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  1. So in the near future, look out for The Doomguy Reviews, where I as the Doomguy will review mods, movies, video games, anime (including hentai), and much more.
    Not only that, my adventures will include encounters with a "tormentor" spirit that allows the Doomguy to see demonic influences within people, Rick Taylor from Splatterhouse, Dr. Samuel Hayden, a group of cat girls, other Internet reviewers, and much more.

    Any suggestions on what I should review? I'd like to get a head start, and said material can be as off-the-cuff or as coarse you like. I plan on setting up some ground rules on what can be reviewed, but that won't be until much later, so feel free to put here what I can review.

    Once the show is officially off the ground, I'll see about posting about it in EE, as said material I plan on reviewing won't just be Doom-themed, but more than likely will be. It's not only for self-promotion, but also a means to get critique on my critiquing, so that I can better my future reviews.

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    2. fraggle


      Man of Doom said:

      Even with all of that being mentioned, I won't go so far as to show extreme graphic violence (such as images found on gore sites), or hardcore pornography (which is why I plan on being very selective with the hentai I review).

      oh ok

    3. Cupboard


      Video reviews! Video reviews!

    4. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      A major update after so long:

      I seem to have finished the cosplay I'll be using for The Doomguy Reviews, which can be found here:

      Any advice on getting the right equipment (i.e. camera, microphone, lighting, etc.)? I don't think I'll be getting much reception if I end up recording the show on a potato, heh.