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  1. (Update 1) Here’s a poll regarding a thing I need some input on (namely what the manga will actually be called): https://strawpoll.com/polls/e2navY95AgB (original post) So, I haven't been around in quite some time. Or at least, not as much as I used to be, especially over the past few years. I know it's not necessary to provide an explanation for why I've been MIA as of late (especially over the past year or two), but I feel it's worth it to provide one. Over the past few years, I've recently taken up cosplay as a hobby and it's been really good for me so far; I've joined entire circles of friends that I wouldn't have found otherwise. And especially over the past year or two with how my own Doom Marine cosplay has evolved, I felt that some kind of Doom-related story could definitely go with it. Over time, this idea started to evolve from "a standard Doom story where a Doom Slayer lookalike roflstomps all the demons around them" to "a deeply introspective look at trauma and how one can recover from it and relearn how to connect with people". And yes, there is a legit explanation as to why I chose manga as the medium in which to tell this story. Oh yeah, so I'm writing out a Doom manga, and here's basically why I decided to even write it out in the first place in its current form. Massive walls of text to ensue next. It's also gonna get really dark at points (as in, some of it requires a content warning), so just keep that in mind. A Personal Backstory Doomed Connections Doom Eternal is Both the Best and Worst Thing to Happen to the Franchise …and now that's finally off my chest, let's talk about this new Doom project I've embarked on and why I ultimately decided for this to be a manga. Why in This Format? What to Accomplish? I know it's just a lot to read through, but if you managed to read those massive walls of text, now you know why I've decided to do a Doom manga. But no worries if there's no desire to read the walls of text; the short of it is that a ton of really bad things in my personal life as well as extreme disillusionment with how things have been going lately with the Doom franchise has more or less prompted me to pen a manga that deconstructs (and possibly even reconstructs) the Doom franchise's premise while reevaluating my own attachment to said franchise. That, and there's still the need to contribute at least one big thing to Doom itself. Regarding the actual story, it's something that I'd like to keep under wraps for now, but all I can really say is that there's definitely some interesting twists on the traditional Doom stories told prior to the beginning of this millennium, and then looks to go from there. Also, it's not a remake or a reboot of the original Doom; that's all I can really say at the moment. As for why this thread exists, I think it's safe to say that it's something that I'll be updating with news on a regular basis (be it finding an artist or the idea itself really picking up steam somewhere), just to keep everyone here updated. More developments to come soon, hopefully sooner than later.
  2. It was a topic I already addressed some time ago (or rather, a few posts up). Besides, unless something like money gets involved, I doubt id or ZeniMax might get involved for a fan-work. (Yes, I know about DRL.) And I’ve also mentioned possibly reaching out to at least id Software themselves to make sure a project like this is good to go (as well as discuss what exactly can be done with the Doom IP based on what can be done as a fan-work or otherwise). It’s something that will definitely get addressed a little bit later down the line. Well, expect a little bit of everything from not just Doom 3, but also nuDoom (2016/Eternal), classic Doom, and quite a bit of Doom 64! Anyway, we’ve got lots more to show you on the way so expect updates sooner rather than later! I’m so glad you’ve already appreciated some of Saki’s work so far, as her future work will absolutely knock it out of the park! As for what the Doom manga will finally be called, it probably won’t have an official name just yet until around the time we can finally start finishing up at least the first chapter (plus we still need to discuss with id or ZeniMax or possibly even Microsoft on what can be done going forward).
  3. Double post (I know), but not only do I have an update to share with you all, namely that I also need some input on your part. Well, the artist and I have been trying to think of a name for the manga that isn’t just “Doom” while we continue to make significant progress (and we hopefully get to show you some real teasers). While we have come up with some names, we’re still trying to decide what the final name of the Doom manga might be. And that’s where you come in. As a result, I’ve made a poll that not only consists of a few names that came up, but also a sneak peek of the manga’s story to help you inform your decision: https://strawpoll.com/polls/e2navY95AgB As for the artist, please allow me to introduce you to @Saki, who made an account here not too long ago. If you be so kind as to give her a warm welcome to the Doom community for real, it would be deeply appreciated. While she herself is new to the Doom franchise, she’s more than willing to get more knowledge about it. Obviously, please be extra-nice to her, especially if she needs some extra help with getting more knowledge on the Doom franchise. In the meantime, why doesn’t she show you a bit of her work here on this very thread?
  4. For the sake of my own sanity and well-being, I’ve been considering an indefinite hiatus from regular use of social media because… well, let’s face it, the world is probably not going to get any better at all and we may actually face total oblivion in our lifetimes sooner rather than later, most likely by the end of the decade.


    It’s not going to be a vacation, especially since it’s already started to spill over into how I’ve started to act lately.


    I’d much rather spend my time working on my own little creation than to lose my mind over things I have no control over.


    I mean, it feels like the year 536 AD (considered the worst year to be alive) might actually be getting competition soon.


    Things are bad, to put it lightly. And let’s face it, I’m running out of reasons to keep going.


    Please take care of each other and hug somebody you love.

  5. …kept you waiting, huh? So yeah, I’ve actually been making steady progress so far. I already have an outline just about finished for at least the first major story arc, I’m just finishing up with elements like various characters as well as various “game” elements to show up in the story (think the various “pickups” from ammo to bonuses to keys to powerups from the classic games), and I’m already working on really fleshing out the first chapter. And lastly, the big announcement. Namely, I’ve officially found the artist who is going to tackle this project. All I can really say now is that I positively cannot wait to see what she’s going to show all of us. (That, and I’m actually going to see if I can have her join these forums so she can show you what she has cooked up for this manga so far; I should also mention her English is actually really good.) Heh, you’re actually not that far off; it is indeed bits and pieces of The Fragile with just a hint of The Downward Spiral. ;) Well, without really giving away the story for now, all I can really say is that we are about to step into the journey of a Doom Marine who has positively been through it and then some (thanks to not only Hell but also the UAC). Hallucinations with disturbing images and all. And seriously guys, I can’t thank you enough for your words of encouragement. It really means the world to me, especially as this is the one Doom project I especially want to see through to the end.
  6. So I already posted about this in another thread, but then I figured that this news would be enough to warrant its own thread. So while someone was looking over the files of the Collector’s Edition release of the soundtrack, someone asked Mick Gordon about why there seemed to be so much compression with “BFG Division 2020” compared with the original BFG Division track: After a long thread of explanation, Mick himself gave an explanation of why it turned out to be this way (and the reason why is because Mick only did mixing for a small handful of tracks for the official release, while the rest of the soundtrack got outsourced to someone else): And in case what you’re wondering what this is all building up to, it’s that Mick may not be returning to score another Doom game for the foreseeable future (unless something gets radically changed): And as the proverbial cherry on top, he deleted a tweet that mentioned him doing a Doom-themed event at next year’s MAGFest. EDIT: Additionally, it appears that Mick’s recent history of liked tweets shows some kind of hard feelings or bad blood against id or Bethesda. I think this might partially explain why the official release for various outlets like iTunes and Spotify have been delayed for the next few weeks, and I think it explains why the collector’s edition OST release turned out to be messy. As a couple of examples: -every other track has a voiceover from characters like Samuel Hayden, VEGA, or King Novik prior to the start of the track -there are about three if not four variations of the same song, but mixed differently (“BFG Division 2020”, “You Can’t Just Shoot a Hole Into The Surface of Mars”, and I think “Acquiring the BFG” are all differently mixed versions of BFG Division) I mean, the official release of the soundtrack could be switched up to sound and feel more cohesive, but we’re only a few weeks out from said release and then we’d end up with two different soundtracks for one game. Either way, this situation is deeply fucked, to put it lightly. Mick didn’t sound too happy about what’s happened to his work, and I honestly can’t blame him if he decides to completely cut ties with id & Bethesda as a result of all this.
  7. Well, update time (sort of). That, and a couple of things I want to get off my chest. First, the update(s): I may have potentially found the artist I would like to do the art for this manga; I've already gotten something done with them and it looks like they've already done their homework in regards to the Doom franchise so that's definitely a good thing. The only thing now would be to actually drop the big question, and all I can say is that unless they explicitly say "yes" (especially considering how busy they tend to be), nothing's really guaranteed at the moment. The other big update is that after overcoming a spot of writer's block, I've been working on the actual story (from the synopsis and plot beats to characters) and all I can really say so far is this: It's most definitely going to be a hell of a Doom story. Now, for the big thing I want to get off my chest: Namely, the matter of potential licensing and legal stuff. This isn't some grand revelation I've made in the heat of the moment; if anything, this has been something I've been thinking of for the longest time ever since the idea of doing a Doom manga came to fruition. I know that traditionally, fan-made works aren't really too much of an issue in general but there have been some... unique cases (case in point, the roguelike that will be known only as DRL). Plus, I don't think the guys at id themselves would have an issue with a project like this and it would be better to reach out to ZeniMax or even Microsoft, but it'd be best to not assume at all especially when dealing with something like this. I know that as long as money doesn't get involved for the final product, I won't have to worry as much about having to seek out the license (at least in theory). "But Man of Doom", you may ask, "why not just leave out all the Doom stuff and just make something original instead? It worked with what's now Jupiter Hell." All I can really say is that the past couple of years have caused me to have... very complicated feelings towards the Doom franchise (as expounded upon earlier), and I feel the only real way to at least assess those feelings (and the past few years of my personal life) is to work on a Doom story of sorts. There's just too many personal feelings involved for me to just... not make a new Doom story. That, and I feel that the franchise has been kind of missing something for the longest time and I feel this particular thing has been missing from the franchise since the 90s; I'm not even sure if I'll be able to finally capture this thing but I'm sure as hell going to see it through. Also (like I said in the past), the Doom franchise has always had a cult following in Japan ever since the original game came out (and has only been majorly bolstered with the release of Doom 2016/Eternal), and I feel that doing this project could possibly capitalize on something really big. Combine that and the mission to create a work that looks to at least bring awareness to mental health, and I think there's a winning combo here. And as for the decision as to whether to get money involved in this: I don't think having to make this decision could have possibly come at a worse time. Without getting into too much detail, I've been placed back in one of those transitory phases of my life where I'm not sure my adult life will take me next. All that I know is that I can't keep relying on others to bail me out when things go pear-shaped as I know that I can't keep doing it forever. I know one day I'm going to have to start taking care of myself, and for now, as for when the next phase of said adult life finally comes is very nearly out of my control. So for now, all I can do is to just keep working on the story (and possibly reach out to at least the guys at id, or even higher if necessary to make sure that this project is officially good to go).
  8. Like I said, I can’t really force anyone to just give us an update (plus I imagine they’d much rather be left alone). I mean, nobody can. It’s just that I just know that even though everyone wants to move on, the OST situation has just been this albatross that been hanging over people’s heads for some time. Case in point, the comments section of Mick’s Instagram page has basically consisted of “ARE YOU FINALLY FINISHING THE DOOM ETERNAL OST” for at least a year now. I can definitely imagine that getting annoying as hell (especially if it’s over a situation well beyond your control). Hell, I could just point to that one tweet from the official id Software Twitter page about the OST and how said tweet basically became a meme unto itself. Eh, I figured they’d last about a month at most, tops.
  9. I know, double-post. So I might as well cut to the chase here: It’s already been two years to the day since the announcement of the Doom Eternal soundtrack, and aside from the Mick Gordon shitshow, there’s been nothing but radio silence (not even anything on whether the OST is to finish being mixed in-house instead of getting Mick to finish it since it seems like they haven’t asked him). ”BUT IT WAS ALREADY RELEASED, THO” It was only released to those who have the Collector’s Edition of Doom Eternal, and not everyone had access to it. It was specifically mentioned a release would be coming for platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. ”BUT GAMERIPS, THO” Sure they’re accessible, but most of them are only found on YouTube. Plus, there’s the matter of said gamerips easily being taken down (I mean, look at what happened with Koma who basically announced his retirement from YouTube some time ago). Plus, there was that whole thing with a copyright troll running around getting entire channels nuked over gamerips (specifically Doom Eternal gamerips). “BUT TAG SOUNDTRACK, THO” We still don’t know anything about the possibility of the TAG soundtrack even seeing a release; Andrew hasn’t really mentioned anything about it and David has only really mentioned that aside from a few snippets of his work on his YouTube channel, he’s not quite at liberty to discuss the possibility just yet. I’m going to be real with you: We may never know what really happened between Mick and id Software (or Bethesda or whatever). And at this point, I don’t really care anymore if id and Mick decided to make up or not (all that I know is that I’m beyond fucking tired of people calling id “corporate sellouts” as well as people calling Mick a “clout-chasing fake who milks imaginary problems for pity”). It was never worth resorting to attacking people we personally do not know. I do know that id has been so much more transparent with us than most other game development studios, and I also know that Doom Eternal was an absolute passion project for Mick. If we’re going to see the soundtrack finally get released, or even an update? We need to know sooner rather than later (especially if it all turns out that it finally gets announced at QuakeCon or something like that). Hell, even if we just get the TAG soundtrack and not the base game soundtrack. If we’re not going to get the soundtrack released at all? Then they need to tell us so that we can finally move on without any ambiguity or lingering questions. I can only imagine it’s been a chapter that’s been particularly painful for everyone involved (both for Mick and for the guys at id), and I can only imagine that everyone involved is beyond tired of being asked about it and would much rather be left alone on that particular topic. I can’t insist that we’re somehow due the courtesy of an update, but I can only hope that this chapter is finally closed sooner rather than later.
  10. And there we go. (That’s weird, I had to manually embed the link instead of it just doing that by itself for things like Twitter links.) https://twitter.com/bethesda/status/1513913950957711365?s=21&t=S5xcCm6RmMOhyutWyJ8qNA
  11. In all seriousness though, as this is a project that's specifically designed to tackle mental health on top of being a Doom story, something is being worked on to incorporate positive things for mental health, from inquiries about self-care ("Have you been getting enough sleep?") to positive affirmations ("You are not the sum of your failures."). Granted, no two people are exactly the same, but it's a start. Something like this would already be considered important or progressive like say in the United States where mental health has only recently begun to really enter the public consciousness. In a country like Japan, something like this is almost unheard-of especially given that work (and one's professional career) there seems to take precedence above many other things... to put it lightly, from what I've heard. I'm not sure that a project like this would be the first to seriously tackle something like mental health, but I do hope the impact this project leaves is as lasting as it can get. Like I mentioned, this would be handled on a case-by-case basis. One abomination could be like a mass of alien-looking geometries, a writhing mass of bodies, or a floating mass of screaming heads (and none or all of that could be its true form). Or maybe it's not even its full form is ever shown. And that's assuming the abomination is even shown at all. For all we know, there's only the sounds it makes or the claw marks it might leave behind in some arcane library somewhere in Hell. The closest trope I feel would accomplish this would be called "Ultimate/Unseen Evil" or possibly even "You Cannot Grasp the True Form". Either way, this is all to pretty much illustrate that not only is Hell a place of unspeakable evil, but also a place beyond all understanding (and especially of human comprehension).
  12. Well, to (sort of) answer both questions: the particular story (or stories, I should say) is going to have a very heavy emphasis on visuals; namely, how visuals are usually depicted in order to depict either how reality might unravel before Hell's influence or the Doom Marine's mental state (or sometimes both). Case in point, while normal visuals will just have the "standard manga" look, it's when things get increasingly distorted or glitched-out that shit starts to hit the fan (sometimes with more "semi-realistic" visuals that are in the more uncanny department). The only other manga that I can think of that actually does this would be this horror anthology called Fuan no Tane just to give you more of an idea of what that could possibly look like. inb4 DOOMGUY ALTERNATE WITH HYPERREALISTIC BLOOD EYES hmm, maybe there might be room for some stuff like a chibi Doom Marine directly telling the reader wholesome things Oops, I should've clarified a bit more on that front. I meant "indescribable" in the way that one has to see the horrific abomination and then the words are just taken out of one's mouth. As for the demons themselves, the ones that the Marine actually fights are already horrific but are pretty recognizable and are something that has already been communicated with the artist. The classic rogues gallery of demons will still be there and still pretty recognizable albeit from different titles (from classic Doom/Doom 64 to Doom 3 to Doom 2016/Eternal). The big question that would actually be there is if I should start including demons that technically are completely new to the franchise (so basically, everything from Cherubs to Marauders are actually fair game to include in addition to the Imps and Cacodemons). It's the demons that the Marine doesn't fight that would be the eldritch abominations that would be beyond description (and that would pretty much be a case-by-case basis). Let's just say that some of the... more ancient inhabitants of Hell would pretty much make Cthulhu look like a regular-sized bearded dragon with wings. Not even the Unmaker (let alone the BFG9000) would be able to even slightly annoy said ancient inhabitants.
  13. Since this looks to be a particular area of concern, I might as well share a couple of more reasons why this looks to be more of a manga rather than say, a novel or comic book: As far back as the original game's release (PC-98 release and all), it seems like there was always some kind of cult following going on in Japan (and no, this isn't me being a weeb). Granted, most of what we see today is mostly relegated to places like Twitter, but it has been significant enough that we've seen projects like JPCP come to fruition. And said following seems to have expanded with the likes of Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal, to the point where our fellow Slayer even got featured as a Mii fighter in Smash Ultimate (and I know it may not look like much at first, but the fact that so much care went into that particular aspect of the presentation should speak volumes about how Doom seems to be increasingly popular over there). Additionally, the artist who will likely be tackling this project will be themselves Japanese. I even reached out to them a couple of times to see how they can handle things like the classic rogue's gallery of demons and the gallery they have so far looks to be impressive. And yeah, and it looks like they may actually be game to tackle the project. Lastly, I'm not too sure a novel would be able to do justice for certain... places and entities. Namely, Hell and how indescribable many of its inhabitants would look (think Trevor Henderson or Stephen Gammell levels of uncanny); something like that combined with more traditional manga visuals would contrast nicely and further drive home just how unspeakably alien a place like Hell can get. As for stuff like Anime Bullshit (talking as a free action, calling one's attacks, the power of friendship, teenage protagonist, etc.), that should be something that the reader won't necessarily have to worry about. If anything, this should be much closer to something like Berserk (right down to the extreme graphic violence and the outright Lovecraftian imagery). And as for one additional thing, I will be indeed doing some visual art to go with the more traditional stuff, but think less "traditional/digital drawing" and more... "analog horror/digital manipulation" aesthetic if that makes sense.
  14. Huh, I didn't know that this thread would blow up this fast. In the meantime, there's questions I'll be answering: Yeah, that's a major thing with this project. In fact, a major influence as to why this project is even being conceptualized would be none other than Pink Floyd's The Wall. I don't think I'm the first to say that some of the greatest art to be put out there has come from some pretty dark places. Just to clarify, this project isn't going to necessarily be just me venting my spleen about everything that's gone wrong in my life or whatever. If anything, this has been an idea that's been gestating for at least a year so there's no way something like this would be reactionary. As for how I've been, I'm doing much better than I used to be, and this project looks to explore my trauma and the best possible way to move on from it since it wasn't until recently that I've been able to fully process it. Not only that, I've been told that it might be time for me to move on from Doom altogether and it's been something I've been thinking about as of late, even as just a passive fan. I mean, even though my screen name is literally Man of Doom, I haven't been like this super-hardcore fan for quite some time. No worries, I totally get what you're saying: that there is legit criticism to have. What I was referring to wasn't constructive criticism (I.E. Bethesda not really knowing how to market Doom 2016 until like the very last minute), I was referring specifically to destructive criticism: tearing something down for the sake of tearing it down to the point of performative cruelty. I didn't mean "2016's cover art doesn't look great, try an homage to the original cover art", I meant things like calling id Software "lazy devs who should just decanonize everything in Eternal and go back to the drawing board" because of how the Dark Lord boss fight was implemented. For example with the Mick Gordon incident, constructive criticism would be something like "I think Mick should've handled this better and explicitly called out Chad Mossholder being harassed" whereas destructive criticism would be calling Mick a "clout-chasing fake who milks imaginary problems for pity" (while those exact words weren't used, I do remember that particular sentiment very much being a thing not too long after Marty's open letter). And then there was the needlessly petty shit like actual complaints about the Slayer getting to ride a dragon (I mean, things like that are not exactly hills to die on). Anyway, to get onto updates and where the project is at so far: I've been seeking out an artist to tackle this project, and based off of what I'm about to see, it looks like this manga will be getting an artist sooner rather than later.
  15. Man of Doom

    Get It Off Your Chest

    I've just realized that the constant discourse that always seems to surround Doom Eternal has taken a significant toll on my mental health, to the point where I just feel burned out with the entire Doom series altogether. On top of everything else. Somehow, I allowed this to happen.
  16. He was also the VO for several characters in Deus Ex, as well as Grandfather Enisi in Prey 2006 and Toshiro Ebihara in Daikatana. Rest In Peace, John.
  17. I do know he did have more roles even outside of video games, it was just that that just happened to be the role most people in the larger community would best recognize him for. And even though the original Shadow Warrior is largely seen as one of the Build Engine’s Big 3 back in the day (alongside Duke 3D and Blood), to just say that it hasn’t aged well would be a major understatement. I mean, the overall mishmash of stereotypes based on mainly Chinese and Japanese culture is basically just yikes on bikes.
  18. Back when the Super Gore Nest Master Level came out, it was obviously really challenging but felt very doable; the only legitimate challenges there were the second outdoor section involving tons of Mancubi/Pain Elementals/Revenants/an Arch-Vile as well as the dual Marauder fight in the slime hallway and the escape sequence. I mean, I remember it took me around a dozen tries to get that done but it didn’t feel that hard. Come the Taras Nabad Master Level, and I cannot for the life of me, seem to crack it on Ultra-Nightmare no matter what I try. It didn’t seem that difficult when I tried the regular version, Extra Lives, and even the Classic Mode. But over the course of several months (from being on and off to trying over and over again in one sitting), I end up: With all of this, I feel that a mental block has formed due to all the failed attempts. And no matter how much I try to calm my nerves and get into the same mindset that got me to beat TAG2 on UNM on the first go, I still get screwed over in one way or another. I mean, I haven’t even gotten to the Arch-Vile torture chamber or the chamber fight prior to that. To this day, I haven’t gotten to either the Mars Core or World Spear Master Levels, and I don’t plan to until I somehow manage to beat TNML. But to tell you the truth, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen (or at least not anytime soon). With all that out of the way: Have you been just completely been unable to clear a Master Level on Ultra-Nightmare no matter how hard you try? (And if you eventually do, what strategies have worked for you?)
  19. Seemingly as of a few days ago, these two videos were posted on Mick’s Instagram (obviously they’re gone as of the time of this post since they were posted as Stories which automatically disappear after 24 hours): Additionally, someone had caught the guitar strokes of what was being played in the first video and actually reached out to Mick about the song that was being played: Temper your expectations. This is not a guarantee that we’ll finally be seeing what was supposed to be the Doom Eternal OST anytime soon, but one can hope that he and id are finally back on good terms considering this latest development. EDIT: Here’s what all that was basically leading up to:
  20. In regards to Doom novels, I know that we have the “Freds” line of novels as well as the Doom 3 novels. But a pair of novels that I haven’t seen a lot of people talk about would be a pair of unauthorized novels from Hungary, written under a pseudonym due to their unauthorized nature, that being “Doom: The Gates of Hell” or “Doom: Purgatory”, both found under this wiki entry: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom_-_A_pokol_kapui With that out of the way, the only real notable thing to come out of these books would be a brief synopsis as well as the cover of the first book making the rounds. Other than that, I haven’t really heard anything of note to come out of these books, not even an unofficial translation (though I could be wrong). And now comes my question: was there ever some kind of translation for these Doom novels? I ask because I feel there could be interesting insights into yet another interpretation of the classic story we all know and love, and let’s face it, we’ve seen them all.
  21. Man of Doom

    Winnie the Pooh is now Public

    Just a heads up: only the original version of Winnie the Pooh is now public domain, not Disney’s version (the one with the red shirt that most people might know of). It’s similar to how Universal owns the rights to their versions of Dracula and Frankenstein(‘s Monster) despite both characters already being public domain. ”Red and yellow? That’s Mickey’s fellow! Nude and brown? You’re in public domain town!” -Ned Flanders, probably
  22. Well, I’ve been hard at work on [SUPER SECRET PROJECT] and I’ve been thinking about this roadblock I’m hoping to overcome; namely copyright issues (especially if this project gets sold for money).


    The issue is whether or not id Software (or Bethesda/ZeniMax or especially Microsoft in particular) will allow something like this.

    I’m pretty sure the former is likely to allow it, it’s the latter two I’m worried about because it can seriously go either way.

  23. Welp. And it also turned out that not only did he turn out to be a massive POS in general who not only went off a cliff as the years passed, he was also a serial domestic abuser. No seriously, I only really knew about him from Doom House and that’s literally about it. Plus, Something Awful pretty much changed the Internet into what we now see today, for better and for worse. “Better” in that I can imagine that there were not only tons of good memories to the point of lasting friendships and even marriages being forged there and many other adjacent places before the rise of sites like Reddit, it was basically social media before social media was even a thing to the point of even pre-dating MySpace; also, you can never forget how SA was pretty much the birthplace of memes as we know them (similar to places like YTMND). “Worse” in that, well, Lowtax actively worked to make the site revolve around him, even if it meant new and potentially lucrative ideas being shot down and users being banned for “not being edgy enough” (seriously, he wanted SA to be more like K*w*farms as far as 2019 and felt it was getting too “intellectual” in the mid-tens); also, certain developments led to the rise of “anti-SJW” culture (as well as all the dominos that fell from that) and the birth of places like 4chan but that’s a whole another can of worms. Needless to say, how he ran the site basically resulted in responses like this, even from the regulars as soon as news of his passing spread: In essence, I honestly can’t help but feel that this all very much feels like the kind of cautionary tale of how not to live one’s life. And I can’t help but feel sad for his family.
  24. (Save the SpongeBob Rock Bottom jokes, they’re original and hilarious) This is not just a thread where I’m going to bitch and moan about my problems, but I think I’d like to get some perspective. What exactly spurred on this thread? I’ve thought about making it for some time especially since things haven’t been great, but sometimes I’d think “at least things can’t get worse” and I’d avoid doing that because I’m afraid that I’m somehow tempting fate to take things even further. Either that, or the infrequent thoughts of taking my own life seemed to somehow stave that off. Either way, I guess I’m just sick and tired of being sick and tired. Here’s the final impetus that compelled me to make this thread: In other words, this saying pretty much sums up rock bottom: So again just to get perspective, what was rock bottom for you like?
  25. So this happened with the Limited Run Games version of the Switch port.