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  1. So there may be a very good chance that a close friend of mine may be trapped in an abusive relationship. 

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    2. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      Unfortunately, not at the moment; the only thing I can really do now is give her space.


      Just to confirm, would these be considered red flags?


      - My friend telling me that her fiancé would be significantly less than pleased if *any* guy (including a male friend) took her to an event or let a male friend stay at her place (context here is that I invited her to my graduation ceremony and asked if I could stay at her place that weekend because of a convention that was close to where she lives; I didn’t even mention any kind of romantic intent)

      - My friend telling me that if her fiancé found out we’ve been messaging each other as much as we had been in the past, then her fiancé would force her to have her block me from all forms of contact 

      - Her suddenly becoming *way* more willing to burn bridges with people, even people she’s called friends for years

      - Her outright disappearing from all social media and forms of contact (including her removing me from her Pokémon GO friends list for no apparent reason); she mentioned she’s a business owner who works into the wee hours of the night (she’s a night owl), but this disappearance is unusual even for her


      I should note that this has all been fairly recent behavior; over the past couple of months, actually. 


      She has mentioned that she’s incredibly introverted and antisocial, but at least when we were talking more, she would at least take the time to talk when she was available. 


      In fact, she was perfectly willing to give me her number in the past, but now it seems like she blocked my number for no apparent reason. 


      Additionally, I know about the “burning bridges” thing because when another friend of mine tried to reach out to this friend in question about the whole thing, the latter straight-up blocked the former. 


      Finally, her whole demeanor has become a lot more... subdued, to say the least. I remember when we were texting until the wee hours of the night, she would get very emotional and very passionate about various topics. Nowadays, her personality seems to have just deflated into a shadow of her former self. 

    3. KVELLER


      Jesus, of course those are red flags! Sucks to hear that... I hope the situation improves eventually.

    4. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      Seriously, I was asking around on servers and forums to see if her relationship has become toxic. The overall consensus is already “yes, the relationship is toxic AF and she should nope the fuck out of there.”