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File Reviews posted by R1ck

  1. TNT: Revilution


    4 stars because I'm a fucking idiot overwritten my saves with another wad. I gave up on finish it because I was on map 28 when I lost my save files.


    I admire such gameplay flow, architecture, and stuff. Man, how did you guys do it?

    Not a fan of map24 though. With all those switch hunting and stuff. I spent like 1 hour plus on map24 alone, please prepare salt if you starting this map. I cheated my way out of the map and I got "SUCKS" remark on the intermission screen haha.


    final score 5/5

  2. Took me a while finishing this megawad. I dig the city maps. Good for reference although map 30 is just another Icon of Sin clone. Maybe that's what trending that time. Not a fan of map29 as well. I spent like 2 days to figure out where should I go. 4*