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  1. Hello. I just want to talk about something that bothers me a lot both in real life as well as on the Internet..

    First of all, imagine that you like making jokes a lot. In general, you're not very serious and usually you're just trying to be funny. Some people find your humour funny, some people not really and just ignore it. But here's the issue: there're people who find your jokes unfunny, very stupid and maybe even offensive.. and they just can't ignore you, no. They always complain about you, they want you to stop, they look at you like you're an idiot and some of them even behave really hostile towards you, bully you, and stuff like that..

    Well, this is the problem i'm having right now. I've just began my first year at university and there're a lot of people in my group. Unfortunately, i'm quite bad at controlling my thoughts and on few occasions when we were discussing stuff, i said some stupid things that i thought were funny. I don't want to go over the details of what exactly i was saying, but let's just say that it resulted in quite a lot of people from my group to think that i'm retarded. Some of them outright said that i'm a degenerate. Basically, i think i've ruined relationship with the majority of my group.

    Now, the question: is it my fault that i'm so 'bad' at humour and i should really become more serious and stop doing it, or is it fault of my groupmates in that they just can't react in adequate way to what i say and i should just ignore them? I do have two friends in my group who actually understand me and think that everything is ok with me. But that's just two people in a group of 30+ people. Should i just stick to those two friends and just ignore everyone else, or should i somehow try to improve relations with the rest of the group?

    Unfortunately, this isn't the first time this thing happens to me. The same situation happened during my time in school, and quite a long time ago i used to be a part of a similar gaming community and i quited it because some people just disliked the stuff i posted and wanted me to leave, which i did (well, you see, back in the day i was a bit immature: i used to post useless topics, trash posts, bait posts and other bad stuff, but that was very long time ago and i've improved a lot, really).

    So, the question remains: should i really become more serious so that people won't think that i'm a moron, or should i just ignore people who dislike me and keep behaving the way i want to behave?

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    2. joe-ilya


      Make your jokes subtle and not forced, always works for me.

      Examples : "Here comes the KKK/devil" (say it when you drop three kings\sixes at a cards game)

    3. Tracer


      ^Heh. I do that. I call it the Klansman's Hand and The Devil's Hand.

    4. ClumsyDoomer


      Stopping communicating with people is the best solution