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  1. Sallan

    Lets talk about demons on Doom 2 and 1.

    They are pretty demoniac.
  2. Sallan

    Do you prefer mouselook or freelook for Doom?

    We must save the art of keyboard play, it's scary to see old players incapacited of this. Freelook just don't fit with DOOM for me, (but still better than vanilla mouselook lol).
  3. Sallan

    More accurate difficulty level names

    1. Ignore This 2. Just to learn the controls 3. Decent 4. You need to pratice very much 5. Just if you abandon your life and stay 24/7 in your PC
  4. Sallan

    Net Neutrality Gets Screwed Over... Again

    Everyone on earth should buy a 2 TB HD and download all internet content they can before this shit happen.
  5. Sallan

    What are your thoughts on infinite height?

    Just good if you play DOOM in the old sytle, I find it illogical and nonsense, but it's very rare to me to have problem with.
  6. Sallan

    Submit some animated GIFs!

    Just one, sry.
  7. Sallan

    Do you miss the old Doomworld?

    The old design renember me the 90's internet, I find the new a little generic, excluding this, i love the notifications.
  8. Sallan

    Weird things you wonder about Doom

    If DOOM is a futuristic game, why the look of Shotgun, SSG and Chaingun are such 00's?
  9. Sallan

    This guy hates Doom for sure

    I dont give a fuck about reviews, it's just opinions, i play/watch the game to construct my own.
  10. Sallan

    Post your computer specs here!

    Prepare to see the best PC specs in your life, try to control yourself and don't steal my pussy slayer. 2 GB RAM 2.7 GHz Intel Celeron G8120 Intel HD Graphics GT1 768mb Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bits AOC 18,5 1366x768 Run GTA IV around 15-25 FPS (Pratically all on low).
  11. U forgot Strife, but nice to renember this.
  12. So instead of ACS, C/C++ (can't renember original DOOM language) would be modding?
  13. or even the BEST. User Friendly - if not, tutorials help very much, the engine limits cause this, mapping is the best example. Tools - DOOM is quite old, and the related programs too, various versions and much time to result in a fantastic evolution. ACS - The code makes sense (at least partially) to a fully unexperienced person, real words are very present. I just know how to modify doom and a little of GTA 3D era, generally games are "very closed" for some reason.
  14. Just put Duke 3D shit in DOOM and problem solved.
  15. Sallan

    Tell me about yourself...

    I live in Brazil, typical computer addict and weirdo, my dream is to become a programmer or modeler and work on Valve, i love electronic music , games and retro things.