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  1. If the file structure is the same, then I’d wager that mods would work. The biggest issue would probably be version compatibility, so if your DRM-free .exe is the one that was accidentally shipped with the game at launch, something like Master Campaign likely won’t work since it was designed around later updates.
  2. Well, two days later and I've gotten the hang of messing with mods. For being an entirely unofficial, community-made way of injecting files, the process is more straightforward than I presumed. Downloaded the Master Campaign with recommended tweaks, and the game felt like new. Whenever you're ready to release 1.0, I'll be eager to give it a shot :v)
  3. I thought I recognized your name, then remembered that I watched a few of your videos some time back because I was trying to implement 3D audio for Unreal Gold and retail Half Life. Nice to see you here, and nice to see that Eternal already has a burgeoning mod scene. D16 has been out for almost 5 years, and I don't think I ever saw any overhaul mods of this scale for it, especially not less than a year into the game's life. I'm guessing the Nudoom mod community hangs out on ModDB or Nexus? I'll look into how installation for this stuff works. Would be nice sink more hours into the game, as cosmetic events aren't exactly something worth playing for.

    Female Slayer

    I remember seeing crazy pre-release speculation/baseless rumors about how the DLC would have the player as Crash during the events of one of the new games, fighting with a hybrid of Quake 3/D2016 multiplayer/whatever mechanics and weapons. It sounded very neat and very unlikely, and TAG of course kibosh'd the idea. To mirror the journo, don't get your hopes up. There's still a bunch of stuff that's higher on the list, like the obvious TAG2 and seemingly-still-happening Invasion Mode, along with general bug fixing and whatever else id is planning to do. like making Battlemode good :^) Not to mention the whole coronavirus thing putting a major damper on them. Shoving in an entire new playstyle any time soon would be nuts. Anyways, I found this art:

    Terrible Names For Things In Doom

    Cyberdemon = Tyrant Spider Mastermind = Aranea Imperatrix wait
  6. You jest, but 2 or 3 years ago I threw together a notepad file on potential sprite fixes for other Doom engine games, Chex included. I don't have the file on hand, and don't remember where it is, but I think a conclusion was made, in that it would probably be impossible to decide what's an error and what isn't. I also came to the conclusion that no one actively plays Chex Quest, so it would be wasted effort.

    Doom Eternal Email Survey from Bethesda

    Invasion Mode? There was a brief segment for this idea in one of the many pre-release showcases, and then it was seemingly never brought up again. I figured that, sometime during the game's delay from 2019 to 2020, it got retooled into Battlemode or Empowered Demons because id either didn't like what was made or they didn't have time to polish it up. Nice to know that it's still on the table. In fact, this survey looks like a sign of them being open to updates/patches/feature additions. The faraway hope for any form of mod support is still in the air, but this'll do fine.

    Difference between Barons of Hell and Hell Knights

    Hell Knights have more opportunities to be used in a map without frustrating the player, at the expense of sounding way less cool.
  9. He certainly seems to be a contender for "most hated enemy in Eternal" along with the Archvile, Whiplash, and that purple goo if it counts. I struggled during the first encounter because all I knew was to "shoot during the green glow," I didn't know about the ghost dog or the dashing. Once I figured out his favorite pattern of axe beam->dash->attack, things became much easier. All I had to do was charge up the Ballista Arbalest mod and fire it, switch to SSG and fire, then quickly switch back to Ballista for another shot. I think doing this combo twice or maybe three times will kill a Marauder on Nightmare. I've also heard that you can cheese him with two BFG shots: You fire one into the distance, which causes him to hunker down and shield the tendrils, then you walk around into his exposed part and fire another BFG round, killing him. That said, he can be a bit unpredictable, I've had him dash straight behind me just to unload his shotgun into my back, and I don't know if his wolf is spawned randomly or by hurting him in a specific way. Just be grateful you aren't this guy:
  10. DELUXE

    DE poised to come out a day early due to virus

    This could be purely GameStop's idea, or id might have told them to do it without posting an update on their Twitter or something. I wonder if this affects purely digital copies as well. I saw on Eternal's Steam home page that the game unlocks on the 20th, but the preload in my library says the 19th. That's either an error on my end, or I'm about to have a very different Thursday.
  11. personally, he looks more like a necron with the right-handed weapon and the hover platform.
  12. DELUXE

    Eternal possibly removes the pistol?

    This thread just made me realize they haven’t revealed the pistol yet. Maybe they thought showing it off would be boring? All the weapons shown off so far (besides the Ballista I think) have their two interesting mods that change how the gun works, and I don’t really know how what mods the pistol could have. You might be right with the Q1 style shotgun start. Between an armblade, shoulder mounted flamethrower/grenade launcher, and shotgun, maybe they found the pistol to be redundant? Or like D44M did with certain weapons, it’s been relegated to multiplayer-only.
  13. DELUXE

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Important update on monster anatomy. I apologize for the misinfo, and regret to inform that the Shambler does not share the same textures that the Cyberdemon does. In fact, there is no rump on the poor creature whatsoever! This friendly Shambler from Scourge of Armagon turned his back on me to take care of some Vores, and that's when I noticed my error. Given that I said the original picture was from 4chan, the uploader of the image may have given his Shambler a personal buttock lift to satiate his own Lovecraftian fantasies.
  14. DELUXE

    Things about Doom you just found out

    An Anon on 4chan posted this close-up picture of the Shambler's behind from Quake, and another Anon responded by posting the Cyberdemon's behind as a comparison. Noting that they looked nice, plump, and similar, a third Anon made the joke that it was a "reused ASSet." I decided to look deeper. I resized and flipped CYBRD5, slapped it next to the Shambler, and lo and behold.