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  1. I’m sorry, I am not in a good headspace right now.


    It’s one thing to just ignore trolls in the Doom community but another thing entirely to see people you respected and even saw as friends just not only feel the need to be right and assert just how right they are, but also talk over you and play the “facts don’t care about your feelings” card even when you try to explain yourself and try to be emotionally open with them.



    EDIT: Ok, I’m doing better. But still, it just stings that you bare your soul to people and it doesn’t seem to matter in the grand scheme of things.

  2. Man of Doom

    I called it.

    Since I already see this conversation going extremely well with “Doom Eternal is objectively the worst thing to happen to the franchise” and “Hugo Martin is secretly three Randy Pitchfords in a trench coat”, not to mention the constant smugness going on, I might as well dump the two cents I have here for the only time. So I would like to ask three questions: -Does it give you an advantage? -Does it change the way you play the campaign or Battlemode? -Does it change your look aesthetically? If either the first two questions are answered with “yes”, then we would have a problem. The thing with microtransactions that make them particularly infamous is the whole “pay to win” aspect; in that they provide a clear advantage over others if you got the shiny gold box for $9.99 where you got to score 4-5 more kills than anyone else who doesn’t have this box. Yes, I know this is very much a promise that was broken; I accept that this is a really shitty thing and we deserve more transparency out of this (especially since id has been much more transparent with matters like these in the past like the Denuvo anti-cheat fiasco). The thing is, we don’t know who did this especially in light of the recent acquisition; this could’ve either been Bethesda or Microsoft issuing out these marching orders. Additionally, there was that whole mini-event where you had a second chance to earn the Series 1 skins again. And finally, something like this in Doom Eternal isn’t exactly some new concept; case in point, the Rip & Tear pack where you bought the Doot Revenant skin, the classic combat shotgun skin, and the Cultist Base master level as they were all previously preorder bonuses. Do I think this could’ve been handled better? Absolutely. I still would have maintained Series 1 being purchasable especially since they just re-ran that event again and I wouldn't want it locked away forever, but I would’ve had the Doomicorn skin pack be earned through a Slayer’s Club challenge like they did with the Hotrod Slayer (especially considering that they were both Twitch Prime exclusives). But this is not worth review bombing, harassment of anyone at id Software, or shitting on anyone who dares to say that they liked Doom Eternal/TAG. Side note: The reason I might come across defensive or confrontational or whatever is because after making that thread on Mick Gordon potentially not returning to the franchise after the shitshow that was the original OST release (as well as comparing the OST release to Fallout 76’s release in a now-deleted post on r/Doom), I still feel nothing but abject shame and anger towards myself because it felt like I directly contributed to id and Mick having burned bridges with each other at the time, possibly permanently. And I never want to inspire anyone to act like that ever again. Not after everything that transpired over Doom Annihilation, including rape threats. Not after the debates over contractual dickshit or “well actually this band/person would’ve done a much better job with the Doom soundtrack/game/movie/whatever”. Not after the constant soapboxing over “the integrity of the Doom franchise”. Not after the constant/targeted harassment and even death threats directed towards people who worked their asses off to bring us a product they’re proud of. I’m sorry, but I already have enough negativity going on with the state of the world and the things I had to deal with in my own personal life. I want to come here just to share cool thoughts and connect with people, not to watch those same people come to blows with each other or constantly see the mindset of “if you like this Doom-related thing, you should just fucking deepthroat a shotgun because you’re an objectively garbage person”. Hell, I almost never come to this subforum anymore because of what I just mentioned. Because it’s been nothing but bickering and grandstanding lately. Whatever debates came over Doom 2016 never got *this* bad.
  3. Man of Doom

    Get It Off Your Chest

    Welp, now that I got as much of the bad stuff as I could off my chest, I might as well start sharing the positive things. Even as someone who isn’t that big in the cosplay community, I’ve been threatened, I’ve been harassed, I’ve had people with much bigger platforms than mine sic their hostile communities on me. Though it hasn’t happened as often most people might think it has, it doesn’t mean it’s never happened. But the feeling of being bullied is a feeling I will never feel ever again. When it comes to bullies, I have god mode. I am invincible, I have the IDDQD cheat activated, I don’t give in to bullies anymore. And if I was still afraid of being bullied, I wouldn’t be showing off my work for a ton of people to see. I wouldn’t have been opening up to new circles of friends about how 90s anime gave me Complex Gender Feels even as a kid because I’d be too afraid of what the bullies might think. I may have many faults as a person even to this day, but that is not one of them. Additionally, I no longer hate myself; if anything, I’ve come to enjoy my own company. Granted, I’m still not quite in the physical shape I’d like to be but at least I can say I’m working on it. Plus, people have told me on more than one occasion that I have “beautiful features” so at least I have that going for me, I guess. Finally, I may not be setting the world on fire, but doing that is going to be quite the process. At least I’m doing what I can to put in the work in that regard, even if some days end up being better or worse than others.
  4. Everyone welcome Syringe to the Officially Canon PWAD Club. (Yes, I know Officially Canon PWAD Club is kind of a silly name but it just kind of stuck.)
  5. Man of Doom

    Get It Off Your Chest

    Alright, so a content warning for things like sexual assault/rape, suicide (both the ideations and the act), and literally death. I'll do what I can to spoiler the really horrific shit, but I'm putting this up anyway since a few things might unexpectedly pop up. The last few years of my life have been particularly strange, and not necessarily in a good way. So we all talk about 2020 and how it's just been pure shit all the way through, right? Personally, while 2020 gave me my own set of trials and tribulations especially with the pandemic, I still maintain that 2016 and especially 2018 were far worse on a personal level. Buckle up, this is where shit gets real: I was barely hanging on by a thread in 2016 and I legitimately felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel come 2018/2019. And besides, I have no desire to just keep wallowing in self-pity like I did in the past. With 2020, a lot of bad shit did happen. One family friend passed away unexpectedly due to heart complications, another family friend passed away due to a cancer which hadn't been discovered until it was way too late. I learned what it felt like to deal with unemployment. Existential crises clawed away at me and continue to do so every now and then, even to this day. And that's not even getting into the sense of isolation that permeated every single day due to the pandemic. But at least with 2020, I was able to do a surprising amount of things under my own willpower. I started reaching out to people again and discovered new circles of friends. I got accepted into a cosplay magazine. I even won the runner-up to QuakeCon's own cosplay competition (one of those themed competitions where you had to make it look like one of those costumes that was literally thrown together at the last minute). So yeah, while 2020 was utter dogshit, at least it felt eminently survivable compared to what came before. So why am I sharing all this even though I stated I'm not wallowing in self-pity like I used to? Because it feels like the last few years made me into a worse person. I've become more abrasive, less patient, and far more paranoid. I'm afraid that someone I might meet at a convention or online will just automatically decide to hate my guts for no good reason. I'm afraid that the next romantic partner or close platonic friend I come upon will just decide to not only ghost me but also say deeply hurtful things about me behind my back. Even though I've made quite the progress and I even come to cringe at the 2020 version of me, I still can't help but feel that I miss the days when I was just a carefree teen in the last years of high school. Before everything went to shit. Because was all that really worth it? The countless people who want nothing to do with me at best, and those same people who might have wanted me dead at worst? The suicidal ideations that never really went away? The possibility that I might at least have PTSD if not CPTSD (because apparently I've been exhibiting symptoms to the point where other people noticed)? ...so anyway, I just started getting into Pink Floyd's The Wall.
  6. Man of Doom

    How would you make TAG2 harder?

    While I consider myself something of a defender of TAG2 considering the development cycle it went through, I fully admit that I found it baffling that it’s significantly easier than TAG1 (especially considering that not only is it supposed to be a follow-up to a Plutonia-tier expansion pack, it’s also supposed to be the grand finale of the story that started with Doom 2016). It’s not even that TAG2 isn’t necessarily without moments of deliberate treachery (the purple slime arena in the World Spear, the Cursed Prowlers in general, that twin Marauder fight in Immora involving Screechers, etc.), it’s more that TAG2 in general seems to be more on par with the later levels of the base game like Taras Nabad or Final Sin. Now contrast that with TAG1 which has some notoriously difficult encounters like the buffed Marauder fight in the Blood Swamps, that bridge fight in the Holt, the last couple of stages in the Samur fight, you name it. I’m not sure if it’s that we’ve already seen everything that the game has currently thrown at us and we’re all just acclimated to the kinds of curveballs that would get thrown at us, but I’m not 100% sure about that theory. So here comes my question: how would you make TAG2 harder? And no, I don’t mean making it ludicrously painful like the Super Gore Nest Master Level or the second version of the Holt Slayer Gate (I mean, that’s what the Master Levels in question are for). I mean making the levels themselves a bit spicier to make monsters like the Riot Soldier a legitimate threat or to the point of making the Sentinel Hammer something of a last-resort weapon; something that would be more fitting for Doom Eternal’s grand finale.
  7. Man of Doom

    How would you make TAG2 harder?

    I’m talking about the former, namely due to just balancing out the two DLCs; even so, it’s mainly just like discussing hypothetical encounters and whatnot.
  8. So my personal take is that I’m more excited than ever with where they’re taking the Doom franchise; both in regards to the storyline and the gameplay. (And in case you’re wondering why Doom 3 never got a sequel, it was mainly because id at the time actually had no desire to make one; this was stated by John Carmack in that G4 documentary for Doom 3. If anything, Doom 3 was actually id’s biggest financial success up until Doom 2016/Eternal). So I’m not going to lie; leading up to Eternal’s release, the promotional material was basically telling me that the franchise was headed in a direction similar to the original Doom novels (a faithful retelling that then turns into some kind of nonsensical space opera). Come the actual game’s release, it actually didn’t feel like that at all. Hell, even the various plot twists and turns that came with The Ancient Gods weren’t nearly as bad as people were making it out to be. I mean, stuff like the Maykrs and the Dark Lord still felt very comic book-esque while also being distinctly Doom, which is exactly what id Software was going for. Hell, even Doom 2016 which everyone seems to praise as this “perfect example of how a Doom game should look”, was also going for a more comic book-like feel especially in the last months of development (for example, it’s the reason why the Cacodemon went from bluish-gray with an azure eye in the concept art to brownish-red with a dull green eye around 2015 to the full-on classic colors of the final product sans the cat-like pupil); it’s why we have things like the Slayer’s Testaments and fist-bumping mini figurines. Not only that, everyone saying that the Slayer in Eternal isn’t like “the same Slayer who pushed a TV aside the second Samuel Hayden started talking in 2016” seemed to have forgot that the Slayer in Eternal seems to give even less of a microshit of what anyone thinks, resulting in classic “led around the nose” antics like Mars being blown up with the BFG10K, Deag Grav’s head getting blown off in the middle of Sentinel Prime’s colosseum costing the Slayer his title of warrior-king among the Night Sentinels, wrecking Urdak, the Father’s life sphere being destroyed, etc. Plus, it’s not like this is some novel development either; the original Doom was more horror-action based and was additionally focused on atmosphere as well as action whereas Doom II was more action-oriented and was reflected as such in things like the music choices and more open areas (which is why we often saw more monster types and higher monster counts). In other words, OG Doom/Doom 2016 is basically Evil Dead 2 whereas Doom II/Doom Eternal is basically Army of Darkness. And now with both parts of The Ancient Gods out of the way, it’s very clear now more than ever that id very much wants to do new things with the Doom franchise by expanding aspects of it that were never even touched on in previous titles. While I am personally stoked by what id wants to do next from here, I do understand why it kind of alienated those who essentially wanted More of the Same. The thing is, we’re long past the bloodstained UAC techbase and the fire and brimstone Hell temple, and you can only do that so many times before it starts to get tedious. Not only that, the “but not too serious” vibes of both 2016 and Eternal feel like a breath of fresh air compared to multiple contemporaries which try their damnedest to be Super Grimdark and Super Serious. Though, I do admit that this has caused the franchise to kind of stray from its horror-action roots especially with Eternal/TAG since quite a bit of mystery behind Hell as we know it is now gone. So what am I saying out of all this? The direction the Doom franchise is going in isn’t perfect by any means (especially since The Ancient Gods was more or less required to be all finished within a year), but it does feel like a natural evolution. Not only that, id has crafted these titles with nothing but the utmost care and it's very clear that they’re still learning how to create a Doom game that’s as close to perfect as possible. And if you’re not a fan of this direction? That’s completely fine. Not only do we still have the classic games but also nearly three decades worth of fan content, from single levels to mods to entire megawads.
  9. So not only is this Yet Another Thought Exercise I thought would be fun, I actually need some help from others regarding a thing I'm working on (namely a Doom-related thing to help kind of reestablish it's horror-action roots). Now that's out of the way, let's get to the fun stuff. Say that you've been put in charge of redesigning the Doom monsters, except you need to make them scarier. You don't have to use just the classic rogue's gallery from the original 1993/1994 titles, you can also draw from the pools of Doom 64, 3, 2016, Eternal, even the spinoffs like Doom RPG or even the cancelled Doom 4 1.0. Yes, that means monsters like the Motherdemon, the Cherub, the Summoner, and the Whiplash are all fair game. Additionally, the aesthetic can be inspired by horror stories you found online (like in r/nosleep), your favorite horror media like movies or video games, from people like Trevor Henderson or Junji Ito as inspiration. As for the horror the monsters can invoke, it can be Old Reliable (AKA body horror) to unknowable alien geometries. Whatever theming you have going can be as cryptic, as visceral, as fucked-up as you want. However, absolutely nothing NSFL and anything NSFW needs to be spoilered; the point here is to be as scary as possible, not as shocking as possible (let alone potentially triggering). The catch is that they have to be distinctly recognizable in one way or another, be it in their classic incarnations or the versions you might see in any other one of the Doom titles. Additionally, you cannot bring up already-existing fanart and say "hey look what I found" (yes, I already know about Nathan Anderson's work). Lastly, and quite possibly most importantly, you don't have to necessarily draw them (though you're more than welcome to do so). You can simply describe them, write out what they look like, flesh out their backstories if you so desire. As long as they inspire the kind of sheer dread one might get from listening to the Doom 64/PSX Doom soundtrack at 3:33 AM while feeling like something's watching you in your pitch-black bedroom, it's all good.
  10. Man of Doom

    Why Do Pwads Almost Never Have a Story

    Well, it’s certainly not a requirement by any means but having a story in a PWAD (especially megawads) actually tends to be more the rule rather than the exception. Hell, some of the notable examples include Eviternity, Revolution!, Hellbound, Hadephobia, and Demonfear. Though if you’re looking for a pretty notable exception (which is spoilered due to… well, spoilers for Sunlust):
  11. Man of Doom

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Impressions and Story Spoilers

    Ok, so there’s been a couple of developments since the last time I posted here. First off, I managed to pull off a successful Ultra Nightmare run (on the first try, no less). And honestly it’s not just that the expansion as a whole is easier than AG1, it’s that the Dark Lord fight actually isn’t too bad as long as you know what you’re doing. That said, while the Dark Lord may end up summoning the ghostly super heavies whenever he feels like it (even when you don’t have the hammer charges) but at the very least they have around half the health of their regular counterparts. Second, it turns out that the nerfs to TAG1 were actually deliberate but not for the reasons expected. Namely, to make said expansion more accessible to more players while they work on creating Master Levels for both parts of the DLC and the base campaign (possibly even full-blown Master Campaigns):
  12. Man of Doom

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Impressions and Story Spoilers

    So I finally got to experience TAG2 in its entirety. And now I should be able to address the more… controversial aspects of this DLC. The Dark Lord fight: What the Dark Lord actually is and the Slayer’s role: The nerfed difficulty: To take away from all this, I’m just sad that not only are people no longer excited for future Doom titles, people have actually been calling for TAG2 if not TAG1 and even the entirety of base Doom Eternal to be retconned out of existence if not outright decanonized. I mean, people have been comparing TAG2 to the last season of Game of Thrones or The Rise of Skywalker, and I honestly don’t think it’s that bad.
  13. I know I'm kind of nicking this from a Twitter post @Major Arlene made, but I feel like something like this should be made here all the same especially with some personal insights. So I've been a part of the Doom community for at least 5-6 years (and up to now a decade in certain parts of the Doom community). It's obviously not as long as some people but I've been here for a good while (and lurked for way longer). In that timeframe, I've seen many things happen. Good things have happened, bad things have happened, and outright horrific things have happened. Particularly over the last few years, I've come to notice that the Doom community as a whole has had some surprisingly bitter moments than with most other communities (and I'm part of the cosplay community for like 4-5 years now!). And I'm not talking about just Doomworld. Over the past couple of years: there's been what happened with Doom Annihilation, what happened with Doom Eternal (including what happened with Mick Gordon and The Ancient Gods), what happened with non-Doom titles like Ion Fury and the more recent Wolfenstein titles, etc. But it hasn't been just major discourses that have been going around. I've seen friends I personally made get into full-blown fights with each other, to the point where people have straight-up left the sector of the community that they used to cherish. I've heard that the Doom community as a whole is extremely low-key and chill compared to several different communities, that people are completely open to agree to disagree here. But I've seen cases in various parts of the community where this hasn't been true. And I wish I could chalk this all up to the pandemic taking hold of our lives or something in the water or what have you, but I'm not sure if I can. Hell, even I'm personally guilty of all this. And no, I'm not going to start wallowing in self-pity about how the developments in the past few years of my life left me a more damaged and worse-off person. I've gotten involved with situations that I've since come to deeply regret. People had done or said things that left me confused, sad, or angry (sometimes all three), and I reacted less-than-optimally in those kinds of situations. I've done and said things here and elsewhere I'm not particularly proud of. I mean, in case you've seen how I changed over the last couple of years, that I haven't been as "nice" as I used to be. That lately, I've gotten more abrasive, even went full-on asshole in some cases. I can't tell you how many times I was *this* close to just completely exploding at someone, and I'm more than sure I've already lashed out at people here at least a couple of times. But I need to change all this on my end. I mean, I've vented my spleen on here for better and for worse. I am just so tired right now. I am tired of the constant infighting and bickering that's been just going on seemingly nonstop. We're better than this, we know we're all better than this. It costs nothing here to be kind to those who aspire to contribute to the community, whether it be mapping or mods or reviews or whatever else. Unless it's encouraging discriminatory behavior or mindsets, we should be building it up, not tearing it down. You will never know just how much the kindest words imaginable can set someone off on the right path to acts of beauty. And by this same token, how one inflammatory comment is all it takes to completely shatter someone and make them never want to create ever again. I want absolutely nothing but the best for what's kept this nearly 30-year-old community going, the things we love to talk about, those who create the things we enjoy. I love our Doom devs and our indie devs all the same. So it costs nothing to be kind. Hell, one of us might even make the next Dusk or Doom Eternal. So please, with sugar and cherries on top, just be kind. Not to devs but also to everyone (except to those who are actively trying to make the world a worse place, of course). And I'm doing what I can to learn this same lesson too.
  14. Man of Doom

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Impressions and Story Spoilers

    I’m sorry, I can’t fucking do this with the calls to retcon the entirety of TAG and even the entirety of Eternal in general. I can’t do this anymore.
  15. I’m sorry, I can’t fucking do this with the calls to retcon the entirety of TAG and even the entirety of Eternal in general. I can’t do this anymore.

  16. Ngl, all this discourse over Ancient Gods Part 2 and people actually swearing off the Doom franchise over “Hell being too humanized” just has me really emotionally drained and irritated.

  17. Man of Doom

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Impressions and Story Spoilers

    Regarding the Dark Lord shouting “NOOOOOOOO” after you kill the Khan Maykr, apparently this got changed back: Keep in mind that it was only changed to “Dark Lord” once TAG1 came out and was “Mysterious Voice” when the base game first came out.
  18. It’s worth noting that the only major change made in TAG2 was that Davoth was the creator of all things instead of the Father. The most likely interpretation is that everything in the Book of the Seraphs remained true except for who was actually the creator of all things, and the big question was whether the Father simply took Davoth’s throne after his fall or whether he knowingly usurped him.
  19. So, a few things. At no point did I even remotely suggest that “lol Hugo can do no wrong”. I explicitly made it clear that the base game is good for what it is and that The Ancient Gods suffers from some major pacing issues that significantly weakened its plot twists. While I did what I could to explain what was going on, that doesn’t automatically mean that I immediately approve of it. I mean, the Doomguy turned out to be some sort of divine creation from the start? Not only that, both parts of TAG pretty much raised more questions than they answered. But the thing is, it isn’t just the major plot developments. It’s that literally everything somehow now requires an explanation (Why is the Betrayer a force ghost only not to be? Why is the Slayer riding a dragon? Why is there this really long bridge?) I mean, is “it just looks cool” not enough of an explanation? And the reason why I likened the discourse around Eternal to Annihilation because it has gotten that bad. People aren’t saying “oh I don’t like it” and just quietly moving on. It’s insisting that id immediately retcon TAG or they’re going to wash their hands of the entire franchise. Hell, I originally compared this discourse to the discourse that surrounded a certain movie in a sequel trilogy about space wizards. There is one more thing I completely forgot to touch on previously: the “fun zone”. Contrary to popular belief and the memes, the “fun zone” is not about dumping as many tough enemies in one area and expecting you to figure it out (usually with a ton of weapons switching), nor is it about “making games journalists weep blood”. Otherwise the Icon of Sin would have also been spawning in Marauders and Doomhunters as well. Above everything else, the “fun zone” is all about keeping the player as engaged as possible while also making sure that they’re having fun while doing it. While I find it strange that TAG2 ended up being significantly easier than TAG1 (not to mention TAG1 also getting nerfed), I have a strong suspicion that the difficulty was toned down for the same reason that Super Gore Nest’s soundtrack had to be slowed down from its original 265 BPM incarnation. I honestly don’t like UAC Atlantica being toned down all that much considering I personally found it super-easy to begin with, but I do understand why. So that Eternal as a whole can be accessible to more players, so that more players can just enjoy it. Just to give you an example, I still remember the time a disabled player finished the game with one of those adaptive controllers, and Hugo left an extremely positive comment (calling him a “true Slayer” or something along those lines). And no, telling people to “git gud” isn’t the solution.
  20. So just to preface this, I'm not saying that Doom Eternal is this perfect angel of a game; while it does have its shortcomings, I do feel that it is a significant game-changer that polished its own formula to a mirror shine. Next, I just wanted to say that Doom Eternal's external issues are relatively minor compared to the woes of something like Cyberpunk 2077. But that doesn't mean they weren't significant either. Hell, that's not to say Doom 2016's development wasn't quiet either especially given that it involved quite the transition between what's now known as Doom 4 1.0 and what currently exists today as 2016. With that out of the way, I just want to ask: is it just me or does it feel like Doom Eternal had been constantly covered in this cloud of bad news which lasted for quite a while? I mean, first there were all the weird criticisms that came from all corners that verged on nitpicking. This is more minor than other issues, but the criticisms involved got quite ridiculous, ranging from "this is too cartoony/too much like Quake compared to 2016" to "the Marauder is objectively bad design" to "I just wanted to SSG everything and is that too much to ask". And this constant nitpicking came from YouTube comments to video producers to professional critics. Next there was the Denuvo anti-cheat fiasco where everyone assumed that it was all marching orders from Bethesda, when in reality, id wanted to try something new regarding dealing with cheaters in Battlemode and it just didn't work out. Next was the Mick Gordon incident. Hoo boy, that's already a complex situation that was discussed a million times over. Yes, I know we now have Andrew Hulshult and David Levy but it just feels... not the same even if AG1 turned out to be just as good as Mick's work on the base game. And on a side note, wouldn't this entire pandemic be considered an act of God or something along those lines? Moreover, there was Eternal walking away from various award shows empty-handed (not mentioning a certain games show). Last I remember, the only award the game actually won was Steam's "Best Soundtrack" and... honestly, at least that should've been a no-brainer for That Awards Show That Shall Not Be Named (and I still can't believe the Heavy Metal Choir got beaten out by Orchestral Soundtracks for the Nostalgic, not that I'm knocking FF7R since that's already amazing too). Yeah, you're gonna tell me that "award shows are not indicative of quality" and that this year was where the video game equivalent of Oscar-baiting was pulled off without a hitch. And while that's true, it just feels bitter to constantly be reminded that Doom Eternal didn't even get noticed for things like its art direction. I mean, just tell me with a straight face that the entirety of Urdak is "meh". And most recently (if somewhat related), there's the very likely chance that the Slayer's chances of getting into Smash Ultimate are now next to nil given recent developments. I know you're gonna tell me that "the Slayer is a much better fit for Mortal Kombat anyway", but that is incredibly unlikely to happen. Unless all the planets align and we somehow get a Kombat Pack 3 (or an entirely new MK title), PLUS there's some kind of licensing deal figured out between Warner Bros. and Microsoft because the latter now owns the Doom IP. Plus, people are already getting tired of seeing guest fighters in MK. (Hell, that CacoMallow "leaked screenshot", the one where a Mii Gunner is wearing a Cacodemon hat, is now seemingly debunked). I mean, that's part of why I kind of wanted the Slayer to have a shot at Smash Ultimate, namely that he has a much better shot at getting into Smash than he does getting into Mortal Kombat. It all honestly sucks major shit because from what I've seen, the guys at id have absolutely nothing but love and passion towards Doom Eternal, Hugo Martin in particular. They all did a fantastic job in not only giving us Doom Eternal but also keeping in constant communication with their community and whatnot. I mean, what other fanbase gets to regularly enjoy keeping in contact with the actual game devs, chatting about various topics regarding the game and what to expect from future releases? Anywho, I guess this more than likely stems from the expectations 2016 had vs. the expectations Eternal had. With 2016, both the Doom franchise and id Software were both considered legitimate underdogs in that nobody knew what to expect going forward; it wasn't helped that the multiplayer beta was trashed to hell and Bethesda withheld review copies not too long before the game's release. The fact that Doom 2016 succeeded as much as it did came as a legitimate shock to just about everyone. With Eternal, pretty much everyone knew this game was going to be a major hit. Everyone knew what to expect from id and the only real surprises came in how the story and gameplay evolved. Hell, not even a delay stopped the momentum Eternal carried going all the way into release. I dunno, maybe I'm just rambling as usual, especially given how I was supposed to have a point here. Anywho, here's to hoping Doom Eternal is vindicated by history. 2020 really was supposed to be the Year of Doom but it somehow wasn't.
  21. So I already posted about this in another thread, but then I figured that this news would be enough to warrant its own thread. So while someone was looking over the files of the Collector’s Edition release of the soundtrack, someone asked Mick Gordon about why there seemed to be so much compression with “BFG Division 2020” compared with the original BFG Division track: After a long thread of explanation, Mick himself gave an explanation of why it turned out to be this way (and the reason why is because Mick only did mixing for a small handful of tracks for the official release, while the rest of the soundtrack got outsourced to someone else): And in case what you’re wondering what this is all building up to, it’s that Mick may not be returning to score another Doom game for the foreseeable future (unless something gets radically changed): And as the proverbial cherry on top, he deleted a tweet that mentioned him doing a Doom-themed event at next year’s MAGFest. EDIT: Additionally, it appears that Mick’s recent history of liked tweets shows some kind of hard feelings or bad blood against id or Bethesda. I think this might partially explain why the official release for various outlets like iTunes and Spotify have been delayed for the next few weeks, and I think it explains why the collector’s edition OST release turned out to be messy. As a couple of examples: -every other track has a voiceover from characters like Samuel Hayden, VEGA, or King Novik prior to the start of the track -there are about three if not four variations of the same song, but mixed differently (“BFG Division 2020”, “You Can’t Just Shoot a Hole Into The Surface of Mars”, and I think “Acquiring the BFG” are all differently mixed versions of BFG Division) I mean, the official release of the soundtrack could be switched up to sound and feel more cohesive, but we’re only a few weeks out from said release and then we’d end up with two different soundtracks for one game. Either way, this situation is deeply fucked, to put it lightly. Mick didn’t sound too happy about what’s happened to his work, and I honestly can’t blame him if he decides to completely cut ties with id & Bethesda as a result of all this.
  22. I know this might be relatively old news, but apparently Mick delisted Doom Eternal on his site again, this time for good. Would it be possible to confirm this? EDIT: In case you were wondering why I posted this now of all times, I was mulling over posting this only to accidentally hit the submit button. Oh well, at least the question’s out there.
  23. In case you haven’t heard the news, the deal to absorb Bethesda into Microsoft has been officially finalized and a done deal. As of today, there’s been an online conference discussing the future of Bethesda titles going forward. One quote from Phil Spencer in particular has stuck out: In addition to that, several titles have been added to Xbox Game Pass, including all the Doom titles that haven’t been added already (1, 2, 3, 64). As for the above quote, one interpretation of it is that it basically reads “all online stuff will be supported until it dies, players on multiplatform games will see updates to games already released but everything else will be exclusive”. So in other words, there’s a non-zero chance that the Doom franchise may be Xbox-exclusive for the foreseeable future. Key word here being may. Granted, I could be completely wrong as it was previously mentioned that IPs will be explored on a “case by case basis”. Personally, I feel it’d be really silly to just kill the meme of “that can run Doom” by cutting off PlayStation players just for business purposes, plus Microsoft already has a Microsoft-exclusive “ultra-powerful green dude”. And as Mick Gordon once said, “Doom fans are not like Disney fans; if they don’t like what you’ve done, they’ll burn your house down”. But at the very least, it appears that more titles will be using the id Tech engine in the future so that’s definitely a major positive: Either way, it’d be interesting to hear some thoughts on this particular development, whether it comes to pass or not. EDIT: This is just more of a “what if?” question more than anything. At best, Doom is the Bethesda IP to stay multiplatform, and at worst, it becomes a sort of timed exclusive.
  24. Man of Doom

    Doom Eternal honestly deserved better

    Honestly, there’s really nothing wrong with Doom Eternal in and of itself. I just made the OP just to kind of note that for some weird reason, the game seemed to be mired in quite a bit of bad news post-release which were already covered in said OP. Granted, said bad news are considerably much more minor compared to horror stories regarding several different game development studios (from Naughty Dog to Rockstar to CDPR to Netherrealm Studios) and games coming out in horrific half-baked states (coughs in Cyberpunk 2077). Honestly, that’s what makes that award show fiasco all the more upsetting; that abusing the living shit out of employees will ultimately guarantee a bunch of shiny trophies and no repercussions whatsoever. Plus it ends up sending a signal that “crunch = guaranteed awards”. It seems like after the Wii U days, Nintendo does keep to the family friendly side of things, but not nearly as much as they used to. And besides, several characters from M-rated franchises have already made it into Smash. And as for recent developments, it was widely theorized that the Slayer would be revealed as a future DLC fighter given that That One Awards Show landed on OG Doom’s birthday. It turned out to be one of gaming’s most recognizable and iconic antagonists, but it was still very much “not the Slayer”. And then after that, more hints were dropped that the Slayer were still a very slim possibility… only for the slot to go to more JRPG characters. I’m not going to badmouth the more recent choices of DLC fighters since it just feels petty. Though, it has been disheartening for the Doom community to be essentially be on the receiving end of a constant chorus of HOES MAD for quite some time now.
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    Why Was Quake 3 Arena Multiplayer Only?

    Interestingly, Quake 3 originally started out as something called “Quake Trinity” which would have likely involved some sort of singleplayer. If anything, I think that’s to kind of just show off the kinds of places our characters come from.