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    Moon's Call (followup to Moonsong)

    I think the layout and general architecture is great. A bit more detailing would go a long way in the larger empty rooms. I think there is a lot of ceiling space to work with. The cyberdemon room could use more spice too. Nit-picking, I can't recommend mixing the red SP_HOT1 bricks with green textures. There's a few places brown mixes in as well, and it's too conflicting (yellow door anteroom). The ammo count is an improvement over Moonsong - way fewer bullets. It seems you enjoy revenants more than I do... In a few of the groups of 2-3 I would consider removing 1 from each, maybe if you add difficulties, but that's just me. I couldn't defeat the two archviles in front of the teleporter (probably because I'm bad). There isn't enough good cover for the area, and too many big monster corpses to play meat shield without having a bigger weapon. rdwpa shows otherwise. I had to run past them. On the other hand, I quite liked the caged archvile fight. The blue key room was strangely satisfying too. It's a fun map overall. Oh, and I liked the music choice.