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  1. WarLeopard

    The Umbroteca (enigma website)

    ...Thank you. After all of these years, I had no idea about triple clicks. In the great unlikeliness that we ever bump into each other in the real world, please do slap me. I've got the file open in Audacity, and with no experience with the software, I'm struggling to obtain anything resembling human speech (not that I will even understand, I don't speak Portuguese). With that said, I feel that I could make an educated guess on what the boss is, based on the clues.
  2. WarLeopard

    The Umbroteca (enigma website)

    Damn, and I thought trying to convert my friend's email form hex to ASCII was a pain. How are we meant to select all of the text without either holding the left mouse button for ten minutes, or copying chunks of it and pasting them in a text document?
  3. WarLeopard

    Need Maps for The People's DooM

    Apologies for my ignorance, but what is the difference between T.P.D. and Freedoom (apart from the differing colour pallet and the level of completeness). I can't help but feel that if T.P.D. were to have a differing goal and philosophy, that it might obtain more attention and thus aid in development.
  4. WarLeopard

    How are you doing?

    Very thing is going quite well for the moment. I've started playing Star Wars Empire at War, and after several botched raids against one enemy planet I have concluded that a re-balancing mod may have drastically un-balanced the game (either that, or I'm simply terrible at the game, which is a strong possibility). With that said however, I am terrified about my up-coming exams. I am unlikely to fail, the only exams that I 'failed' were at GCES level (sorry, I don't know what the equivalent would be in other parts of the world), and even those I simply scored below the desired 'C' grade. I have been revising quite a bit for the last 4 or so weeks, thus I should* be fine.
  5. WarLeopard

    Share a random fact about yourself

    My apologies for slightly de-railing this thread, but were some pages dropped a few minutes ago? I had originally noticed that this thread was locked, and I was curious to know what had happened. I think I had reached the 13th page and clicked to go to the 14th, when I was taken back to the top of the 12th page. Were some posts removed, or did I have some odd hallucination where I had imagined there being more posts than there actually was? Thanks in advance for the clarification.
  6. WarLeopard

    Theory: Betruger is actually the devil all along

    I don't know if this helps in any way, shape or form, but I have found a video of one of the PDA videos within Doom 3. Specifically, it is of a character who worked with Dr. Betruger and he details some of the events prior to the invasion, including a brief mention of the doctor after his trip.
  7. WarLeopard

    New Forum

    Unfortunately not. The first time I accessed Doomworld today it took more like 15 minutes. With that said however, it seems to be getting faster the more I use the site. If anyone knows why that might be, please do explain.
  8. WarLeopard

    New Forum

    The new Forum is very interesting so far. Apart from painfully slow load times, anywhere between 2 and 10 minutes, and the constant '502 Bad Gateway' crashes, I'm rather intrigued. I like the ability to quickly view other users' profiles, and the real-time updating is very enjoyable. Why just as I'm writing this Altazimuth submitted a post (the update sound should be replaced with the Shotgun firing sound by-the-way). Unfortunately I have yet to fully explore the Fourm so I can't comment on anything-else. Also rest in pieces Post Hell.
  9. WarLeopard

    Snapmap, or Doom 1 and 2 editing?

    From what I recall about Doom 4/2016's Snapmap, of which I had only played for around 30 minutes on my brother's XOne and said play was several months ago, I despise it. Snapmap is pretty much a glorified Lego set, and like the for-mentioned toy, there's never enough blasted pieces to make anything worthwhile. One stitches pre-made room to pre-made room from a bird's-eye prospective, which is infuriating when two seemingly compatible rooms cannot connect to later find that they are on differing height levels, which also makes creating more labyrinthine levels nigh-impossible. This coupled with the irritation of aligning various objects and items without the ability to individually change their X,Y and Z axes resulted with me simply giving up and returning to Doom Builder. There may well be some good aspects of Snapmap, but I simply don't remember them.
  10. WarLeopard

    Christmas damage report

    Music for Cats (Music CD). Gods of Egypt (Movie DVD). Amazon gift card. HMV gift card. Cat Bingo board Game. ‘How it works’ The Cat (Ladybird book). Two jumpers/sweaters (one black and the other is navy blue). T-shirt (with a cat face print). A set of 4 socks (with a Sonic the Hedgehog design). Magna puzzle of a Leopard or Jaguar (a type of magnetic jigsaw puzzle). Moonlight night light. Lindor milk chocolate balls. Baileys milk chocolate truffles. And as the center-piece, Doom the Board Game with Expansion set.
  11. WarLeopard

    Freedoom Story Proposals

    I thought the mix was very good. Like I had stated, it was very much what I had in mind. I feel that the general premise of the following is what I prefer: the protagonist being held in court and charged with crimes they may or may not have committed, before their custody is handed over to the AMG. The AMG then transfers the protagonist to some research facility in 'the Butt End of Space'. There the protagonist is chemically and biologically augmented into some form of super soldier before blasting monsters in the face. However, I feel the story that Freedoom should utilise is the one created by Impie, being as it currently has the most votes. With that said, what is the point of this poll? With my limited understanding, the current management of the Freedoom project does not necessarily have to abide by the results of this poll. The management could create their own story with little to no regard for what happens on this Thread, so why make it? I may have severely misunderstood, so if anyone can clarify, please do.
  12. WarLeopard

    Freedoom Story Proposals

    Unfortunately Voros, I'm not skilled at creating stories or even rewriting and combining those created by others. However, the combined version you have written was very much what I had in mind. I apologise for not replying back sooner. Although I had read your post, it did not occur to me that I should reply back, acknowledging that I had read your post.
  13. WarLeopard

    Freedoom Story Proposals

    After reading all the story proposals, and having contemplated them for a couple of days, my personal favourite is the story from theJF. I'm struggling to specify exactly the reasons for this, I'm afraid. However, has anyone considered a mix of the above stories? Take the best elements from each story and stitch them together.