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  1. lil'devil

    What's your favourite texture?

    (note: this thread is meant to be serious, so don't just mindlessly say "FIREBLU! FIREBLU!") My favourite texture is TEKGREN2 and it's varieties. It's quite cool-looking, clean and isn't as dark as most other metal textures. Ideal for a cool futuristic lab or something like that.
  2. On Steam both mission packs are sold separately.
  3. I, personally, enjoyed Dissolution of Eternity as much as Scourge of Armagon, so i think it's worth getting.
  4. lil'devil

    Doomworld Mega Project 2016 (v2 is on /idgames)

    Thank you, i'll watch that as soon as i get home. Well, i've decided that i will update the map again. I think i should make a more climactic ending to the map (some sort of epic arena battle), and rework certain areas a bit lot (SSG secret in particular) and, of course, implement skill levels. I hope you people are not tired of playtesting my map over and over again (i, honestly, am tired a bit). :)
  5. lil'devil

    Doomworld Mega Project 2016 (v2 is on /idgames)

    Thanks for testing! I've fixed the door bug and marked SSG entrance lines 1-sided. Here's the bugfixed version (i also updated the original post so that people won't download the bugged version): https://www.dropbox.com/s/axvuhoqt5r1lodr/lildevil2.wad?dl=0 As for the rest, maybe i'll have enough time to fix the balance and improve the map further, we'll see..
  6. lil'devil

    Doomworld Mega Project 2016 (v2 is on /idgames)

    Here's an updated version of my map: https://www.dropbox.com/s/axvuhoqt5r1lodr/lildevil2.wad?dl=0 (the map is still Vanilla, and the total building time is now 21 days, if that's important). Here's a sort of changelog: 1) The map is now more difficult: the amount of monsters increased, concentration of sergeants and chaingunners is now higher, more traps were added. 2) I also expanded the map a bit, added more locations, as well as more secrets. 3) SSG introduced to the map, but it's very well hidden. (Un)fortunately, once you find it, the rest of the map will be much easier, so it can be a game breaker. Berserk pack is also a secret-only weapon now. 4) Fixed minor bugs from previous version, removed useless monsters, changed keycard/switch puzzles a little bit. One 'bug' remained: you still can't get 100% kills in this map (if you make it to the end you'll see why:) ). There's one drawback though: in this version all skill levels are the same. I just didn't bother balancing them all, too difficult and boring for me. Maybe i will release another update to the map in future, with skill levels implement and stuff, but unfortunately, this is unlikely, because i'm afraid soon i will be removed from the Internet (real life stuff really gets in the way), so this maybe is the last version. Also it would be cool if someone recorded a FDA or something, i just want to see how others play it. :)
  7. lil'devil

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I really like that sky, FragMan!
  8. lil'devil

    What's your favourite texture?

    Why do you like green so much, bzzrak? Green is not a creative color!
  9. lil'devil

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    It seems that i can only create one new thread per day. Does this limit apply to everyone or only to new members?
  10. lil'devil

    Did you see the new MS Paint?

    I don't think i'll ever start using something other than paint.net for image editing. I just got used to it so much. Though, i do rarely use Gimp 2 for stuff that paint.net can't do.
  11. lil'devil

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Just realised that lost soul's thing size is 32x56, same as player's. Why couldn't the devs give it smaller, more appropriate size? The problem is that you can't put it in a small alcove (with 32x32x32 size, for example) without it getting stuck. :(
  12. lil'devil

    favorite movie monster?

    Monsters from The Thing look really scary snd cool. Never watched it, but i'm tempted to.
  13. lil'devil

    Favorite DOOM II map?

    You mean Map 33: Betray from the Xbox version? I haven't played it, but i've heard this map, along with another Xbox exclusive E1M10: Sewers, are not really good, but i dunno..
  14. lil'devil

    Things that bother you about Doom

    It always bothered me that monsters don't get hurt by damaging floors.. It's ok that demons don't get hurt by lava, because they're hellspawn after all, but then why zombies don't get hurt by lava? They're still humans, just possessed. And why do no monsters get hurt by the toxic slime? I mean they're made of flesh, c'mon, even doomguy, who's in armor, gets hurt by it.
  15. lil'devil

    Doom map generator

    A bit off-topic. but since Oblige (from what i've heard) can make really impressive maps, what if someone would exploit it and create maps in Oblige and tell everyone it's their work? Is there some way to differentiate Oblige-created maps from human-created ones?
  16. lil'devil

    Tactical or assault: Which one are you?

    If the game/wad is easy i go assault, if it's hard then i play cautiously and tactical.
  17. lil'devil

    Doomworld Mega Project 2016 (v2 is on /idgames)

    The texturing is impressive. The map name is pretty cool, too. I'll probably play it sometime soon, although i'm not really a fan of slaughter(-ish) maps.
  18. lil'devil

    Deathmatch Doors

    As far as i know in Doom DM you're given all keys from the start, too.
  19. lil'devil

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I really like that, it reminds me of System Shock's Cyberspace for some reason.
  20. lil'devil

    Create new revenant variants.

    Revenants are known for having a loud scream when they spot the player, but how about making a type of a revenant that would shriek so loud that it would gib everyone in a large radius.
  21. lil'devil

    How to block noise of doors/platforms?

    What port are you mapping for? If it's Vanilla then i'm afraid there's no way of silencing the doors other than placing them very far away from the trigger lines so that the player won't hear the sound because of the large distance. Just to clarify: 'block sound' lines are only used to make the monsters not hear the player, they don't block the actual sound.
  22. Then.. why does idgames archive have that limit?
  23. What ports, aside from (G)ZDoom, support wad names longer than 8 characters? I really don't like shortening my wads' names to fit this limit. 8 characters is too short, imo. Upd: well, looks like PrBoom+ supports wad names with more than 8 characters.
  24. lil'devil

    Things that bother you about Doom

    It really bothers me that there're no hanging ceiling lamps in Doom. Wolf3D had them, so why not have them in Doom? I also think that Doom lacks human-made decorations. There're so many demon-made decorations and various corpse decorations, but the only human made ones are lamps and barrels. It would've been much better if they had added various lab equipment and engineering stuff as decorations. Another thing that bothers me is bad weapons/monsters progression in Doom 2, i mean on UV every weapon and monster is introduced by map 11, which means that for the rest 2/3 of the game you won't encounter anything new. It makes the game much more boring. Doom 3, for example, didn't have that mistake, as you keep encountering new monsters and stuff until about 80% into the game.