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  1. So a good friend of mine has been working on a web development education project for a while now. She's also come into serious financial trouble, and now she faces the very real possibility of homelessness. 


    A couple of months ago, she had been laid off, and more recently than that, she had been hospitalized due to illness. As of now, she's been living month to month, and her lease is up. 


    This is not a matter of "getting someone back on their feet," this is something more urgent. She's been trying to get an extension to pay her rent, but it's supposed to be due very soon. 


    Not only that, she's been very passionate about this web development program that's she's been so laser focused on (think 10 to 15 hour days of working on this thing). 


    I know I can personally attest to both of these situations, because I've personally dealt with them. I would like to learn more about web development, as my experience in coding was originally inspired by my work on modding Doom. In fact, I actually took an Intro to C class a year ago, and I feel that more knowledge in coding will significantly improve my chances of making it into the field of IT. With more coding knowledge, I could do so much more in any future internships or jobs that I may have in the future. 

    As for the financial issues, I can also attest to this issue because last year, my mother had broken her leg, and a TON of money was spent on hospital bills, insurance, etc.

    My family has had to make quite a bit of sacrifices to keep everything afloat since then, myself included. 


    This friend has has also been extremely good to me, as she's helped me deal with a lot of personal issues. Case in point, she helped me deal with a former friend who told me that I should commit suicide, the latter knowing full well of my issues (I'm much better now, in case you're wondering). 


    The link to donate to her ambitious project can be found here:



    By the way, the rent is supposedly $400, but the rest of the money goal is to help fund this project. 


    I just want to help a good friend of mine. 

    1. Dragonfly


      While I would like to contribute, I'm not in a position financially where I am able. As a fellow web designer who is currently working 40 hours a week as a hotel receptionist while doing approximately 20-30 hours of web work - despite all this I'm not earning as much as I used to - unfortunately I used to live based on my income, meaning I have regular outgoings which I now can't afford with my standard job.


      I totally know what she's going through, so please pass on the best of wishes to her and perhaps advise her that being as laser-focused on a specific career can potentially ruin her life - she needs to find a balance between guaranteed income ans pursuing her dreams.


      Good luck!

    2. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      That's completely understandable. While it's one thing to pursue your dreams, it's another thing entirely to make sure that realistic goals are set in order to avoid any major issues. Then again, life happens to the best of us. 


      The least I can do for her is to spread the word, even though I can't just pay her rent for her.