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  1. I don't really like to post about my life shit. But eh, whatever.

    Yeah, as the tittle said. I have one. The everyday struggle to live with few voices of women demoralized, harass. And telling me to self harm, and kill myself is real.

    I've been in hospital for a month last year's august. And I stopped the medications (without an advice of an experts) when I felt like I was fine. Until a few months ago (I believe a month after I made that WOOD wad idea thread) they came back. but I thought I can handle it myself then 2 days ago I was jumped off the 50 meters bridge near my place. I was at the point of giving everything up because "they" telling me I am sucked at everything.

    But I forgot that I actually can swim so I swam to the bank. Apparently I sucked at everything including killing myself.

    Yeah I thought on posting this here because most of my friends irl are from fucking Narnia or some shit that requires me to have a long ass road trip.

    PS: another reason I will never kill myself after this is you guys. nuff said.

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    2. Widow


      Best of luck to you Rickacid!

    3. MrGlide


      You should always take your meds, even when you're feeling better. Schizophrenia is a bitch, I'm Sorry life can be this way for some of us. you might want to check and see if they'll prescribe you anti-depressants on top of your antipsychotics if your having trouble with depression while on meds, depression isn't uncommon for schizophrenics.

      If there is anything I can try and help you with let me know, I'll be glad to help or give what advice I can.

    4. R1ck


      I don't know this considered as necroing. But I've been so busy working on my wad. Thank you so much for the support from you guys. I started back my medications. Since I lived in Malaysia, I don't need to worry about the medication cost :D