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  1. ghost

    Occult scenery in a Mars outpost.

    okay. i'm a builder, on one of mars' moons. i've got to build a moonbase, and when i get there i find bits of building already there, all decorated with skulls and scary faces and stuff. i'd probably get the fuck out of there instead of building around it!! jesus christ these people were asking for it. and hell is bound to look like some shithole from one of those changing rooms interior decorating shows with elevator music playing all the time. stuff from horror movies i could deal with. that i couldn't stand!!
  2. ghost

    Doom3 New Monsters?

    christ, something just occurred to me after reading something someone just said about satan changing into whatever... what if the bods at id could have the game study the way you play, all your techniques and quirks, and create an ai out of it? then use it against you at the end when you are made to fight a clone of yourself, like an evil you. that would be quite hard since it'd use all your dirty cheating little tactics against you. probably make a better pre-end boss than a big ol' end boss. it'd sure be different.
  3. ghost

    Occult scenery in a Mars outpost.

    ask the decorators. just because it's a base on mars doesn't mean it has to be all techie and stuff. if i was out working or living or whatever in a secluded base on mars, i'd like to feel a little closer to home. still, gothic interior design wouldn't exactly do that for me. maybe it's a scientist/marine thing. maybe the demons abd stuff decided to do some interior re-designing to make it feel more like home? who knows...
  4. ghost

    Real DoomWorlders :D

    i'm sure he's having fun down there bless him. lets all lower our heads and pray... ...hmmm. perhaps we could try and resurrect him? anyone know any good spells? i know a few virgins if we need the blood.
  5. ghost

    New Here

    i believe someone of questionable gender and existence was introducing themselves. ...and never made another post. ...i suspect foul play. or a busy person. or a gobshite!
  6. ghost

    Another poll

    ah yes, i believe that is what you call it ion the other side of the atlantic. aphex twin is cool too. chris cunningham has done some great music vids for him.
  7. ghost

    Another poll

    none of the above... i mostly like electronica kind of stuff- like plaid or boards of canada or ladytron. i recently got lemonjelly's new album. which kicks arse. squrepusher, if i'm in the mood for some noise. radiohead. i love the pixies. i'm also partial to a bit of weezer. i used to listen to stuff like deftones and incubus when i was a teen, but i grew out of that in a big way. so there.
  8. ghost

    New Here

    newshit ghost says: which was what? just curious...
  9. ghost

    Green Pile #10

    velly good. i've seen the whole series and they are great sir. as an illustration student, i feel obliged to make a contribution to the world of doom art. where do i post it? i can't stick links up 'cause i ain't got my own site or anything.
  10. ghost

    How can I change the DOOM MIDI files???

    i have replaced the tunes all the tunes in my multiplayer wads for my own enjoyment!! found lots of great midis here. earthworm jim ones work great. who turned out the lights? woo hoo!!
  11. ghost

    Real DoomWorlders :D

  12. ghost

    When did you first play doom?

    i remember years ago i used to play doom 2 over a friends house cause he was the only one of us with a pooter good enough to play it on!! that was back when we used the keyboard!!! it was only years later when my parents got a machine did i discover the virtues of using a mouse. a great game got better and i never looked back...
  13. ghost

    Real DoomWorlders :D

    i didn't think any of you were real! [well, apart from our own little doomhobbit of course!!] huh, fancy that. all this while i thought i was talking to a bloody machine.
  14. ghost

    New Here

    especially since you all seem to have scared her away. sexycutieladywhateverwhatever69 - registered just to make one post ...apparently.
  15. ghost

    Who will win?

    quake 2 man would have 'em both. he's got it all. running jumping climbing trees. a better model bfg than doomguy. experience - he pretty much single handedly took on a whole race of alien bastards, saw many of his fellow soldiers being tortured and 'processed'. he also has the mighty railgun. he also fought a boss that was equipped with a bfg aswell. and that big bloody supertank thing. no contest.