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  1. look amateurish tbh. but practice makes perfect I guess.

    I somehow can design good shit when I depressed although it look not that good for some of you guys :I





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    2. Phade102


      Doesnt look bad to me. Try booting up gzdoom and throwing the dynamic lights on, see how the effect goes there. You have the right idea with the lighting.


      Plus, from what i've seen  you've only used techbase textures before. Hell textures are a new thing for you, yes? Its not ugly at all! Or bad, it just looks very square. Dont be afraid to use different sorts of shapes to break up the squareness.


      I'm looking forward to seeing more!

    3. Deadwing


      It's not bad, IMO. Maybe a bit too orthogonal, but still clean and good looking.

    4. geo


      Yes it does look armature, but there is far worse mapping out there. Just detail it over and over again.


      Add some curve or carve out walls. Add tiny vertical fluctuation with different tiles like someone boarded up the floor. Make a waterfall carved out of the walls. Add some pedestals as part of the wall with torches on top.