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  1. Question: how can I make something not that linear but somehow enjoyable. 

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    2. R1ck


      very good advice from you guys. Yes, I'm figuring out how to work on "multiple paths to objectives". there's a reasonable amount of people who dislikes exploring, searching for keys etc. I'm trying to make keys are not necessary to get into places. unorthodox if you ask me. 

    3. Battle_Korbi


      I remember making button puzzles to counter key hunts. Also, maybe you can use the keys to promote exploration? Or even better, use the keys to make shortcuts, like, if the player stumbles upon a red keycard, he can now just skip the entire hallway by just stepping into a teleporter or opening a safer and cleaner and shorter hallway, so if the map requires a lot of backtracking, the keys aren't really required to win, but sure would help.

    4. bzzrak


      Is it some sort of fashion to make non-linear maps? What's wrong with linearity? And what's wrong with you people?