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  1. R1ck

    Let's Be Revealing

    I forgot I i ever post in this thread. However I think I changed over time (at least from the time this thread first post) so here's mine Favorite Movie Genre: Action, slapstick comedy, noir, sci-fi Favorite Food: I'm an asian, so rice? Favorite Holiday: eid Favorite Memory: the time I became less edgy and start actually making friend circa 06-07 when I was at secondary Worst Memory: having my girlfriend died on road accident. am still single Age: 28 Favorite Outfit: my denim jacket Favorite Genre Of Music: Power metal, black metal, synthwave, Most Hated Genre of Music: nothing really Left Handed or Right Handed: Left Worst Injury: fell off into a manhole because someone stole the cover (steel is expensive I heard) and broke my arm Favorite Hobby: Playing video games or listening to music. Your Definition of Success: just keep grinding I guess. In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: yes and no
  2. yes, I'm well aware of that.
  3. R1ck

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    not stupid at all. can be a great TC changing all the monsters sound to D_RUNNIN
  4. R1ck

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    you have too much ideas >:( a Shrek mod
  5. R1ck

    "weapon reskin" mod?

    is there any weapon mod that has no (or maybe slight) change in gameplay whatsoever? The only one I know is Eriguns. but the guns in that mod is buffed up a little (rip english)
  6. the first ting comes into my mind when seeing this is a scarecrow made by science lab's skeleton
  7. don't really hate them, accept when one of them came to me from behind.
  8. but I liked Revs though. they are fun to fight
  9. I don't get it, why people hates lost souls like their ex? it's a good monster imo. those archvilles in the other hand, that thing is always scared the shit out of me.
  10. R1ck

    What baits players to play your maps

    the word "baited" is kinda overstatement imo. this. Also, learn how to git gud in doing maps (that I still sucked on(how to make shit asymmetrical again?))
  11. one of the 3 maps map pack I been working on since forever. still sucked on how to make shit asymmetrical, might hide the flaws with lighting
  12. R1ck

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Me and @Nash I just back from his house earlier today. great guy
  13. R1ck

    [DOOM 2] warmup speedmap

    I haven't touch DB2 in ages and I made something in less than an hour. tested with final zdoom (I mean the version before it discontinued) editor used: Doom builder 2, Slade Midi: Burzum - Dunkelheit https://www.dropbox.com/s/rpmntk04gfomral/rickspeed.wad?dl=0 Have fun :D oh btw, I did not do a teleporter on the lava pit on purpose.