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  1. *looking at EA*
  2. http://www.musicradar.com/news/gibson-ends-development-of-cakewalk-music-software I'm no music producer or anything, but if any of you ever use it please share the experience.
    a Classic.
  3. Etomana map05. Didn't really know why I wanted to start it from the exit area.
  4. months later, still on Etomana map04 (only now I got some inspirations to continue) Shoutout to @Myst.Haruko for teaching me how to add more salts. PS: There's a berserk pack in front of baron's closet.
  5. used to play it. even have a plat business deal with someone in the game. I stopped for health reasons that made me can't grind that long anymore :(
  6. Wyatt ending is epic. But I like Fergus' ending. It's cheesy.
  7. CHAPTER Z(ERO) - just 2 pages https://www.dropbox.com/s/1jqcn29lkrfluit/Chapter z.zip?dl=0 Well, I originally want to draw a personal cyberpunk comic about an ex military, now a full time relic hunter in search of her memories. But since my drawing skill is CWC tier of shit, so I wrote some kind of play script instead. The rest is up to your imagination. :D might continue if I got a good feedback.
  8. Brutal doom somehow in my opinion became an entry level mod for someone who new to Doom/2. Which is not a bad thing at all. Not a fan and (I can't believe I said this) whatever Sarge did in the past people who hates him has to put it behind. He seems more professional on his stuff now.
  9. fucking meta
  10. I think you posted on the wrong board but congrats anyway :D
    4 stars because I'm a fucking idiot overwritten my saves with another wad. I gave up on finish it because I was on map 28 when I lost my save files. I admire such gameplay flow, architecture, and stuff. Man, how did you guys do it? Not a fan of map24 though. With all those switch hunting and stuff. I spent like 1 hour plus on map24 alone, please prepare salt if you starting this map. I cheated my way out of the map and I got "SUCKS" remark on the intermission screen haha. final score 5/5
  11. okay, I'm kinda lost here.


  12. aye, uploaded another fix. This should be the final version: added a little more salt at the red key area, removed blue armor, added another mancubus at the final area and moved the archville behind the exit door. also increased the rocket count :D. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vy2ftsxkyb2q9y2/emeraldjail_c_maybefinal.zip?dl=0
  13. done another fixes and made some improvement. - medkits at the middle corridor, and one in a exit from "L" hallway to the outside area are removed - almost every medkits in the map are removed; replaced by a soulsphere in the secret area (should I remove the blue armor?) - Leenda is still inaccessible - secret tag removed - removed shellboxes in the most areas; replaced by rockets and one single rocket box near the vile trap. - follow @rdwpa's suggestion -making the 3 imp in the said area rise up out of the floor - enlarged the first floor at the red key area added some monsters, closet, and teleporting monster. - removed chaingunners and left only one. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mr919zrxo916qtw/emeraldjail_b.zip?dl=0