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  1. Now it's the time for a change The days of your childhood are gone The fool and the wise man will burn at the stake Confusion remaining too long

  2. it's 4am here. :)
  3. was fooling around and studying for new layout in builder and kinda got this haha.



    1. Phade102


      What a strange shape. Like, strange as in it almost LOOKS like something, like a cross between an elephant and a teapot.

    2. TootsyBowl


      "I bet it's a dick."

      >is not a dick

      +1 faith in humanity

    3. Ichor


      It looks like a company logo.


      dpw inc. Making hallways for Doom maps since 1998.

  4. Or something like that. So no. Considering there's no mod support for Doom '16 yet. Even so you have to pay for it Thanks to creation club.
  5. Also, I just learned that Nash Mohandes is also a Malaysian. If I can get to him we might can hang out together. :D

  6. Kreator is coming to Singapore. Guess who will be broke for cross country again?

  7. Five weaboos formed a trash metal band named Megadesu
  8. >Follows Scott Miller on Facebook. 

    >The only thing he post is religious stuff. 


    Well okay then. 

  9. Done that. :D
  10. I remember playing this when I was looking for a game that under 1gb to play because that time I'm using 4G to get to the net. it's an arcade multiplayer shooter (although I only know how to LAN this game). It's a cool game to play with friends though. here's the screenshot:
  11. stupid question: so, if we ripped out someone's Counter Strike skin into our weapon mod, it'd be apropriate to credit him/her even we're from different game, right?

    1. Phade102


      Yes, absolutely. Anything that is in your mod that was not made by you should be credited to the original authors. Since its a counter strike skin, Valve should also bee credited.

  12. @anotak sir, I think you just invented a new wad genre.
  13. that feel when I forgot to save my shotgun mod and I have to do it all over from scratch. ugh....

    The good thing is I got to improve the sprite..
    this is the current sprite.... ripped from cs 1.6


    1. leodoom85


      You know what's worse? that any editor crash when you save...

    2. MarsHappyNation


      This is the reason I save religiously whenever I'm working on anything.

  14. please don't