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  1. Hiram Abif

    Do you play with classic status bar?

    It's too nostalgic for me to turn it off.
  2. Hiram Abif

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I absolutely can't stand slaughtermaps. My favorite aspect about Doom is the atmosphere, not necessarily the shooty-shooty-bang-bang.
  3. Hiram Abif

    Favorite DOOM II map?

    This map is generally disliked, but I enjoyed MAP13: Downtown. It's not hyper-realistic but it does give you that city feeling.
  4. Hiram Abif

    Why is Thy Flesh Consumed so hard?

    I found E4 to be hard, but only for the first two levels. Probably because they toss a lot of monsters at you while you still only have the basic weapons. Once you start getting the rocket launcher, plasma rifle, etc it becomes far easier. I didn't break a sweat on level 3 and beyond. My objection to E4 is just... how shovelware the maps seem to be. It doesn't have that iD level of quality. It's more akin to a bunch of random 1994 maps from the FTP server than anything else.
  5. I know the Doom 2 levels are somewhat abstract, but if we try hard enough, can we plausibly explain what they're trying to represent? Example: MAP01 Entryway - This map represents a UAC computer processing facility near the Doomguy's landing site. The blue-floor room with the four Zombiemen and the Green Armor Secret holds four computer units. These are the black pillars that descend into the floor when the button is pressed. After returning to Earth, the Doomguy hopped the fence and found himself on a ledge. Ultimately, the exit button is some type of elevator that brings him down to Underhalls.
  6. I liked that the Doom 2 city levels weren't hyper-realistic. There was a surreal quality to the maps that made them oddly memorable. Then again, for the year and the game engine, it wasn't a bad representation of Earth.