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  1. Kojima Production having a hard time registering their staff to ITS Kenpo thanks to ITS Kenpo chairman; Kimihiko Higashio aka a director in Konami.

    this is some fucked up shit

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    2. R1ck


      Quoted from the Original article.


      "Ex-Kons are not allowed to put their Konami experience on their public resumes. "If you leave the company, you cannot rely on Konami's name to land a job," explained a former employee. If an ex-Kon is interviewed by the media, the company will send that person a letter through a legal representative, in some cases indicating that Konami is willing to take them to court."

    3. geo


      Comcast has been pretty bad to me. I was with them for Internet. Now I'm with them for everything. Their 2 year locked in price keeps going up. I told them they're in breach of contract so I'm free to leave. They told me its a service agreement, not a contract. Ah so then there's nothing legally obligating anyone to stay with them. So those early service terminations are illegal. * operator panics * uh I think you should talk with my manager. 5 minutes later. Click. They hung up.

    4. geo


      unlawful... not illegal. My bad. If only I could edit these comments. Anyway I deviated.