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  1. Man of Doom

    Legacy Mod (now with the ability to make corpses last!)

    @emoose This is from someone over at r/Doom.
  2. The post above demonstrates pretty much what this mod does. I wouldn't really be posting this otherwise, if it weren't for one major caveat: This apparently now has the ability for the user to make demon corpses (specifically gibs) stay in the game world. I found this comment both on another thread at r/Doom2016Mods and in the comment section for that one video I showed where a bunch of Barons got chainsawed and yet their corpses remained: If anyone is able to give this a try, please post the results. We could finally have a Nitro Gore mod for Doom 2016. EDIT: The reason I'm not able to try this myself is because while I technically have D2016 on Steam, not even my laptop has the horsepower to run it on minimum settings.
  3. Update on my friend:

    Out of the blue, the friend in the toxic relationship had decided to simply declare me an ex-friend and block all forms of social media and contact. (The catalyst was me buying a signed print from her store as she used to be a model, and today I got a refund for that, along with her more recent actions.)

  4. I feel this is kind of a mixture between a suggestion and a question: The question is, does the IoS necessarily have to be killed by rockets? If not, then would it be encouraged to kill the IoS through other, more creative means? Some ideas: -flipping a switch (or sequence of switches) to activate a crusher for the boss brain (Equinox MAP04 came to mind when destroying an entire warehouse of "demon embryos") -telefragging the boss brain or teleporting on top of an explosive barrel to create a sort of "chain reaction" (Epic 2 MAP20 comes to mind) -forcing a mid- or high-tier monster to damage the boss brain, as they will be the only one that can be able to damage the IoS -any other ideas that may come to mind
  5. So there may be a very good chance that a close friend of mine may be trapped in an abusive relationship. 

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    2. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      Unfortunately, not at the moment; the only thing I can really do now is give her space.


      Just to confirm, would these be considered red flags?


      - My friend telling me that her fiancé would be significantly less than pleased if *any* guy (including a male friend) took her to an event or let a male friend stay at her place (context here is that I invited her to my graduation ceremony and asked if I could stay at her place that weekend because of a convention that was close to where she lives; I didn’t even mention any kind of romantic intent)

      - My friend telling me that if her fiancé found out we’ve been messaging each other as much as we had been in the past, then her fiancé would force her to have her block me from all forms of contact 

      - Her suddenly becoming *way* more willing to burn bridges with people, even people she’s called friends for years

      - Her outright disappearing from all social media and forms of contact (including her removing me from her Pokémon GO friends list for no apparent reason); she mentioned she’s a business owner who works into the wee hours of the night (she’s a night owl), but this disappearance is unusual even for her


      I should note that this has all been fairly recent behavior; over the past couple of months, actually. 


      She has mentioned that she’s incredibly introverted and antisocial, but at least when we were talking more, she would at least take the time to talk when she was available. 


      In fact, she was perfectly willing to give me her number in the past, but now it seems like she blocked my number for no apparent reason. 


      Additionally, I know about the “burning bridges” thing because when another friend of mine tried to reach out to this friend in question about the whole thing, the latter straight-up blocked the former. 


      Finally, her whole demeanor has become a lot more... subdued, to say the least. I remember when we were texting until the wee hours of the night, she would get very emotional and very passionate about various topics. Nowadays, her personality seems to have just deflated into a shadow of her former self. 

    3. KVELLER


      Jesus, of course those are red flags! Sucks to hear that... I hope the situation improves eventually.

    4. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      Seriously, I was asking around on servers and forums to see if her relationship has become toxic. The overall consensus is already “yes, the relationship is toxic AF and she should nope the fuck out of there.”

  6. Pro-tip: the worst weapon you can ever use against a Pain Elemental is the rocket launcher. Personally, I found out the hard way. Several times, in fact.
  7. Man of Doom

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Holy shit, I just finished it. So after all these years of development, I can safely say that it was well worth the wait. Gameplay-wise, this is definitely leaps and bounds above vanilla Doom 3. It actually manages to speed up the action with slight adjustments in gunplay and the monster behavior. Some of my favorite details include the overall improved shotgun as well as the chaingun now becoming this outright death machine, while the enemies (such as the Z-Sec and Imps) have now become just as dangerous as you are (especially on harder difficulties where one well-placed fireball or one full volley of machine gun fire is enough to kill you). As a result, you've got an experience that manages to be truer to the original Doom while keeping it somewhat grounded and adding a tactical flavor without devolving into the "modern shooter" plague that had taken over FPSes in the early new tens. As for the visuals, I must restate this, but HOLY SHIT. Based on what I've seen alone, they manage to fit the Doom 3 aesthetic perfectly while the levels themselves have their own visual flair. In fact, they actually improve upon Doom 3's aesthetic, even with hints of Doom 2016. Not only that, the environments manage to tell a story that would have otherwise needed to be filled in with audio logs. As you can tell, visual storytelling is one of the best things any developer can do, and it's difficult to get right, but you've managed to absolutely nail it. The opening level especially is extremely gorgeous and it's basically what the original Mars City should have been like (especially given how Doom 3's art direction was supposedly inspired by the likes of cyberpunk works and anime). If anything, I feel that both the visuals and the gameplay are what the original Doom 3 should have been. Story-wise, it feels pretty good and is actually very intriguing, but there's just something about it that kind of clashes with the gameplay. I mean, you have this rather down-to-earth story that includes some sort of family issues (without going into potential spoilers), only for that to be followed up by grotesque imagery of blood-spattered hallways and splattering zombified security all over the walls. To be fair, this is something that the Machinegames Wolf series does as well, but that does manage to tie into the direct conflict of those games, whereas here, it feels somewhat disconnected (at least at first). However, I can definitely see some foreshadowing to future episodes, which is definitely a nice touch. Plus, the story does establish some good world-building and manages to have a more natural flow in terms of establishing the setting, the characters, and the world. I do enjoy a story that requires patience from the player, and in return treats the player with respect. On a side note, it doesn't feel quite as tonally dark as the original Doom 3 (no masses of lumpy flesh growing out of the hallways and not as much horrifying imagery), and it feels more R-rated pulp sci-fi rather than just sci-fi horror. This really isn't a complaint though, just more of a casual observation. I know everyone here has been harping on the voice acting and how it's the weakest link, but given what you guys had to work with, I thought it was perfectly serviceable and did its job for the most part. As far as nitpicks go, I'm still somewhat iffy on the disintegrating demon corpses, although they can now be gibbed and stay around for a little longer than vanilla D3 (which is actually pretty cool, to be honest). I really can't explain why it's been such a pet peeve for me personally, but it's just been like that ever since the original D3 came out. You really don't have to take the suggestion I'm about to lay out, but perhaps the gibbable demons (such as the Imp and Vulgar) can leave lasting corpses while the larger non-gibbable demons (such as the Pinky) can disintegrate after an extended period of time? Plus, they do appear to have more classic-inspired looks such as the Imp's red eyes and the Pinky's... well, slightly pinker complexion. It's just that for some reason, I remember this level in OG Doom 3 (Delta Labs Level 2B) where there was a ton of demon specimens in tanks, including a dismembered Imp, another Imp corpse on a dissecting table, and the spinal cord of a Hell Knight, indicating that the disintegrating demon corpses were there purely for technical purposes. As I said, you really don't have to take the suggestion, it was just something I literally thought of during a spur-of-the-moment thing, and this is a more action-packed version of Doom 3's story that includes a higher monster count. (By the way, I love the new look of the Pain Elemental; it manages to feel fitting within the Doom 3 universe while also maintaining a somewhat recognizable appearance.) Episode 2 cannot come soon enough. ;) EDIT: As far as bugs go, there really was one instance where the game actually crashed, but that was more due to me chainsawing several Imp corpses at once in order to gib them. If there's anything else, I will report back.
  8. So in celebration of Doom’s 25th birthday, Bethesda/id has launched something called the Slayers Club, which is apparently will net you bonuses and whatnot. Discuss.
  9. Man of Doom


    the better question is “why not”
  10. Ok, so the context is that I've just recently introduced a close friend to the Doom franchise as a whole, and I'd like for them to see what exactly the modding community is like in all its glory. It certainly helps that in the past few years, I've come to see some truly gorgeous maps come to fruition (from megaWADs like Ancient Aliens, Sunlust, and UAC Ultra to single-map projects like Saturnine Chapel), and my friend is actually an artist themselves who dabbles in surrealist art. In all honesty, I'd actually like for my friend to join the Doom community and to see the very best of what it has to offer (I'm aware of the Cacowards, although that'd be a good place to start). So with that being said, I have to ask: What do you think are the most visually striking maps or mods you've seen in the Doom community? It doesn't have to be a direct download to the maps or mods in question, just simple images or summaries will do if you'd like.
  11. Man of Doom

    Blood decals and disappearing bodies

    As I've been observing the QuakeCon game footage more and more, I've actually come to notice that while actual bodies seem to fade away quicker, general gibs/body parts actually seem to stick around for more than just a few seconds. This leads me to a potential solution that could somewhat fix the problem of disappearing corpses. I know this is basically kind of an older idea (especially since id Software has done this in the past), but what if instead of the bodies disappearing, what if id took the Quake 2 approach and have all the gibs disappear after a short amount of time while leaving the bodies behind? That way, the engine shouldn't have to account for as many game world objects and the physics they require (a handful of corpses vs. the hundreds of tiny gibs they might leave behind), plus there's the added benefit of getting to enjoy the handiwork of the new "destructible demons" mechanic and the opportunity of turning those corpses into more static environmental objects. That being said, I think part of the reason why disappearing corpses exist in the first place with DE is that of the arenas not really being suited to have persistent corpses lying around. As an example, both outdoor areas on the Hell on Earth section of the footage have walkways and platforms that are often too small for larger corpses to have such as the Mancubus or Arachnotron, and it would look rather silly for the exact same 2-3 Arachnotron corpses taking up the same space on a narrow walkway, especially given how they seem to have static death animations like that of the Mancubus.
  12. Man of Doom

    Stan Lee has passed away at 95

    http://tmz.me/synYyXo Excelsior.
  13. Man of Doom

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Very interesting to see! Although, I feel that for posterity’s sake, a mirror of that video will have to be uploaded someplace where it may not be easily found (since we could be getting into possibly spoilers). On a side note, I’d take this information with a grain of salt, but the IMDB page has now listed the movie’s release date as May 17, 2019 (I think, I know it’s the same date as John Wick 3).
  14. Man of Doom

    Custom voice pack (non brutal)

    Just as a quick question, what source port will you be using for your WAD?
  15. I for one, cannot wait for the day that mappers will use this to simulate something like zero gravity or some wacky way to "jump" in a non-euclidian space. A pity something like this may not work in a modern source port.
  16. Man of Doom

    Just for fun: Subtitles for hypothetical pwad sequels

    2 Speed 2 Doom Speed of Doom: Phobos Drift Speed 4 Doom Speedy 5 Doomy Speed 6 Speedy 7 The Fate of the Speedy Doom Khorus’ Speedy Shit 2: The Speedening Khorus’ Speedy Shit 3: Endspeed Khorus’ Speedy Shit 4: The Search for Speed Khorus’ Speedy Shit 5: The Shitty Speed 50 Shades of STARTAN HDoom 2: Legend of the Cyberdemon Womb (wait what) Suspended in Dusk: Now Suspended in Even More Dusk Doom Eternal V: Eternal Doom Coffee Break 2: I Take It Black Coffee Break 3: Decaffeinated Coffee Break 4: Toilet Break (crossover pls) No End in Sight 2: We Lied, There Is An End Interception 2: The Pick-Six Interception 3: Touchdown Double Impact II: Quadruple Impact Double Impact III: Octuple Impact Going Down 2: Going Up Going Down 3: Going Back Down Going Down 4: Whee I’m In An Elevator Going Down 5: Now The Elevator’s Stuck Swift Death 2: Quick & Painless Death Swift Death 3: Slow & Painful Death Swift Death 4: Megadeth Cyberdreams: Do Cybies Dream of Electric Imps?
  17. Man of Doom

    “Doom: The Fake Outrage”

    NOTE: This is NOT meant to be a political thread of any kind. The mods are more than welcome to take this thread down in the event things get too charged here. With all of that being said, let’s get to the nitty-gritty. Quite simply, the video above (and by extension this post) is meant to illustrate that the whole “controversy” over the “mortally challenged” jokes was actually next to nonexistent, and the “controversy” that did get forged was mainly created by some, shall we say, less than savory characters desperate for views and appeal from impressionable audiences. It turned out that there was actually very little to no concern raised over the jokes in question, and the tweets that did raise concern about them basically consisted of “ok that joke was kind of lame, but I’m still stoked to play this game!” (Plus, they would receive next to no attention in terms of likes or retweets.) Unfortunately, that somehow managed to be more than enough for those “characters” to create this narrative on how “DeUm Iz ReDpIlLeD aZ FuK,” often either repeating the exact same article that seemed to be occurring throughout the offending videos or just putting words in people’s mouths that just don’t exist. What’s actually kind of sad is that these kinds of bad-faith arguments have pretty much infected every single comment section that has ANYTHING to do with Doom Eternal, stretching from IGN to Youtube. It’s kind of heartbreaking to see that edgelords are now claiming that Doom now validates them. All of that being said, while I do agree with most of his points, I do feel like Shaun does read a little bit too much into the themes surrounding nuDoom (like how Doom 2016 is apparently all about anti-capitalism and pro-environmentalism; I personally didn’t interpret it that way, I saw it as more for what it was trying to be, as a badass romp through Hell), as well as how Fallout is now missing the point of what the overall franchise is supposed to stand for (the first few games is more or less an allegory for the devastation of nuclear war and how Fallout 76 reduces it to a social simulator that lightens it up). But I suppose I could just be chalking it all up to his particularly dry brand of humor, which manages to be dripping with loads of sarcasm. But all in all, I found this video overall to be very well-researched and surprisingly educational (I didn’t know “mortally challenged” was a Discworld joke, and I remember Terry Pratchett being a big fan of Doom!). Plus, discussion about this particular video in the Doom community has been relatively civil for the most part, which was why it was kind of relevant to post this here. TL;DR- There really wasn’t any controversy over the “mortally challenged” joke, and those who tried to proclaim otherwise were essentially creating shit-tier clickbait.
  18. Man of Doom

    “Doom: The Fake Outrage”

    I don’t know why, but I just think it would be hilarious if the guys at id put something in the game that would make these idiot grifters completely flip their shit (like an Easter egg or something). As an example, that PS4 Spider-Man game has a LGBTQ flag as a landmark, and I remember them throwing a tantrum and declaring “nO pOlItIcZ iN mY gAeM”; the same thing happened when it was announced in Total War: Rome II that there would be female generals or something to that effect.
  19. Man of Doom

    So how come people don't think Doom 3 is scary

    While Doom 3 isn’t like “it’s so scary it’ll keep you awake for days,” it does manage to be legitimately disturbing every now and then (when it doesn’t rely on jump scares). A few examples come to mind, especially with a couple of demon intro scenes: -The Maggot intro; there’s just something about that screaming corpse that’s very unsettling, possibly due to how inhuman it sounds. -The Lost Soul intro and everything building up to it, ESPECIALLY the sound of sobbing you hear beforehand. It doesn’t help that the Lost Soul reveals itself in a very gruesome manner. -The “they took my baby” scene. While there’s really no scary imagery in the traditional sense, the horrifying sound effects you’re subject to will more than likely make you think that the loot you get afterwards feel like something of a consolation prize. That being said, it is somewhat hard to be scared of the environment around you when you still have the arsenal of a one-man army and the general ability to more-or-less instagib most of the demons with a combat shotgun.
  20. Man of Doom

    Project Warlock

    So in case you’re wondering what this is, it’s very much what you’d get if you somehow fused Doom and Heretic in terms of gameplay, and if you tried to remake Quake’s art style in BUTCHER (which was essentially a 2D sendup of Doom as well). I figured to see about giving this little gem some extra love, as it seems to be under the radar right now. Beaides, there’s really something about it that draws so much appeal to me. ETA is supposedly Spring 2018.
  21. Man of Doom

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    So the official IMDB page is up here: https://m.imdb.com/title/tt8328716/ Look at your own risk at it might contain spoilers. As for the spoilers (albeit not story related for now), they’re a mix between good news and bad news: Since the movie hasn’t even been given a proper trailer as of yet, nothing is final and set in stone.
  22. Man of Doom

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Small news for today; kind of a hint as to how the soundtrack will be.
  23. Man of Doom

    (Indirect) Doomslayer Face Reveal?

    So over at r/Doom, someone with a very good eye actually appeared to have discovered what the Doomslayer without his helmet looks like. Of course, it’s at the very beginning of the gameplay footage where he’s putting on his helmet. Here, distinct facial features are much harder to make out as his face appears to be mostly covered in shadow, but his hair is what stands out because it looks familiar (in fact, too familiar): Yes, I’m well aware of the face model the Doomslayer has in D2016, but I’m pretty sure that was meant as more of a placeholder, in order to show that there is a face behind the helmet. Regardless, this is extremely interesting to notice, and it shows that the guys at id are really putting in attention to detail. Plus, another part of me thinks it’s kind of reminiscent of Dredd, during the beginning of the movie where Judge Dredd is suiting up, and we see the only time where he isn’t wearing his helmet, although we only see the back of his head and his face is completely covered in shadow.
  24. So over at r/Doom, I found this thread that discusses a UAC booklet found in the Doom 2016 deluxe edition (which is why I posted it here and not in the DE forum). Thread is here: At first, we get the usual “welcome to Mars” fluff: However, there’s another section of the booklet that actually hinted what really was to come in Doom Eternal: Finally, we get what’s either just a simple acknowledgement of the Doom Bible or a hint that Phobos and Earth may not be the only UAC-related locations: What’s particularly interesting about this last hint is that we have no clue if this is a location we get to visit in Doom Eternal or a subsequent entry that will follow. If anyone could get more pages from this booklet, that would be appreciated. Thoughts?