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  1. I'm a pleb for playing it on easy mode :I my shit piece of junk with GT610 had a hard time running it below 40fps. Love the atmosphere love the art that I hate; spectres in dark places. hates that blood spitting skeletons. 9/10. this should be an insta-cacoward :D
  2. Both. But I only "freelook" (basically both are the same but whatever floats your boat bud) when playing gameplay mod occasionally.
  3. dropped 3x3 to another day because it's stupid. begin a new project called Colony MTD - 360NS :D gotta take it slow this time



    1. MrGlide


      test early, test often, and test for the lowest Source port you're looking to have compatability for.

    2. MrGlide


      Also, I didn't think 3x3 was stupid, just needed some fixing.

    3. R1ck


      I placed 3x3 back into long term project that I only do when I free. I called it stupid because the layout is too small. maybe if I make it bigger. :D


      As for the source port, this wad has lots, lots of vents in it. :D

    4. R1ck


      it's a great reminder though, thanks :D

    5. MrGlide


      I thought the size of it was just fine honestly.

  4. Question: how can I make something not that linear but somehow enjoyable. 

    1. MrGlide


      Create completely optional areas. Give areas that you can do in different orders.

    2. an_mutt


      Optional areas are good, yeah. Always important to have a satisfying payoff to exploring an optional area, imo, so that the player doesn't feel like they've wasted their time exploring an off-shoot. Even if it's something like small like some cool scenery, or some additional monsters to kill, stuff like that.

    3. Battle_Kirby


      Either make a hub area, or "multiple paths to the objective", or both intertwined (like you can explore two or three paths first but it keeps on unlocking as you go).

    4. Dragonfly


      Build a 'large deathmatch map' that is totally open, then convert it into a single player map. That's my mentality when trying to make non-linear maps.

    5. Phade102

      Hi R1ck, a good idea could also be to have multiple ways to get to the objective. so lets say you have three keys in your map. make it so that the keys have 2 or more ways to access them. If you would like an idea of what i'm saying, I made a map for my wad Experiement Zero, map03 that does just that. its not amazing, but maybe it will inspire you?

    6. R1ck


      very good advice from you guys. Yes, I'm figuring out how to work on "multiple paths to objectives". there's a reasonable amount of people who dislikes exploring, searching for keys etc. I'm trying to make keys are not necessary to get into places. unorthodox if you ask me. 

    7. Battle_Kirby


      I remember making button puzzles to counter key hunts. Also, maybe you can use the keys to promote exploration? Or even better, use the keys to make shortcuts, like, if the player stumbles upon a red keycard, he can now just skip the entire hallway by just stepping into a teleporter or opening a safer and cleaner and shorter hallway, so if the map requires a lot of backtracking, the keys aren't really required to win, but sure would help.

    8. bzzrak


      Is it some sort of fashion to make non-linear maps? What's wrong with linearity? And what's wrong with you people?

  5. Playing holy hell + project msx can be a great therapy for me. Especially when the exploding fist gauge thing were full and smash bunch of them cacos out of oblivion. 

  6. well if my core2quad + GT610 + 2GBDDR2 can run it why not yours @ShotgunDemolition? Damn it, Ninja'd
  7. been waiting for a while for this. let's see if my piece of shit toaster can handle the advance lighting of gzdoom :p
  8. oh look, an old cringy first slaughtermap that I've made last year. I think it'd be good if I refresh some of it.









  9. i'm not a fan of rap but sir, if you're a MMORPG item you'd be legendary.
  10. rarely took a picture. this picture is 2 months old :I
  11. yeah, the tittle says it all. I somehow got error 200 while uploading a picture so here's stuff from imgur :I
  12. He didn't died, it's just God has a race bike for him to race in the afterlife. 

    RIP Nicky Hayden. 

  13. Play it with project msx + brutal doom or Russian Overkill just for the hell of it.
  14. kinda continuation from my last post

    last sunday night, there was a thunder storm here in my place and I was fell asleep. when I woke up on the next morning for work, the tree branch in front of my house were broke and it was like that for 2 days. gotta take this away before weekend because fasting season will start.


    1. MrGlide


      is everything ok?

    2. R1ck


      it's fine. but It'll take days to take out the branch :I