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  1. Man of Doom

    Ultra-Nightmare thoughts

    Welp, it pretty much appears that I very much suck at UNM and I won't be seeing that gold skin for a very long time. I mean, it seems like I end up hitting a brick wall in Exultia, and that's if I'm lucky (the furthest I've gone is that one arena fight that takes place after those huge gates and that was extremely lucky). It's gotten to the point where I am seriously starting to dread taking on Cultist Base because I keep hearing that's the absolute zenith of the difficulty. Whenever I try it, I end up with one or two outcomes: 1. I end up getting dinged by a Soldier, an Imp, or especially a Gargoyle and I just keel over as a result. 2. A heavy-type demon like a Hell Knight, a Cacodemon, a Revenant, or especially ESPECIALLY an Arachnotron ends up running a train on me and I end up getting Worldstar'd. And it's not like I've just been running head-on into it either; I've practiced on Nightmare, I watched guides, I took advice from others and it honestly feels like I'm getting worse at it. Hell, I can't even get past the halfway point at Hell on Earth anymore in more recent runs because it appears that Arachnotrons are the absolute bane of my existence. Anywho, it just feels like I'll be permanently stuck with the "mediocre at Doom Eternal" title.
  2. So I already posted about this in another thread, but then I figured that this news would be enough to warrant its own thread. So while someone was looking over the files of the Collector’s Edition release of the soundtrack, someone asked Mick Gordon about why there seemed to be so much compression with “BFG Division 2020” compared with the original BFG Division track: After a long thread of explanation, Mick himself gave an explanation of why it turned out to be this way (and the reason why is because Mick only did mixing for a small handful of tracks for the official release, while the rest of the soundtrack got outsourced to someone else): And in case what you’re wondering what this is all building up to, it’s that Mick may not be returning to score another Doom game for the foreseeable future (unless something gets radically changed): And as the proverbial cherry on top, he deleted a tweet that mentioned him doing a Doom-themed event at next year’s MAGFest. EDIT: Additionally, it appears that Mick’s recent history of liked tweets shows some kind of hard feelings or bad blood against id or Bethesda. I think this might partially explain why the official release for various outlets like iTunes and Spotify have been delayed for the next few weeks, and I think it explains why the collector’s edition OST release turned out to be messy. As a couple of examples: -every other track has a voiceover from characters like Samuel Hayden, VEGA, or King Novik prior to the start of the track -there are about three if not four variations of the same song, but mixed differently (“BFG Division 2020”, “You Can’t Just Shoot a Hole Into The Surface of Mars”, and I think “Acquiring the BFG” are all differently mixed versions of BFG Division) I mean, the official release of the soundtrack could be switched up to sound and feel more cohesive, but we’re only a few weeks out from said release and then we’d end up with two different soundtracks for one game. Either way, this situation is deeply fucked, to put it lightly. Mick didn’t sound too happy about what’s happened to his work, and I honestly can’t blame him if he decides to completely cut ties with id & Bethesda as a result of all this.
  3. Something else just occurred to me: I may be wrong about this, but doesn’t Mick live in Australia? (I know for sure he’s Australian, but I could be wrong about the previous thing.) Anyway, I bring this up because of the whole “Australia is burning” thing which has become so prevalent even to this day that it’s even become something of a meme (a really dark meme, but still). Perhaps the Australia bushfires could have been a factor in why he was unable to fulfill even his contractual obligations? I ask because I’ve heard that it’s gotten really bad over there, to the point of evacuations and such.
  4. Man of Doom

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    Wholeheartedly seconded. It’s nice to see a little more of the situation being explained, and it pretty much puts to bed any theories about the demise of any parties or titles. I admit, this whole thing has left me in panic mode and it’s honestly relieving to see Marty provide as much transparency as possible while putting the whole matter to bed. I guess this boils down to more “trying something and failing” rather than the darker “corporate marching orders” that usually occurs.
  5. Man of Doom

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    Which is why the fable of the golden goose exists in the first place. This sort of practice is surprisingly common especially within the video game industry; the second the bean counters see if that even their most profitable franchise starts to fall below expectations (and even if it’s because of a decision they exclusively made), that franchise is no longer deemed profitable and it’s decided that the franchise in question is shelved, possibly for good (along with the development studio if things get REALLY bad).
  6. So, it appears that Doom Eternal basically turned from GOTY contender into the Internet’s next laughingstock thanks to a single update that basically turned a highly-optimized game into a chugfest for many PC players (all because of the fear of cheating in its Battlemode section). And let’s not even get into what the update contains as it basically amounts to spyware that can leave a potential backdoor for hackers to infiltrate. And now, you basically now have Doom-related hot takes all over the internet ranging from “the Doom franchise should’ve died at 64/3” to “if you like Doom Eternal or nuDoom in general, you should just fucking kill yourself because you’re worse than a Hillary Clinton shill”. I know that most of this is just venting for most people in light of recent events, but I still can’t help but feel that the internet has more or less decided to turn on the Doom franchise; it’s a goddamn shame too because outside of maybe the hardcore gaming community, Doom never really reached the mainstream eye until maybe like Doom 2016 (and even that was considered to be an underdog until well after its release). Case in point, everyone wrote off Doom as a dead franchise after Doom 3, and I was even ridiculed for suggesting otherwise (even during around 2010). But I guess what I’m trying to say is that not even the Doom franchise is safe from all the bad news that 2020 has brought us so far, and I doubt it’s going to stop anytime soon. I mean, first there’s what happened with Doom Annihilation and how it basically got turned into something to be ridiculed because “WHEREZ MY DOOMGAI”, then this shitshow with Mick Gordon and the OST release, and now this anti-cheat DRM dickshit for Eternal. Not helping is that the Doom community is seen mainly as this super-chill and wholesome community, yet I’ve already seen countless examples to the contrary already (and I’m not even talking about r/Doom anymore). You can brush it up to maybe a vocal minority here and there, but I’m not too sure of that anymore. I mean, I still remember how wholesome the crossovers with Animal Crossing got, and there were still a few chuds here and there outright calling for Isabelle’s head on a pike because “DEWM IS A SOOPER SIRIUS GAEM WITH BLUD AND GUTZ AND BROOTAL SHIT AND IT SHUD ONLY BE THAT WAY”. I dunno, maybe this is just me ranting nonsensically that was brought on by the quarantine. I guess I’m just beyond tired right now and I’m all out of spoons. And just to clarify, this is just more of a rant about the current state of things and how everything seems to have gotten extremely fucked sideways lately, as well as a thing for me to kind of vent my feelings because the last several days for me personally have been mentally and emotionally draining. Anyway, if you’ve got Doom-related things to vent about here in light of what’s happened with Doom Eternal or anything else Doom, feel free to share here.
  7. Man of Doom

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    Welp, the plot thickens. Granted, it’s a case of a false positive, but to even see this in the first place is goddamn disgraceful. That implies that Bethesda didn’t just kill one of their game studios EA-style as well as one of the most popular FPS franchises ever known in one fell swoop.
  8. To tell you the truth, I can easily ignore all the trolls shitposting about how the Doom franchise sucks now and whatnot (hell, I had to do the same when it comes to the Wolfenstein franchise and how it's totally been driven to the ground with titles like The New Colossus and Youngblood). That's not really the issue. (If anything, the trolls shitposting about how "dewm sux lol" tend to inspire more laughter than despair. It's not necessarily the whole Denuvo DRM that's got me. It's also the Mick Gordon OST shitshow as well as what happened with the public reputation of Doom Annihilation (where everyone pretty much decided it was hot garbage before it came out and things got to the point where there were even reports of people sending death threats to the cast and crew of that film). I guess you can say it's been an amalgamation of shitshows that occured within the Doom community that all seemed to pile up in a surprisingly short amount of time. Yeah, that's very true. The original Doom has always very much open to interpretation when it comes to its tone and style even when it comes to official titles (further supplementing this is Doom 3's more horror-inspired take vs. nuDoom's more action-inspired take). Well, it seems like the Steam sales now beg to differ, and that thanks to the recent fuckup with Eternal, the Doom franchise may potentially be going the way of Duke Nukem Forever (as in, a franchise has basically been taken behind the shed Old Yeller-style thanks to a massive fuckup with just one title). Not helping is that people are calling for refunds in droves: (Ok, I do kind of admit that this may be hyperbole, but to see sales for DE drop off by that much? Fucking hell.) Seriously, I will blame Bethesda if it turns out this one update outright ends up killing the Doom franchise as a whole. Plus, the main party that's going to suffer from all this (aside from the community) is id Software. You can definitely tell that they poured nothing but passion into these latest Doom titles, and to see their work get shat on like this is nothing short of heartbreaking, especially when they had nothing to do of the situation and were basically at the mercy of some bean counter who somehow decided "hmm this is a good idea". Hell, people are outright calling to boycott id, ignoring the fact that id was in a deep quagmire back during the development of Rage and the original Doom 4 (AKA "The Call of Doom Prototype"). Don't get me wrong, the modding community for Duke3d is still very much alive making new content for it, but that's still not gonna stop DNF from existing, and that's not going to just bring back the Duke as a franchise. Plus, we may still have the Doom modding community (as the classic title will pretty much never die), but the existence of any future Doom titles might even be called into question. Hell, the hype for Eternal's singleplayer DLC is pretty much now dead in the water at this point. Heh, I actually got it from this video: Yeah, you pretty much hit the nail on the head there. In 2020, there has been absolutely nothing but soul-crushing news both on a personal scale and on a non-personal scale. Especially now during a literal world-changing event, I just want to enjoy a franchise I've known since I was literally five years old only to find that it's now the center of an entire discourse, that people are now calling for said franchise to be euthanized, and that it's now the main whipping boy of a much larger issue if not the center of Internet ridicule. I mean, I just want to do some good-old demon killing without there being some weird controversy behind it. I guess I'm just tired of everything.
  9. Man of Doom

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    So an update from Hugo Martin himself:
  10. Man of Doom

    Cursed Doom Images

  11. Man of Doom

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    sigh I haven’t seen a shitshow this intense since the Arkham Knight PC fiasco (on both the technical and PR side of things).
  12. Man of Doom

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    Welp, now the game is getting review-bombed as a result of this Denuvo fuckery. yippie skippy
  13. Welp, even though there hasn’t been an official announcement as of yet, @Jimmy’s “Deathless” is now part of the Elite Club of Officially Canon PWADs! EDIT: It’s now official.
  14. Now that you mention this, I’ve now been thinking about the time at GDC 2017 where Mick talked about beating himself up because back when he was just trying to figure out the sound for Doom 2016, the sound designers were all like “you’re not quite there yet, but you’re close”. Additionally, those IG comments where he mentioned that he wants to put out a full mix of the OST? That came from one of those #tbt posts of him doing a live performance of the D2016 soundtrack at The Game Awards, presumably showing much happier times than this. And like I said, it’s also possible that Mick never meant to throw Chad under the bus for the OST, just that he was stating who worked on it. Perhaps it really was just “I just didn’t like how the OST came out” and that was that, not “I disliked how the the OST came out and this guy is the reason why”. And I know I keep mentioning that there aren’t any bad guys in all of this, but I actually feel kind of ashamed that I framed Mick to be an antagonistic party even when I never meant to. (Not helping is that I went through a personal situation that eerily mirrors what went down with the OST.) Goddamn, I genuinely hope Mick’s doing ok throughout all this. I know that this can’t be good for one’s mental health. And just to clarify, this is not me saying that this definitely is the case, but it just seems like there quite a fair amount of weight behind this theory. But then again, this is the Internet, where nuance goes to die.
  15. The thing is, we don’t even know if the DLC is getting a new composer, just that Mick won’t be doing the soundtrack for it. I mean, hell, I won’t even mind if it turns out that they just reuse the soundtrack from the original campaign (and for all we know, there’s unused stuff that we may not have even heard before; check the E3 2018 teaser and the QuakeCon 2018 footage to see what I mean). Yep, that’s exactly it. Part of why 2016’s soundtrack is essentially lightning in a bottle is because Mick was able to create a distinct sound for both 2016 and Eternal (hell, take a look at his GDC 2017 speech where he basically shows that there’s a very distinct difference between just creating music for a Doom game and creating a distinct sound for a Doom game). Yeah, that’s another thing to think about. If they do find another composer, I feel like it might go one of two ways: -That the DLC soundtrack will sound like something from an entirely different game and it might end up clashing with neo-Doom’s aesthetic (for example, there’s more CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA that basically throws all restraint out the window; a thing that Mick’s surprisingly good at when going full metal/djent is showing restraint and it’s why tracks like “Flesh & Metal” and “BFG Division” are so audibly striking) -That the composer will basically be forced to emulate Mick or ape his style so that they end up pigeonholed into doing something they may not be comfortable with or suited for Besides, if there’s a composer that I think could be up for the task, it’s Martin Stig Andersen; he actually worked alongside Mick to do part of the soundtrack for The New Colossus as well as did work on Wolf: Youngblood. Yeah, no. The thing is, the job to basically mix and cobble together tracks for an entire OST was kind of piled on him last-minute due to the game being delayed and whatnot. Supposedly they were going to do the mixing in-house, but then changed their minds after the release got pushed to March. Besides, it’s not just the restructuring and writing new material for tracks that require time, it’s the mixing that needs to be done as well to make it sound as dynamic as possible. EDIT: This shit right here broke me
  16. Man of Doom

    Blood decals and disappearing bodies

    Fun fact: The position of where the Gladiator's corpse should be is exactly the position of where the Slayer's exit portal is spawned (or at least, its corpse is close to the exit portal).
  17. Actually, you may have hit the nail on the head as to why Mick is beyond frustrated when it came to the overall OST released and how it was promised as a Collector’s Edition bonus. And the sad part is, I already saw derogatory comments about how the Eternal OST wasn’t going to be immediately shipped with the CE as originally planned, and that said comments mainly consisted of “lol Bethesda just being Bethesda lol”. It’s a goddamn shame too because Eternal’s soundtrack easily rivals 2016 in terms of quality and that it was basically forced to be shipped out in an unreasonable timeframe, causing headaches for literally everyone. And now because of this fiasco, bridges have already been burned, possibly for good.
  18. Well, here I go: How so? If anything, I vehemently defended Mick when he first came out that he might not be doing soundtracks for future Doom titles, and all I did was post my thoughts on new developments that since came out. They're not exactly the most cohesive thing in the world, but it was the best two cents I could come up with. They're my two cents, not the gospel truth that demands to be fact-checked in every aspect. Again, I was stating my thoughts based on the new information that Marty brought to light. That being said, if I did come across as irate, it was because Chad Mossholder was the primary subject of a targeted harassment campaign. *gestures at first 6 pages of this thread* Not only was Mick posting about how The Man wouldn't let him finish his work and how he got screwed and whatnot, he was even liking tweets that agreed with him. The thing is, you don't badmouth the company you're contracting for because that's a big part of how business works. And look, Mick sounded like someone who did get screwed over in some aspect, that part I understand. But if it turns out Marty's information turns out to be 100% correct, that just puts Mick's social media stuff in a whole new light (unless he comes out with a statement of his own, of course). Now you're just putting words in my mouth. I never said that he was unprofessional and petty, just that his recent actions on social media have come across as unprofessional, based on the information Marty provided (plus, this has never happened with Mick before). Mick was given several deadlines to finish his work on the OST, deadlines that he was well aware of. Again, all of this is based on what Marty has provided and Mick could come out with something entirely different. Yes, I know that mixing music takes quite a bit of time and technical issues do occur. It happens. However, at any point, Mick could have just said "hey, is it ok if we discussed something that allowed me to mix the entire OST instead of just 12 tracks?" and it was apparently Mick's idea to just hand over all the rest of the tracks over to Chad just to get the OST out the door in the first place so that id could avoid getting into trouble with consumer protection laws. NOBODY DOES. Which is exactly why I stated that the two private parties handle things on their own terms. I get the whole "Mick should apologize" thing is technically forcing one of the parties to do something, but he's not obligated to do so. For all we know, Mick could come out with a statement showing that he really did get screwed over by "unreasonable deadlines" or some other unknown. And here, I wasn't blaming Mick for what's happened; I was illustrating that this entire situation was predicated on misunderstanding and poor communication. Like I said, the blackballing thing is an extreme thing that has a 99.99% chance of not happening, but it's a non-zero chance if it turns out that Mick had been flaking out on contractual deadlines, then of course other companies are going to take notice. Because Mick had named Chad as the one other guy who worked on the OST, and he didn't sound too happy about it. Plus, the actual files of the lossless OST release show Chad's name in the tracks that didn't have Mick as the one who mixed it. And of course when Mick was confronted about why most of the tracks were all messed up (Loudness War, certain sections of the track not lining up with each other, etc.), he was all like "but I would never do such a thing!" So the reason why my thoughts were mostly about Mick and not about Marty's statement is because of something you just said yourself: The thing is, all we've gotten from Mick is a few vague comments here and there about how he's frustrated with this whole process and whatnot. And yes, I'm well aware that Mick may not be at liberty to divulge major details about what went down due to contractual restrictions and NDAs. Besides, there's one more thing you mentioned that I find interesting: The thing is, Marty delivered this statement in the first place because there were reports that Chad was being harassed on social media endlessly and likely several other people at id were being subject to this harassment as well. They wanted the harassment to stop more than anything else. And like I said before, THERE ARE NO VILLAINS IN THIS STORY, NOT EVEN BETHESDA. What happened was a situation that was born out of misunderstanding and frustrated the living shit out of everyone to no end, and it resulted in a lose-lose situation that nobody was at fault for. There's still information that we still don't have, and we may never get it. EDIT: I think @Caffeine Freak in his above post sums it all up more succinctly than I ever could:
  19. Who said anything about attacking Mick? I just stated that an apology would be a good start to repairing a professional relationship that went wrong, plus his comments and likes on social media were vague to the point where he only painted himself as just another victim of The Man screwing artists over. That being said, he does have good reason to be frustrated, but he could have channeled said frustration into more channels that would be conducive to helping him.
  20. So since the open letter came out, I've been taking my time to collect all of my thoughts, and I'm unsure if I can just do a "TL;DR" version of them. I will do my best to be concise, though. Firstly, I want to apologize to id for jumping the gun on this whole situation and assume that this was probably just another Fallout 76 "Nylongate"-type incident. I was way too quick to jump to Mick's side without at least hearing something official from Marty or Hugo. Not helping matters was that Chad Mossholder was getting outright harassed over an issue that, frankly, nobody had any control over really. Chad was just doing his best to work with what he can, and to see him get pilloried like this is outright shameful (and this should have never happened in the first place). Secondly, I'm more than happy (and honestly relieved) to hear from Marty about what's happened during this OST debacle. It's also deeply disappointing to see that Mick was not the "totally blameless" party he made himself out to be. I mean, Mick really was given full reign to work on the official soundtrack release and he failed to meet deadlines every single time (not to mention that Mick was given the kinds of blessings most companies wouldn't even dare to give their most esteemed employees). That's not necessarily "executive meddling", that's reasonable business practices 101. Next, I want to talk about Mick and his actions, because... hoo boy, I have some thoughts. So was Mick definitely being salty about this whole thing, even to an unnecessarily petty degree? Definitely. Was his recent behavior outright unprofessional? Most likely. Was it possible that he was being outright malicious instead of just being plain frustrated with what's happened? Not really. I mean, he was outright talking to internet randos about how he got screwed by The Man and how he wants to release his version of the OST without even trying to talk to anyone at id on what can be done going forward. I mean, it's an outright miracle that Marty is still open to an additional contract to have more tracks released with Mick's mixing. I honestly wouldn't blame Marty, Chad, or anyone else at id if they decided they wanted absolutely nothing to do with Mick anymore, and considering what's transpired since then, there's a non-zero chance that Mick could get outright blackballed from the industry for this. I know this sounds kind of extreme, but imagine someone you closely worked with just deciding to shit-talk you due to a situation that neither party really had control over and then imagine that exact same shitshow on a professional scale (or in this case, a contractual scale). So yes, it's true that Mick implicitly threw Chad under the bus for something that neither party had control over (not helping that the former gave the latter his blessing to finish up the OST at one point before changing his mind), but I'm sure that Mick legitimately had no idea that Chad was going to get harassed over this. And that's pretty much the best way to frame this whole situation (or the best way I can think of). I know for sure that Mick knew what he was doing (and that he was contracted for only a few tracks), but communication should have been made ahead of time so that him mixing the whole thing was a possibility (if only 11 tracks could be done under contractual obligation and nothing else could be done, just allow something so that two or three extra volumes worth of music are within the realm of possibility and call it a day). I think what ultimately went down here was what happens when unrealistic expectations on all sides meets miscommunication, exacerbated by outside conditions. The Collector's Edition promising the Eternal OST by release pretty much made this situation next to unsalvageable, and it's just a lose-lose situation for everybody. There's really no villain in this story, and I truly hope this professional relationship is eventually restored on amicable terms in the future. And if Mick does decide to respond to Marty's open letter, I think he should respond in kind with an open apology. I believe that he should apologize to id (and *especially* Chad) for throwing them under the bus for something *only he* was obligated to complete, for subjecting several people to the Internet Hate Machine (unintentionally or otherwise), and for showing such unprofessional behavior on social media when he has an obligation as a professional to carry himself as such. Additionally, I believe that he should also apologize to the Doom community and fanbase for misleading them and placing the blame on "Bethesda/corporate fuckery" when that clearly wasn't the case. I know I said there were no villains in this story (and that's 100% true), but I think an apology would be a good first step in repairing this kind of relationship on both sides. And finally, this is more of a hot take than anything, but just bear with me: I'm well aware that Andrew Hulshult is a fantastic composer and he keeps getting brought up as a good replacement for Mick, but I don't think he should be chosen just because he's "a backup Mick Gordon". I mean, Andrew's work on titles like Dusk, Quake Champions, and Prodeus are unstoppable, and if he's chosen to be the composer for the DLC soundtrack, he should be chosen on his own artistic merits (same with any composer that might replace Mick). Plus, Mick's use of old Russian synthesizers and emphasis on electronic distortion via unusual methods is very distinct and feels like something that's very distinctly Mick, and it would feel unfair to start comparing composers based on Mick's body of work. So as I just stated, if a replacement composer does get chosen, it should be done on their own artistic merits. EDIT: Just for further clarification, none of this means that Mick deserves to be attacked or harassed. This is NOT a call or invitation to start attacking Mick at all. Both id and Mick are parties to a situation that led to nothing but frustration and indignance, and to attack either one is just going to exacerbate things even further. Let both parties handle this on their own terms.
  21. It gets better. EDIT: I actually follow Mick on IG, and I can confirm that these comments are real.
  22. Man of Doom

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    So due to the whole COVID-19 situation, the planned photoshoot I had ended up getting delayed. So in lieu of that, I got something commissioned.
  23. it could be considered to be the “blue armor” from the classic games, in that it gives you full armor. Interestingly, I believe I saw it only once in the Master Level rendition of ARC Complex.
  24. So at the very least, we’ll be getting the full Mick mix of the OST.
  25. Ok, so this thread does provide a few good counterpoints: Hopefully we should see some more clarification of what’s going on in the next few days. And yes, people are already suggesting that the Instagram DM is faked (apparently it’s surprisingly easy to do that). Honestly, I do find the lack of a proper source for that Instagram DM to be fairly suspect.