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  1. Interesting premise... at the very least I'd be willing to watch. Not entirely sure if I'll be able to let myself make a map but I guess we'll simply wait and see, eh? Good luck, everyone!
  2. Hi all! The trailer for Emblem has finally been released! With this out of the way I'll finally be able to show you guys the progress I've been making on the maps! Stay tuned in the coming days! Link to Emblem Trailer!
  3. Sooooo I got a bit to update you guys on, huh. First off, sorry for my radio silence - just like I had predicted, school's been on my case. In fact, they're starting to really ramp up with college stuff like instant decisions, college essays, etc. I'm afraid this project has taken the backburner as of late. But... with my school going back into remote, I think I'll be able to get the maps finally finished up! There really isn't anything I can properly show that I haven't already, at least nothing too different. But... I've had the absolute pleasure of running into @4dy, who was kind enough to make an entire MP3 soundtrack for the episode! Come take a listen to the Emblem OST and go give him some love! These tracks are pretty much everything I was wanting in terms of atmosphere, and from me testing out the maps that I have so far, they pair perfectly! The trailer for the wad will be up, hopefully in a few days - by then I'll also have some actual screenshots to share! I'll also be starting to livestream me working on the maps as well, but I'll share all those appropriate links when the time comes. Thanks for checking out the project, and I'll see y'all in a few days!
  4. Athel

    Emblem Album

    Ya beat me to it! Thank you so much again for your work man!!
  5. Hello again, everyone! September has been quite a busy month for me. Let me not beat around the bush here - I am NOT ready for senior year, as much as I say I am 😭 But hey, I've been getting rather comfortable with the editor! And I have quite a lot to share with you guys! E1M3 is... well, it's getting there. You can play through the level's layout and go on to E1M4. I still have to add enemies, fix some things up, add details, etc. I think I can consider the level 80% done? In the meanwhile, I've sort of been bouncing back and forth between E1M6 and E1M7, two maps that I'm honing in to ensure that everything plays out smoothly. I got my little album of images that you guys can see here! Now that I've gotten comfortable with all of my tools, I'm now going to go all out and not let my "newness" stop me from trying out new things. There's going to be quite a bit of fun stuff added that's taking advantage of the fact that this is an Ultimate Doom modification. Thanks iD for leaving all your codepointers in the exe intact! Making the layouts and decorating them really isn't that much of an issue, and I hope I can deliver something that you guys will be able to enjoy. If I can push vanilla to it's absolute limit, I will. I'm also going to be retouching the other maps I've done (E1M1 and E1M2) to sort of keep them in line with the new things I've learned in later levels. Thanks for showing interest in the project, and I'll keep y'all posted on any other information that I want to make public! :D
  6. Athel

    NaNoWADMo 2020 - The month-long mapping challenge!

    Ah cool you signed me up, chief! 27 levels at least for a month that has 31 days... Hmmm...
  7. Hey guys! Status update - E1M3 is coming along pretty well! I figured out how to get screenshots into these posts but they seem to be a bit too big resolution-wise and I don't really feel comfortable sharing 3840x2160 sized images, not that there's anything wrong with imgur, just gotta learn if I can shrink down the images to be at least 1920. Anyway, one of the main "gimmicks" I wanted to focus on are these "generators" that are around the base. I wanted to make it so you'd have to shoot them, but it doesn't seem as though Vanilla has a gun trigger for lowering floors, unless I missed something. Down below is a link leading to a few screenshots of areas I've worked on. Hopefully the gameplay will be a bit better in this map. I'll also be touching up the other two maps to make them a bit more interesting. Stay tuned! Link to E1M3 - Research Labs WIP screenshots
  8. Athel

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    I can also go through playtesting all of the maps and getting you guys a good comprehensive list of opinions on the different maps! I'll even go as far as to offer my services in demo recording, but I don't know if that's stretching things-
  9. Athel

    Anybody Working on a Doom Soundtrack?

    Hey if you want to make some midis for a project, I was thinking of asking around for my own vanilla project in the next couple of weeks or so :o I'm not sure if you commission or anything of the sort but if you're interested...
  10. Ah you finally moved this over to DW! O have to agree with the 3D models aspect of the project - I think many would prefer the flat sprite style that many of us have come to love in the past years. Plus you have other caveats such as hardware capabilities, etc. Like before, I'll watch from a distance to see how this plays out. I wish you luck!
  11. Okay so I just saw this thread existed and I figure my stupid question/gimmick/whatever you want to call it regarding Dehacked may actually fit here. I was playing around with Doom 1 modding earlier and since Doom doesn't have the SSG in it (the pickup can exist but you can't really use it AFAIK), I thought I'd try to make it into an enemy. The SSG, complete with it's respective pickup, has just enough frames to make a "functional" enemy theoretically. I pulled a random creature from Realm667, renamed and fitted the sprites for the SSG. After a bit of poking and "adding" stuff I got him to spawn but... he doesn't really act like an enemy? He'll stare dead at you but won't react to seeing you, despite having Look on both of his spawn states. He does react to gunfire but doesn't attack. I suspect this may be a limit with Dehacked, either that or PrBoom limits what pointers can actually be used when it comes to a vanilla dehacked file? The easiest way I can ask this question is: are code pointers (such as Look, Chase, FaceTarget, etc.) only allowed to operate on objects that were originally enemies and NOT pickups (such as weapons, items, etc.)? It'd be interesting to know just how far one can push the limits of the vanilla engine, especially seeing how much modding potential Doom 1 has with it's unused slots thanks to Doom 2.
  12. Athel

    A Preposterously Mad Map Proposal

    Alright, apologies for double post but I played through up until the red skull. This is such a vast map and I'm honestly not sure where else I can go to get it, unless it somehow involves killing the spider mastermind. The map feels a bit clunky to start off with, and I'm not just referring to having to shoot the barrels to even start the map off. Once you get a solid foot on the level it actually isn't THAT bad - there's just hardly any indication of where to go, really. It's alright. Not bad, but it's not the best. It's still a really cool concept though, and my experience with the map doesn't take away the coolness of it. I played this under GZDoom - despite it looking very vanilla/limit-removing compatible, I couldn't get it to run on PrBoom - even doing -warp 01 seems to not like it, so I guess you guys went for a "Vanilla" ZDoom map?
  13. Athel

    A Preposterously Mad Map Proposal

    This is such a cool idea - it's basically the equivalent of when we drew Doom maps on paper and tried to make something of them later, only instead of boxes and squares and all that fun stuff, it's an actual drawing! ...or am I the only one that did that? At any rate, I'm going to give this a shot and get back to ya when I'm done playing through it, this idea tickles me with an odd sense of nostalgia!
  14. Hello and good evening everybody! Quick update (even though it's been a couple of days since E1M2's release-)! School's going to be starting back up soon for me and since I want to graduate high school on a relatively good note, my activity MAY be reduced. Then again, every single time I say that, I end up not following through with it so take this with a grain of salt. My activity may definitely be shifted from this due to other projects I need to finish up, but I've gotten a good set of ideas for E1M3. No name yet, but this is basically aimed to be a sort of scientific laboratory where the scientists would examine other otherworldly artifacts. Clearly, whatever these creatures are didn't like the fact that we basically stole their belongings. Whoopsie. Thanks you guys for the interest in the wad, and I'll keep y'all posted! It seems that dehacked doesn't play nice with mods, especially with what I got planned, but I can come up with an alternative for you guys running the wad with GZDoom + some other mod!
  15. ...yknow what? There was always something that pushed me away from Heretic, despite me owning a copy of it and wanting to play it for the longest time. I think I'll fire this up under GZDoom and give myself a chance to finally play through this little forgotten gem. This mod looks interesting...