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  1. gramzilla

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    That map looks awesome! But I can't look at it without thinking of Cube 2. Cube 2 was an awesome quake 2 ripoff, but even so, it had great maps, and the textures in this shot really capture the same grungy/industrial aesthetic.
  2. gramzilla

    Anyone need a player for Dec 10th 4v4 Tournament?

    Sorry to everyone who contacted me and didn't get a response. Over the weekend, I had a family emergency that I couldn't avoid and it took up friday-late sunday. I apologize for the inconveniences I caused anyone. It was irresponsible of me to post this without planning ahead further. Thank you to everyone who sent me PM's and steam ID's. Hope the tournament was fun.
  3. So if any of you know about the TDM tournament on December 10th, and are willing to participate, contact me through PM because I would like to participate but I don't have a team yet. If you know of anyone who is participating and needs another team member, let me know, and I'll try to get in contact.
  4. gramzilla

    GZDoom Builder: Custom Things Problems!

    I was quite annoyed at this bug as well. Whenever I added a custom monster/weapon/thing of any sort to my WAD, and then opened it with GZDoom builder, it would never show up in the things menu. I tried duplicating the WAD and changing the map format to ZDoom, and that seemed to do the trick. However, that limited the range of effects and such I could use as opposed to GZDoom (Doom in UDMF/Hexen Format).
  5. gramzilla

    Doom Board Game?!

    If by "collectible" you mean "expensive", then yes, you are 100% correct.
  6. gramzilla

    Doom Board Game?!

    Yeah, I had the same problem. There seems to be a lack of specific information on the release date for some reason, but I'll do some research.
  7. gramzilla

    Doom 2016 Animation - Funny

    If any of you have time, check out Claycat's doom. It's quite cheesy, and the humor is dryer than the Sahara, but the claymation work is stunningly detailed and definitely worth mentioning.
  8. gramzilla

    Ultra-Ultrawide Doom

    There are tonnes of these "Doom on []" videos out there, it's ridiculously awesome the stuff some people make. One guy got it running on an ATM, and there's a version for texas instruments graphing calculator. This definitely takes the cake, though.
  9. gramzilla

    Doom Board Game?!

    After reading about the gameplay, it seems like a pretty cool idea. Also, the physical snapmap stuff looks awesome, it's definitely on my wish list.
  10. gramzilla

    Doom Board Game?!

    It has come to my attention that there is now a DOOM BOARD GAME available for preorder at $80. I've just spent the last half hour reading about it here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/11/8/rip-them-to-shreds/ Frankly, I'm surprised that there aren't any threads here about it at all, so I thought I would like to get some more opinions on this concept from Doomworld forums, considering how recent this game is. That said, what DO you people think of a DOOM Board game? Is it too tacky? or is it a fresh idea, a new angle? I want to hear some discussion.
  11. gramzilla

    New Doom blog/site

    thank you for pointing that out. When I was editing the site, I noticed that my formatting would not work correctly unless the menu that is used to navigate is off to the left, and so I decided that it would be a good place for it. However, i didn't anticipate this bug. I'll work on fixing it and keeping the formatting as well, and again, thank you so much for making this problem clear to me. UPDATE: I fixed the page, and now the menu resides in the header of the site. I'm glad you caught that, or else I'd have a lot of confused visitors.
  12. gramzilla

    New Doom blog/site

    Thanks for the tip, raymoonhawk. I'll fix that right away. UPDATE: The site has been changed. I appreciate the feedback!
  13. gramzilla

    New Doom blog/site

    Holy Caco, I totally forgot to post the link. I apologize! the URL is https://thedoomconnoisseur.wixsite.com/thedoomconnoisseur . I can't believe I forgot that, thanks for pointing it out.
  14. gramzilla

    New Doom blog/site

    Hey there Doomworld, I have recently created a website of sorts using Wix, and I would like to share it with you guys. It is pretty basic stuff, and it revolves around me posting stuff I may find interesting and sharing cool wads and mods, and anything else Doom-related. I am posting this here because I would love to hear ideas for posts and constructive criticism on the layout and content. (And no, I am not trying to replace/rip off/copy Doomworld.) That said, try not to judge it too hard, as I have never created my own website before. Another side note: I may only be able to update it bi-weekly or on an irregular basis. Thanks, - The Connoisseur
  15. gramzilla

    ZDoom scripting help

    Thanks for the help. I'll know for next time to make my maps in UDMF.