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  1. So there's a friend of my cosplayer friend, and it seems like she may actually be having suicidal thoughts as of late (as in, these past few hours). 


    What do?

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    2. Captain Ventris

      Captain Ventris

      Okay, so has she been explicitly telling people close to her that she's feeling suicidal (I.e. actively seeking help), or has she simply seemed to be entertaining the idea (suicidal ideation)?


      Basically the big mistake people make is to think the best course of action is to let someone know they can talk to you and then wait for them to bring it up. If someone is able/feels they are able to do that/feels that will actually help, they're likely already doing so and will more then likely be okay as a result.


      On the other hand, people that actually DO commit suicide are often people who see things as hopeless and futile. This is why so many suicides are surprising to people: the person was to suicidal to communicate it. THAT's why the people close to someone who may be suicidal need to take it upon themselves to approach, ask the person how they're feeling, and directly ask what they can do. Someone in an awful emotional state needs to see someone demonstrate care and concern of their own volition, and they need to be SHOWN that there is help and a possibility to recover.

    3. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      For the most part, it seems like she's entertaining the idea, namely by starting with posting vague Twitter updates about how "people are evil," then just disappearing from all social media altogether. Normally, I wouldn't really blame her, as I'm seriously considering just deleting my Facebook account.


      However, what really got me were the Twitter updates she had posted prior to dropping off the face of the earth.


      Only real issue is that I don't know her personally, but my friend does (he's also been taking a break from social media). As a result, I have no clue as to how to reach out to her. Maybe by trying to contact some of her friends, maybe?

    4. Captain Ventris

      Captain Ventris

      It's a rough position: if you don't know her closely it can be seen as pretty invasive to reach out to her friends about it. The things she was saying were public, so people around her and closer to her likely know about whatever the issue is. Now if she's talking about people being evil, that's exteenalizing whatever her feelings are. TYPICALLY actual suicidal thoughts are based on internalized thoughts, I.e. beliefs about yourself and your quality of life rather then an outward blame on others.


      If you and your friend are VERY close (enough to know with 200% certainty that a private conversation won't get around), you could ask them if they know anything/have any idea about what's going on, but it sounds like you're too far outside her personal circle to know enough/be close enough to her to be able to provide full on, legitimate support in this situation.