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  1. Just wanted to give the heads up. I have published "Nightcrawler" (Mission #1) and "Spaceport 77" (Mission #2) under campaign mode if interesting go a round with these. Both of these missions have been tweaked a little bit. Enjoy. Mission #1: "Nightcrawler" (Code: ZERD9477) Mission #2: "Spaceport 77" (Code: 42ZT48HK)
  2. GhostGuy

    "Spaceport 77", a snapmap feature

    I have a posted an edited game play of my newest map if anyone wants to go a round with this one. The code for this one is: YR82RXU6 Spoilers Alert Video:
  3. GhostGuy

    "Nightcrawler v.2", a snapmap feature

    I have managed to play with another team player. So it does work well in cooperative if you want to make a round with this. Spoiler Alerts Video:
  4. I have revised this minor to insure cooperative inputs. However, I have difficult time testing this with another player. Let me know if a teamplay has been successful for those who want to go a round with this. The code for this one is: UXNB6RFE
  5. GhostGuy

    "The House", a snapmap feature

    "The House" is mainly showcasing the geometric possibility in snapmap. Unfortunately, the gameplay is somewhat buggy in this state. I can't seem to find the way to have the monsters to spawn in the second floor of the house. Also, the monsters seem to spawn between the walls or underneath the floor sometimes. So here's the video of an edited gameplay of the House. Enjoy. Code: FG9YH8N8
  6. This video shows "A Tale of Two Houses and a Small Fortress" in action with the optional Brutal Doom v21 beta add on. This wad is known as "Dark Fortress and the House that Sits in the Center" in doomworld but has an extra bonus level (MAP03). The link for the final wad is located under the video link. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ30wur3E4w
  7. If anyone interesting, I have uploaded a very short layout snapmap called "Nightcrawler" which was purposely made for 2-player teamwork effort since the bosses are harder to beat by one player. Although, it can be played under single player (which the videos shows) but it wouldn't be much fun. There isn't much décor in this map since it's purpose to 'run like hell' while fighting these demons. The code for this one is: L6MMBPB7. Thanks. Edited Gameplay of this snapmap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3eh_JCXhlY
  8. I have recently released a new version of "The Dark Fortress" if anyone interesting. I have felt the prior version wasn't challenging enough or shall I say the fun factor was not quite on the par. In Version 2, I have eliminated the Nazi soldiers and the poor dogs with some more Doom 2 normal enemies and some scarce ammo as well as a rocket launcher in the level (you have to search for it which shouldn't be too hard if you decided to play this version). I have also suggested to use an enhancement of a mod to increase the fun factor like Brutal Doom or in this case like in the video, Project Brutality. I have provided the two links of the maps if you decided to take a stroll on both of these: Download Link for "The Dark Fortress (Version 2)": http://www.moddb.com/games/doom-ii/addons/the-dark-fortress-version-2 Download Link for "The House That Sits in the Center": http://www.moddb.com/games/doom-ii/addons/the-house-that-sits-in-the-center
  9. GhostGuy

    The Dark Fortress

    "The Dark Fortress" is a simple fortress wad which I have released as a prequel for "The House That Sits in the Center" wad. However the video which I have provided show a monster called the "evil marine" which replace the normal Nazi soldier in the actual wad. Although, the wad can be played normally without the brutal doom mod but less challenging if you choose to do so. I have made this wad specifically for the "evil marine" appearance. The brutal doom version I have used is presently the Brutal Doom v21 beta (Jan. 02 version) which contains the "evil marines". Enjoy. Video Link: Download link for the wad: http://www.moddb.com/games/doom-ii/addons/the-dark-fortress
  10. The simple house wad has some few surprises. Requires to be used with the recent build of GZDoom or Zandronum 3.0. Works best with the Brutal Doom v21 beta since it has flashlight capability. Download link: http://www.moddb.com/games/doom-ii/addons/the-house-that-sits-in-the-center Video link:
  11. The primary mission for this SnapMap is the defeat the buffed bosses (3 of them at the same time). However, you have to search for keys and weapons to succeed. I wanted to give an 'old school' feel to it. I wish I could have given more details (props) on this snapmap but I have reached my limit just a little over 99.23%! I was focusing on the layout of the map more. The weapons and armors do not have 'bob and rotate' on which makes them a little harder to retrieve. However, I have noticed this causes 'crashes' for people on cooperative multiplayer mentioned on a thread here on the forum. So I made an alternative cooperative mode (see below) if interesting going for round with another player. Please read the video description for Coop for additional details about the spawning issue. Title: "Compound 101" Code: 9N49WRAM Spoilers Alert! Video: Title: Compound 101 (Coop Mode) Code: 3CLE7XTQ Spoilers Alert! Video:
  12. I just wanted to inform you that I had published a very short single-player map which took me just half a day to complete. This is just a short take to kill time for about 10 to 15 minutes of play time. So there wasn't much effort for this map in the layout as you would see if you decided to play it. However, I think it's very challenging in a sense, especially for one player. The armor and health a very scarce in this one. Apparently, you must kill the enemies to obtain armor/health in most cases. The more you quickly kill the enemies, the more you would obtain these items. "Keep moving" is my only advice. Also, there isn't much weapons in this one. There are only four weapons (besides the normal 'pistol' weapon) total in this one: the standard shotgun, double-barrel shotgun, plasma gun, and the BFG. You have to do a little searching for these weapons. Also, there is one key to be used to open the 'hell' portal where you must find in order to progress further. There is a cooperative mode on this one (of course) but limited for two players since the layout is very short. I don't considered this map one of my best in my opinion but I think some of you may end up liking it. Enjoy! "Overrun" (7F8QB6A9) or can search under "ghostguy" (for more better maps from the past) Spoilers Alert! -- Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGvyNW_yHZ0 Extreme Spoilers Alert! -- Video Full Gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eoqMc0z90U
  13. Just wanted to give you the heads up if anyone interesting I have uploaded a music wad. The music was an inspiration of what I have listened from the Unreal Tournament 3 Soundtracks and composer J.M. Jarre. So the music is within that style (Electronica). You can find the link here: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/music/zdmpro11 Also, I have uploaded a video of the music use in some of the mods I have played (which is listed at the beginning of the video). Just beware that the mods I have listed do not contain any my music. The video is there only for showcase. However, I do dedicated the music for those who still continue to create these wonderful Doom Mods which I still continue to play. I guess these wonderful mods have inspired me to create background music while playing. Video (just music): Video (actual play):
  14. GhostGuy

    Three Maps Campaign Mode

    Updated "Firebug" to a scoring system plus added more power ups and made some slight changes to improve better. "Décor" and "Straight Forward" are 'old' maps but fun to play--added a scoring system for both of them. Slight details in "Décor" but couldn't make any more further changes, like music changes since it has reached its limit. "Straight Forward" on the other hands has music changes and some additional details. MAP01: Firebug (5AXTFHWL) -- Seek and Destroy a Firebug (buffed Revenant). Also, put out the fire in each area. Contains slight camera works and a scoring system. MAP02: Décor (F6NWEY2E) -- Basic classic doom feel where you search for keys by eliminating the mini-bosses to access them. Scoring system added. Décor was a combination of my first map (originally called "Death Above") ever and second map merged together. MAP03: Straight Forward (N89CU64T) -- Another basic classic doom feel where you search for keys to find the exit. Scoring system added. However, this one consists of waves with lockdown and some with no lockdown. This has a non-linear approach where you could access a room on either side. Once again, you could search these under 'ghostguy'. Feedback would be appreciated. Video (about 27 minutes of edited gameplay):
  15. "Firebug" is more of a showcase than single player (can barely make it with one life--but unlimited). Come to think of it, it more for a cooperative play with a friend. Feedback would be appreciated. Title: Firebug Code: VHCP3ELZ You can also search under 'ghostguy' as well. Video: UPDATED: "Firebug" is no longer published use this thread for the updated one: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/snapmap/91924-three-maps-campaign-mode/