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  1. So in the near future, look out for The Doomguy Reviews, where I as the Doomguy will review mods, movies, video games, anime (including hentai), and much more.
    Not only that, my adventures will include encounters with a "tormentor" spirit that allows the Doomguy to see demonic influences within people, Rick Taylor from Splatterhouse, Dr. Samuel Hayden, a group of cat girls, other Internet reviewers, and much more.

    Any suggestions on what I should review? I'd like to get a head start, and said material can be as off-the-cuff or as coarse you like. I plan on setting up some ground rules on what can be reviewed, but that won't be until much later, so feel free to put here what I can review.

    Once the show is officially off the ground, I'll see about posting about it in EE, as said material I plan on reviewing won't just be Doom-themed, but more than likely will be. It's not only for self-promotion, but also a means to get critique on my critiquing, so that I can better my future reviews.

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    2. Blastfrog


      Congrats, you made it onto doom_txt.

      To be frank, this sounds like a really bad idea.

    3. Voros


      Man of Doom said:

      As an added note, possibly to get more attention:

      The material I plan to review has Doomguy will often be more mature and adult in content, meaning more R-rated movies, more M-rated games, more mature animated stuff, etc.

      In fact, not only that, some episodes will actually have "uncensored" versions that will be left without any of the naughty bits covered, because there is some shit out there that truly has to be seen to be believed. This, however, will be mostly relegated to hentai, although this can apply to media with frequent amounts of nudity or otherwise some material too taboo for a site like Youtube.

      As such, the tone of the review show itself will reflect the tone of the material, meaning more graphic violence in the material would lead to graphic violence on the show, more nudity in the material means more potential nudity on the show, etc.

      I'm in!
      Seriously though that's a bit overdoing it.

    4. wildweasel


      Doing reviews that people would want to read/listen to/watch is already hard enough. It's even harder to do reviews that make people laugh, and harder still to do reviews "in character." Not trying to discourage you, but I hope you know you've basically hit the "expert mode" button on your idea. =/

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