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  1. Too long; will read anyway- 
    Prior to heading to the hotel, our next-door neighbor tells us that we were the only neighborhood in the subdivision without power, and this was because of a downed power line in a neighborhood adjacent to us, and one of the branches in our neighborhood had caught one of the power cables. At least it's nice to know how we ended up being the only ones without power so far. 

    As my family and I were heading off to the hotel, we get a voicemail from the manager of the hotel. It turns out that the hotel has no power either, and all reservations have since been cancelled. Anyway, we decide to use this time to go out to lunch, at a Vietnamese restaurant that's relatively new, and is already an excellent place to eat. Of course we all have some soup, and still no updates on the power outage. 

    Before we headed home, we decided to get gas for the car. Of course, gas stations after a hurricane are just as bad before a hurricane, so of course there's either no gas, or incredibly long lines. Not helping was this elderly gentleman who not only decided to get only 3 gallons for his car, he also decided to get out of the gas station in the worst imaginable way. So after a good while of *that*, my mom then keeps trying to check for updates on the power outage, but this time she can't seem to get an update. 


    As soon as we get home, the same next-door neighbor tells us that the power has just been restored 20 minutes before we got home.



    Too long; didn't read- Vietnamese soup fixes everything, from the common cold to friggin' power outages.