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Everything posted by R1ck

  1. R1ck

    Why you should NOT hate the pistol

    Valiant's Pistol > Vanilla Pistol
  2. I'd play any slaughtermaps with that amount of monters but then again Holy Hell alone is too much for my computer
  3. Here we go again, huh. - Keyboard only on vanilla and prboom - Mouselook on gzdoom - freelook on gzdoom + any over the top mods.
  4. R1ck

    Post a picture of yourself!

    oh, it's October. Time to post this one.. taken last month. A rare Spooky skeleton is preparing his troop for another great skeleton war!
  5. R1ck

    Most recent movie you saw

    I rarely go to cinema due to a tight budget and my shit movie taste. I went watching Blade Runner 2049 and it was beautifully made. The twist is not Syamalan shit tier of twist and I only get half of what the movie trying to tell me. 10/10 would watch again - IGN.
  6. R1ck

    Recycled Community Project (RC available)

    Oh boy, I just got into an accident and I broke by right wrist and kinda unable to use the mouse with that hand. I'll stop mapping for Etomana for this because it will take time. :/
  7. TNTr is just pure evil map20 onwards. never had this much salt. >:(


    and please don't take things personal over a forum feature

    1. Phade102


      Habitat is amazing.

    2. Chickensoup101


      I really need to beat TNT, though....

  8. I'm not good at comparing shit but a digital artists selling their art that based from the original content (let's take fan art as a game mod here) and selling it is.... idk, perhaps wrong? I can get it is if people commissioning modders to make a mod to their tastes.
  9. speaking of which, the forum works faster in firefox now, thanks to that.
  10. It's be best this way I guess. says the one who abused it
  11. He-Man #5946 just in case if anyone ever want to add me in discord :I 


  12. R1ck

    Get Fallout 1 for Free

    speaking of irony
  13. R1ck

    Is STARTAN2 ruined forever?

    Straight outta STARTAN
  14. R1ck

    Get Fallout 1 for Free

    I'm going in blind and I didn't know what the fuck am I doing right now.
  15. R1ck

    Is STARTAN2 ruined forever?

    Somewhere in between apparently. But I've never seen someone ingeniously use STARTAN (myself included)
  16. thought will begin mapping for etomana map04 in few days but I'm just got the mood for it.



  17. the first Fallout is currently free on steam. time to play some classic post apoc rpg.

    1. Teivman
    2. Johnatone


      Thanks for the heads up. :D

  18. Experimenting on combining Joseph Dirand with BTSX maps for Etomana map04 and do some alteration so it'll not become that obvious. it's going to be the biggest map I've done yet. the layout ate like 8 1024x squares lol. I guess I'll see you guys in few weeks.
  19. R1ck

    What are you listening to?

    http://en.midimelody.ru/midi.php?str=%2Fg%2FGamma Ray%2FGamma Ray - Hell Is Thy Home.mid been listening to midi of my favorite bands a lot these days.
  20. R1ck

    [DOOM 2] etomana.wad

    NOTE: I need to fix these first 3 maps before I begin another 3 before 3 maps. Therefore feedback from crowd is appreciated :D Alright, I need to change my profile picture for this one :I Since I don't know how to explain stuff, I just cut this thing simple before I proceed to story and other details. This is going to be a 9 maps wad designed by me with some technical help from someone in this group. I just done 3 of them at the moment. I need some time to fix these first 3 maps before I can proceed to another ones. IWAD: Doom 2 format: Boom -tested with prboom plus2.5.1.4 up to UV -tested with gzdoom 3.0.1 up to UV Pistol start?: YES! Continuous?: YES! STORY: SCREENSHOTS: CREDITS (for now): Download: forgot to add download link because I'm a fucking idiot. dropbox this time.
  21. I see, the doors blocked monsters. I'm an idiot :I


    PS: Remove baron is still cool lmao.

    1. Phade102


      Ahhh I was mistaken, do you made it so monsters couldn't even get through an open door. Still, an easy mistake to make since I can see what you were aiming for. you aren't stupid though. its mistakes like these that make us a better mapper.

    2. Nevander


      I actually think monsters shouldn't open doors. I never check "when monster presses use" because it's just extra things to check and it keeps the player in control of the map in a way.

    3. Phade102


      @Nevander It depends on the monster imo. For example, you wouldn't see a mancubus or a pinky open a door. But a revenant, arch vile, or hell knight variety could easily as could an imp.

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  22. R1ck

    [DOOM 2] etomana.wad

    I see, will fix that one. And I thought having accordion version of sign of evil would be cool haha. might change that as well. But but but Helloween is cool :( Map01 is also Helloween - Savage Might have missed that one when early fixing. Will not happen again. Hey thanks, you help a lot as well and I thank you for that :D Actually Map01 was made for a Dead simple clone. but I can't get action 666 amd 667 working so I put in map01 instead :p But I know that's not the point. Thanks for the feedback. - mark the door, right. will do that :) Almost everyone said that there's too much ammo. I guess I will delete some of them. thanks @AD_79 for pointing that monster block flag. No wonder why those knights can't get out of their closet.
  23. I guess I'll take a few days break before I begin fixing those first 3 maps.

  24. Have a chill evening people. <3


    It's raining, so it's cool to play some Japanese 80s pop :D



    1. User Name
    2. Mario98x


      My fav.

      btw in rainy days I do like to listens to LOFI Hip hop,,

  25. R1ck

    Aaron "DemonSphere" Emge has passed

    I shouldn't post that. To Prevent further shitstorm, I'd take my word back.