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  1. JustAthel

    Doom II Extended: New Wad Idea

    Not to be one of those "erhm actually 🤓☝️" guys but wouldn't this count as modifying IWAD levels?
  2. JustAthel

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    Parappa ain't got nothing on me, 2/10 Beep bop boop
  3. JustAthel

    What are the diifferent likes on doomworld for?

    I use the soulsphere for liking posts, megasphere for posts that I find funny / amusing, invulnerability as a sort of high praise thing, and invisibility to signify I wish I didn't see a particular post-
  4. JustAthel

    Doom but by turns and other mods

    Seems pretty cool but also gimmicky, it could really be improved if it only cycled through enemies that were in the player's line of sight, or at least a given radius around the player. The action gets interrupted too many times from just walking to make it all the more tedious.
  5. Great to see this done finally!! Congrats on the release! Just as a tiny nitpick, would it be possible to update my name in the spreadsheet to "JustAthel" instead of it being Athel?
  6. JustAthel

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    Taking a look at the archive real quick, it seems to be missing the updated E4M4 I submitted recently, however this may be an effect of it being submitted so close to the archive being posted. No worries! I'll look at the other maps we have so far!
  7. JustAthel


    This reminds me of how those old screencaps on the backs of Doom box covers would look. Nice work!!
  8. JustAthel

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    So turns out the bright side of waking up early when you don't have to means you have a lot more time to work on extra projects before your day gets too busy, who would have thunk it? I would like to submit v3 of my E4M4 map (95nde4m4v3.wad)! Lemme know what your thoughts are, I wanna get this as close to polished as I can whilst I still have the free time before school takes me away once again D: Spoilers for changelog I could also start playing through the compiled wad and giving my thoughts here and there on certain levels, if that is something that would be useful to the project here. Just lemme know!
  9. JustAthel

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    Funnily enough, I DID actually fix the stuck enemies, it's just as you said - I forgot to uncheck some enemies from one skill level. I've also toned down some errors. By "wasted" I meant that I wouldn't want to NOT touch up my map and leave it in the state it's in when I know I'm capable of producing better. I will take that other suggestion of yours into consideration! I also feel like my map is currently a bit TOO close to Vanilla's E4M4 to my liking, so I'm also shifting around some combat scenarios / layouts to make it stand out a LITTLE bit more.
  10. JustAthel

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    Hello, I know I really dropped the ball on this project and I do apologize for that profusely. I've had a lot on my mind lately and a lot of family stuff had really weighed me down, not to get too personal on a doom community project page of all things. I am now starting to get used to using UDB again after what feels like forever. I'll be looking into my map submission and seeing if I can tweak my map up to standard. I think the main thing was the fact enemies were stuck against each other and didn't have much room to maneuver? I'd hate to see my map be wasted, especially seeing how it's actually not too bad for a little speed map. I will try to get back to you guys shortly. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
  11. If it ever was on a decline, it may have been before my time. But I'd imagine with the rise of ZDoom and Doom in Hexen format, it really gave way for a lot more innovative new ideas to be given light. A lot of older projects from, say, 2007 for example, DO have ties to the ZDoom engine, at least what I can remember anyways
  12. JustAthel

    a new chapter

    Please especially be wary of this. Have you actually talked to this man? As in, an actual video chat? Or have y'all only spoken through text? I'm hardly an expert in any of this, but just because someone has so much in common with you does not mean the relationship itself would be good, much less the person. Plus, it's Discord of all places. Meeting strangers for just a week and having a bond like this is just something that never happens, especially with this whole "heterosexual switch" that I was reading about in this thread. It sounds to me more like it's an infatuation that's growing out of hand. Please be wary of everything that goes on between the both of you, and do NOT rush this. Judging by a few of your other posts I've seen you make on the forums, you could definitely benefit from taking more time with thinking this through and not acting too brash. The biggest thing here is to make sure that this person is legit, isn't just trying to take advantage of you, and isn't trying to bring you down through manipulation, traumabonding, etc. Keep an eye out for all the flags, and don't get too jaded by your rose-tinted gaze.
  13. JustAthel

    Gen_X - A doom inspired First Person Shooter

    This looks pretty cool at a glance, I don't mean to compare one thing to another but I can't help but feel a bit of Mega Man influence? Are the bosses able to be selected in any order, or is progression linear? I will be keeping an eye on this, it looks interesting!
  14. JustAthel

    TNT or Plutonia?

    Plutonia always has given me a much greater challenge, and everything just seems more visually distinctive from the base Doom 2 IWAD. TNT has always struck me with a style that's in line with any Doom 2 level, to the point where sometimes I'll mix the two up or be surprised when I randomly idclev to a map. Will say, though -- in spite of how exploitably short it is, Wormhole will always have my heart as one of my favorite Doom maps.
  15. JustAthel

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    I can't fight to save my life. Plus the hair and the stern face tells me you're someone I'd never want to be on bad terms with... 7/10