castlevania. Y'know, a battle before you get into the actual castle itself, unlocking multiple key parts of the castle, and finally having some sort of "final boss" for the map before it ends. I've put quite a bit of thought in how I want certain maps to go, considering how I don't know what slot this will be in.
  5. Athel

    Switcheroom: The Forgotten Maps

    Ooh, are you guys planning another one soon? I certaintly hope so, I really fell in love with the concept when I first heard of it a while back. If not, I suppose I could try a single map my self... :[
  6. Athel

    Doomworld Mega Project 2017 (Final)

    I guess this is alright to post up some progress shots...?
  7. Athel

    Doomworld Mega Project 2017 (Final)

    Music is quite a good source of motivation for me to start a level and see the potential in a work in progress map. As a risk of losing this momentum, though it isn't much, I'd like to present the starting progress to my official first Doom Builder 2 level. http://i.imgur.com/uOIunDP.png (this image is 1366x768, it's kind of a big pic and by lurking around I see that kind of thing isn't really welcome...)
  8. Unless I missed something, Freedoom is mostly designed for PrBoom. Or did the development team decide to make it vanilla compatible? EDIT: Uh, yeah, I'm the fool and I didn't catch that memo. Whoops
  9. This is going to take a little getting used to...

  10. Athel

    Level Transitions - How to Implement Them?

    I knew I was missing something blatantly obvious! Thanks!
  11. Hello, everybody! I am learning how to make a Doom 3 map, and I am making some quite good progress I believe. I was wondering. We all know the whole thing where the level has that screen where it says the name and a short description of the level's backstory. I was wondering: How does one exactly implement this? I know it has something or other to do with the GUI files, I just don't know what exactly. I have edited a transition screen to fit the name and description, but renaming it to the map and loading doesn't work, so there is something I'm missing. Probably something very obvious knowing me. Thanks in advance.
  12. Athel

    Doomworld Mega Project 2017 (Final)

    Hey, could you maybe chalk me up on the "Interested Mappers" space? Time to see what I can make...
  13. Actually, I started doom mapping because of the Doomworld Mega Project 2016. It's half finished, not sure if I should complete it, considering the work i put into it...
  14. Athel

    Doom 3 Textures for Doom

    I would totally like to use these with the Doom 3 weapons mod, the one where it makes all the weapons look like Doom 2.5 (honestly cannot remember the name at the moment). These are some nice rips, and I can only imagine the amount of work put into this.
  15. Athel

    Doomworld Mega Project 2016 (v2 is on /idgames)

    Ah, I wish I would have finished my map before the deadline! Welp, I guess I can save it for another time, if you guys are planning to do one for 2017. I would like to record some gameplay of this and put it up on YouTube once this gets fully compiled.