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  1. R1ck

    the f#ck that thread

    fuck my mappers block
  2. R1ck


    I see no one making a Prodeus thread so I'm making one. btw congrats @Dragonfly I heard you craft the levels in the game congrats for the launch :D Haven't manage to play it yet but I know it's going to be good
  3. I just dislikes the bruh moment-jrpg tier ending
  4. R1ck

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    that's more like it
  5. R1ck

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    I don't really mind if it's dark souls style invasion like they did show in trailer but battlemode kinda threw me off tbh
  6. AAA- Fallout 76 B - WolfCollosus Indie - Hunt Down the refund
  7. R1ck

    Megawad of the decade?

    Ancient Aliens Valiant Eviternity BTSXep1
  8. - revive my etomana project with different backstory and not releasing it until I done all 9 maps - eat healty - stay off coffee and take a break when I need it point 2 and 3 is crucial for point 1 so that's why I include it
  9. it's mediocre. not good, not bad. just mediocre until I saw the part where they trying to be appealing for some alphabets community. look, I'm all for being gay and shit because I don't care but if they want to make the casts gay they should've been do it since ep7 as long as the backstory is good :/
  10. R1ck

    Matching a MIDI with a Map – Visuals or Gameplay?

    Gameplay. love me some @TerminusEst13 midi playlist mod when playing slaughtermap :D
  11. R1ck

    Steam Winter sale 2019

    bought doom '16. but can't play it until I buy a good pc to play on *cries in lenovo T400*
  12. R1ck


    I like it. though there are certain areas that were a total dick to me. I like it. or maybe tight corners are just my kind of thing