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  1. megamap project in boom format. Need 1 mapper aka overseer, and 8 more mappers. Please kindly pm me if anyone interested.


    happy now? Jesus..



    not mad or anything just kinda annoyed I can't get day off for seing my mom :I


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    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      You're going to have to use a bunch of switches of tripwire linedefs anyway. When 10 people work on a map, and you somehow want to make sure the map has somethng like a progression to it, then there's probably no way around that. The other solution that can do with less switches would be starting the entire thing in a hub area and let players choose their paths almost entirely liberally, but at that point there's the risk of the map feeling mostly like several seperate maps which have simply been merged together somehow.


      I'm curious to see how this will end up, though.

    3. R1ck


      that's why I didn't make topic about it. thought about asking an opinion about that. right now I got a way around your second point.


      I'm sure there's no problem on linedefs for some of you... I think.

    4. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      The problem is that it will be a mess to coordinate. It's possible for everybody to map at their own leisure, and eventually "cannibalize" all the smaller maps into a bigger one. If you do things that way, you end up with a mixture of several things. If you pass the core map around, and everybody adds something to it over time, the entire thing will take a long time to finish, ever, because it's supposed to be a "megamap", which for me implies that whatever section people would be going to add is supposedly relatively large in and of itself already.


      The next nightmare you can prepare yourself for is conflicting sector and linedef tags, which means every mapper needs to have a set "range of linedefs others won't "touch". In addition to that, Boom is kind of prone to quickly burn through tags, since the voodoo-doll scrpiting can easily take up so many of those, and it's not unlikely for bigger maps to exceed 150 tags or more.


      So, yeah. Make sure to think this through, preferably before people even start mapping...