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  1. making a perfect teleporting monsters is so frustrating. I tried all sorts of method including drag the monsters towards the teleport flag using floor texture scroll flag thing.

    man, this is so frustrating.

    1. Misty


      It would be easier if you would use joined sector method. Draw monster closet with small triangle, which will be joined with teleporter. Like in this picture. Draw two lines, that will teleport monsters in your map. One line must face monsters, second line bigger triangle or corner(like you're making door in map). Give same tag to "ear", teleporter lines and main teleport sector in main map. Don't forget add teleport fog actor. Join teleporter in map and "ear" with "j" key. Use teleporter action only for monsters. Also, for small delay, I added gates, which will be lowered when player trigger specific line (idk, how efficient this gate method is, but it works for me). If I'm wrong, someone help me to fix this. 

    2. R1ck


      so the "ear" you were talking about is the small triangle on the top like shown picture, right?

    3. Misty


      Yes, that's right.