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  1. So in the near future, look out for The Doomguy Reviews, where I as the Doomguy will review mods, movies, video games, anime (including hentai), and much more.
    Not only that, my adventures will include encounters with a "tormentor" spirit that allows the Doomguy to see demonic influences within people, Rick Taylor from Splatterhouse, Dr. Samuel Hayden, a group of cat girls, other Internet reviewers, and much more.

    Any suggestions on what I should review? I'd like to get a head start, and said material can be as off-the-cuff or as coarse you like. I plan on setting up some ground rules on what can be reviewed, but that won't be until much later, so feel free to put here what I can review.

    Once the show is officially off the ground, I'll see about posting about it in EE, as said material I plan on reviewing won't just be Doom-themed, but more than likely will be. It's not only for self-promotion, but also a means to get critique on my critiquing, so that I can better my future reviews.

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    2. Tracer


      Review the film Reservoir Dogs.

    3. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      Being the voice for the Doomguy himself is a lot to live up to. You'd need a set of pipes to rival the late Don LaFontaine.

    4. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      Voros said:

      I'm in!
      Seriously though that's a bit overdoing it.

      Although it would sound like too much, there are valid reasons as to why.

      Some works (especially works that have over-the-top craziness in terms of gore/sexuality/potatoes) are usually created because of vision, creative freedom, or just plain shock value.
      As part of this aspect of my review show, for works like these in particular, it's part of my objective to analyze whether such a work was created purely for shock value (Hatred comes to mind) or purely just for entertainment (pretty much any Troma film), or if barring that, said material actually has some substance underneath it's particular style (i.e. Manhunt, Hotline Miami, etc.).

      Another major reason why is because of bile fascination, or as I'd like to call it, the "trainwreck effect." This is a phenomenon in which one person takes a look at a particular work, and finds it to be incredibly appalling, yet at the same time, they find themselves drawn to it, mainly out of morbid curiosity.
      In layman's terms, it's basically "I can't watch, but I can't look away."

      It's not for me to take advantage of this effect, but rather to analyze how much of a shock reaction the audience would get from such a work, to break down what makes it so shocking, and if said material is even worth the shock value. In about 90% of works I've seen of this effect, said shock value usually rings empty, and there's really nothing to be shocked of, because there's only the shock, and nothing else. Those works usually end up being the multimedia equivalent of a pop-up screamer:

      It may make you jump the first time, but ultimately, you'll forget about it in a little while, and even if you don't, it won't grab you as much the second time.

      Like I mentioned earlier, the world is pretty much an off-limits place, and there are just some things that truly have to be seen in order to be believed.
      In fact, it is entirely possible for a plot-relevant scene to be normally censored due to explicit content, and said explicit content is actually a plot object. Of course, that would be extremely rare.

      Even with all of that being mentioned, I won't go so far as to show extreme graphic violence (such as images found on gore sites), or hardcore pornography (which is why I plan on being very selective with the hentai I review).
      Basically, anything that would lead to an instaban here on these very forums would not be shown here.

      However, there could be content on the show itself that could end up being upsetting to people, but then again, it's mainly related to either the source material, or a particularly fucked-up aspect of a story arc (those would usually come with a viewer discretion warning before the video starts).
      Hell, even the "uncensored" episodes would come with a major "21+ only" warning should I link to them in the description of the "censored" versions of such videos.

      Later down the line when I have The Doomguy Reviews truly established, I'm planning on setting ground rules as on what to review.

      WildWeasel said:

      Doing reviews that people would want to read/listen to/watch is already hard enough. It's even harder to do reviews that make people laugh, and harder still to do reviews "in character." Not trying to discourage you, but I hope you know you've basically hit the "expert mode" button on your idea. =/

      Doing reviews is no easy task, as not only does it require extensive note-taking/writing/editing and making sure that the review is both informative while entertaining, it's not impossible, take a look at any popular "character" critic, it's very much doable.

      On a side note, since the original Doomguy was just an expressionless cipher, it does give me an advantage of doing the Doomguy "in character," not by just projecting bits of my own personality into the Doomguy, but subtle pieces of the Doomguy from previous games, as to hint what exactly he had went through.

      Given that I myself have Asperger's, I was told several times over that this causes my concentration to become laser-like when I set my mind to something.
      I'd like to use that to put that theory to the test.

      Jaxxoon R said:

      Being the voice for the Doomguy himself is a lot to live up to. You'd need a set of pipes to rival the late Don LaFontaine.

      Well, I'd like to tell you a little secret regarding the Doomguy's voice for the review series:

      Doomguy's vocal cords were ripped out by a demon quite some time during the original invasion on Mars/Phobos/Deimos. Make of that what you will. ;)

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