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  1. Spinoff conversion idea: The earth citizens that fled from the planet in Doom 2 made a settlement in a meteorite named MTD 360 NS 


    2. Tens of years passed, the settlement getting bigger


    3. Scientists discovered a virus that can corrupt the human mind and he tested it by injected himself with it.  he injected the government officials with said virus so they too can become corrupted. 


    4. A foul mouth, one liner jerk teenage girl noticed the government acting weird by funding the science team a spaceship back to Earth that might still infested with demons. Decide to investigate. 


    5. That girl messed up, got sentenced by imprisonment. Got injected just to know that the virus not affecting her, but makes her somehow smarter and stronger. 


    666. Girl decides to escape and shit gets worse. 

    1. grouchbag

      I like your idea.

    2. R1ck


      Thanks. I would make a conversion out of this if I fully understand how Slade and DeHacked thing.  But for now I just let it be a wet dream. 

    3. grouchbag



      Don't feel too bad, I can't map at all.If you ever get this done, I'd be glad to beta test.Good luck Rick! :D




    4. Ichor


      It could be called Joanie Loves Archie.

    5. Battle_Kirby


      The virus is similar to the one in the Doom movie though :/


      Other than that it sounds promising. I can already see a stealth sequence in this.

    6. R1ck


      I just thought to make it a doom-esque partial conversion like valiant. I don't reach Tormentor667 level of editing yet. I did see Blade of Agony files. I don't understand shit haha. So, yeah. no stealth lol.

    7. Battle_Kirby


      Maybe a linear stealth sequence, like in half life. Reach a certain point,  and suddenly GOVERNMENT SOLDIERS LEFT AND RIGHT SHOUTING YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE BITCH NOW DIE AND SUDEENLY BANG BAMG BNAG BGAN aand something like that :P

    8. R1ck


      also, I saw what you did there @Ichor :D