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  1. So that was Hurricane Irma. 

    I'm happy to report that we're obviously still standing, and we actually got the least violent section of the storm in Florida, despite being in the worst quadrant of the storm (hell, all of Florida got hit with the worst quadrant). 
    That being said, this was NOT Hurricane Matthew. I'm taking a drive around with my family, and there is quite a bit of damage (as in, entire trees ripped off their stumps, bent traffic posts, intersection lights facing other ways, and lots of downed power lines). Plus, I'm typing this from my phone, as the power is still yet to come back on. 
    So if Matthew was a Cybermoose, then Irma was most definitely an Aranea Imperatrix in terms of both size and intensity (both from Doom 2016).

    1. 42PercentHealth


      Glad to hear you're all right, man! I can't even imagine how scary it would be trying to live through potential disasters like that...