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  1. So there may be a chance that I've broken my right hand. I can text this message just fine using both of my hands as normal, but it's just a little bit of pins and needles in the aforementioned hand as I type this. 


    At least tomorrow, I get to have another scheduled physical, so at least I can ask about what's the problem with my hand. 

    1. Fonze


      Best of luck there, but don't spend too much money on it if it will heal up on its own anyway. If it requires surgery, then you pretty much have little choice, but if all the doc will do is wrap it up and give you some pain medication... you can get the same results, cheaper, with a roll of medical tape and a bottle of whiskey. Not saying that is 'the right move to make,' but that's what I would do. Once again best of luck as you find out what it is.

    2. Bauul


      @Fonze That's presuming he lives somewhere where they charge you for stuff like that.  I moved from a country that doesn't do a country that does a few years back, and it still feels weird and alien to me.