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  1. CHAPTER Z(ERO) - just 2 pages https://www.dropbox.com/s/1jqcn29lkrfluit/Chapter z.zip?dl=0 Well, I originally want to draw a personal cyberpunk comic about an ex military, now a full time relic hunter in search of her memories. But since my drawing skill is CWC tier of shit, so I wrote some kind of play script instead. The rest is up to your imagination. :D might continue if I got a good feedback.
  2. Brutal doom somehow in my opinion became an entry level mod for someone who new to Doom/2. Which is not a bad thing at all. Not a fan and (I can't believe I said this) whatever Sarge did in the past people who hates him has to put it behind. He seems more professional on his stuff now.
  3. R1ck


    I think you posted on the wrong board but congrats anyway :D
  4. R1ck

    TNT: Revilution

    4 stars because I'm a fucking idiot overwritten my saves with another wad. I gave up on finish it because I was on map 28 when I lost my save files. I admire such gameplay flow, architecture, and stuff. Man, how did you guys do it? Not a fan of map24 though. With all those switch hunting and stuff. I spent like 1 hour plus on map24 alone, please prepare salt if you starting this map. I cheated my way out of the map and I got "SUCKS" remark on the intermission screen haha. final score 5/5
  5. okay, I'm kinda lost here.


  6. R1ck

    Recycled Community Project (RC available)

    aye, uploaded another fix. This should be the final version: added a little more salt at the red key area, removed blue armor, added another mancubus at the final area and moved the archville behind the exit door. also increased the rocket count :D. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vy2ftsxkyb2q9y2/emeraldjail_c_maybefinal.zip?dl=0
  7. [I thought I want to post this in Doom General or Wads & mods forums but I think this topic could be expanded to different thing] cyberbeg for using patreon and shit for developing a mod is a totally questionable ethic, yes. But hat if they come to a modder and asking them to make a mod to their liking, is that also unethical to charge them some sort of commission charge or something? My take on this is simple, let's take a digital artists for example. they charge certain amount of money from people who want to draw some anime tiddies artwork from them. And yet they can draw a comic strip or something like that and upload it to their facebook pages or something for free (for the sake of the context, ignore the fact that some of them are also set up patreon accounts). I just want to know the community's take and stance on this. Friendly PSA: I didn't intended to do such a thing at all. my skills and knowledge is not even at you guys' level so it's really stupid for me to set up a patreon account nor charge people for a mod.
  8. R1ck

    Recycled Community Project (RC available)

    done another fixes and made some improvement. - medkits at the middle corridor, and one in a exit from "L" hallway to the outside area are removed - almost every medkits in the map are removed; replaced by a soulsphere in the secret area (should I remove the blue armor?) - Leenda is still inaccessible - secret tag removed - removed shellboxes in the most areas; replaced by rockets and one single rocket box near the vile trap. - follow @rdwpa's suggestion -making the 3 imp in the said area rise up out of the floor - enlarged the first floor at the red key area added some monsters, closet, and teleporting monster. - removed chaingunners and left only one. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mr919zrxo916qtw/emeraldjail_b.zip?dl=0
  9. making a perfect teleporting monsters is so frustrating. I tried all sorts of method including drag the monsters towards the teleport flag using floor texture scroll flag thing.

    man, this is so frustrating.

    1. Misty


      It would be easier if you would use joined sector method. Draw monster closet with small triangle, which will be joined with teleporter. Like in this picture. Draw two lines, that will teleport monsters in your map. One line must face monsters, second line bigger triangle or corner(like you're making door in map). Give same tag to "ear", teleporter lines and main teleport sector in main map. Don't forget add teleport fog actor. Join teleporter in map and "ear" with "j" key. Use teleporter action only for monsters. Also, for small delay, I added gates, which will be lowered when player trigger specific line (idk, how efficient this gate method is, but it works for me). If I'm wrong, someone help me to fix this. 

    2. R1ck


      so the "ear" you were talking about is the small triangle on the top like shown picture, right?

    3. Misty


      Yes, that's right.

  10. okay, okay, let's take it this way: there's this kind of people- "Hey guys I'm making [insert mod here] and it will be taking a while, I need money from you guys so I can eat stuff in between." (salt needed. interpretation may differ) then there's this kind of people- "Hey guys, our team is working for [insert mod here] and I feel bad for them working free so I need you guys to give any amount of money for them" and there's- "Excuse me, you are a modder for [insert game here] right? what kind of mod can you make for me if I give you 9001 dollars?" One of them is clearly conducting an unethical practice (at least for me that is).
  11. R1ck

    Recycled Community Project (RC available)

    Done quick fixing based on what @rdwpa pointed out. -changed PLAT1 texture to SUPPORT2, replaced the sky (I somehow let that slipped lol) -changed the secret flag -replaced shotgun to RL (yeah, since there's Shotgunguy there there early game to drop it) -removed the formers and replaced it with a HK and few imps -removed meat shields on L shaped hallway accept for HK -respositioned Chaingunner and imps -removed 2 mancubi and replaced it with imps and the formers -removed secret flags at "LEENDA" and that area is now inaccessible. Let me know if I missed more things, man. I appreciate your help :D https://www.dropbox.com/s/ioquej1f6debjrq/emeraldjail_a.zip?dl=0
  12. some countries like mine won't allowed camera in a courtroom. yeah, that profession is somehow made it today. @Maes gave me a very interesting insight. and sorry for using the word "begging" though, I don't know other word to put it.
  13. R1ck

    Recycled Community Project (RC available)

    yeah, actually I've been messing around this map since January before my old computer was fried. I saw the chance I can put this map into this project so why not haha.
  14. R1ck

    Recycled Community Project (RC available)

    Old map: Project Purgotary - https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/90914-project-purgotary-map-132/#comment-1673214 Overhaul: Emerald Jail - https://www.dropbox.com/s/45rgjq4ikc3c9d6/emerald.zip?dl=0 Build time: 10 months like that skill levels implemented: Yes, up to -skill 4 coop:No DM: No!! texture packs used: no MIDI used: Rough and Tumble by Akira Saito (midi by alluro95, download from http://alluro95.tripod.com/MIDIMusic/Raidenmidi.htm) Rick: This map was original made by me with not enough knowledge of doom mapping and it's embarrasing. Time for some epic designed overhaul and atone the old sins :p Sreenshot just in case people need it:
  15. ^well, sort of.. but at the same time it's not that wrong since we pay commissions to the modder to make a mod to our liking.
  16. yeah, yeah, I get it. you don't like annoying flying skeltal.

  17. Dear dadmins, please move this to any existing thread or subforum just in case if there was a same kind of thread already exist. Okay, gotta do this before I head to bed. Post your updated wad backlog here. Here's mine - updated 16/10/17 based on wad reviews lol 1 - TNT: rEvilution - (playing, currently on map20) 2 - Scythe 2 3 - The Beginning of the end pt 1 4 - Ascension 5 - BTSX episode 1 (unfinished, replay with different playstyle. can't even get passed map04 HMP I'm a pleb smh) PS: might get back to OP and edit any grammatical error when I'm sober :I
  18. I sign into DW so I can talk about maps and shit professionally. Of course a talk about other stuff occasionally is fun. DW is perfect for that.
  19. R1ck

    Am I the only one who just fucking HATES puzzles?

    as much as I hate to admit it, me too hates puzzles. but I prefer salt over sugar ":D
  20. Complete overhaul for this map; Emerald Tower - Jail. For Recycled Community Project. Progress is real slow due to broken wrist :( PS: It's my own map. NEW: OLD:
  21. I know most people disabled status update, but I'm going to miss this place. I will not be around for a while. don't know for how long.