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  1. Grimosaur

    Post your weirdest finding on the internet

  2. Grimosaur

    [Poll] Simple poll for PrBoom+ users

    I use it just because it's the source port that I get the best performance on, my laptop doesn't do very well with GZDoom, plus I don't have to rumage through the settings to actually make it look good, unlike in GZDoom which has tons fluff turned on by default like texture filtering.
  3. Grimosaur

    The poll of the century

    Don't have breakfast... In fact I don't even drink anything until lunch unless I'm actually dying of thirst. It just makes lunch all the more satisfying.
  4. I imagine he'd live in an old cottage out in the countryside somewhere. Always outside quartering wood for the fireplace and tending to his chickens. ...Don't ask me why, just seems like that kinda dude.
  5. Wait, I haven't played Doom Eternal yet and I thought all levels had a master level when the game launched. They're drip feeding them? Don't they just have to add a bunch of extra enemies and then balance it?
  6. Grimosaur

    Show me Your Programming Projects!

    From around August - October last year I was making an adventure game in Batch (Not as some coding exercise or anything, Batch is seriously the only language I know how to code in) The game would randomly generate a world and you would descend through each level of the world via trapdoors and a new world would generate. Everytime you descended to a new level the monsters you encounter would become more powerful and different items and armour would appear in the shop that appears in each level. I never finished it but I'll probably resume development in the future. By the way, each character in the world grid is a seperate variable that represents its biome. No idea if that's how you're meant to make a grid based ASCII style game but hey, it works.
  7. I know this isn't really a genre but I absolutely love lo-fi music. I guess it's something about the warm tape sound a lot of lo-fi songs have that make them all feel super cosy to me. That, and they're good motivation for me in knowing that you can still make great music even with the crappiest equipment.
  8. Playercount peaked at I think around 150 on this stream using Odamex so I'm pretty sure that's the new record.
  9. I'm pretty sure it's meant to be a barbed wire fence but was horribly compressed or something and they never bothered to fix it. You can see the same kind of green pixels in these textures I also took from TNT and Alien Vendetta
  10. These disgusting things from TNT.