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  1. After finishing Earthbound I've started playing through Mother 3... On my 3DS. Man, I'm so glad my 3DS is hacked...
  2. Favorite Movie Genre: Quentin Tarantino... it's a genre, trust me. Favorite Food: A massive pizza all to myself :3 Favorite Holiday: Christmas Favorite Memory: Playing Doom with my dad in our old house. Worst Memory: My cat dying and burrying her in the backgarden :( Age: 14 Favorite Outfit: Anything that doesn't make me look stupid... like... just give me a plain white shirt and I'm happy. Favorite Genre Of Music: Progressive rock, Jazz Fusion, Electronic Most Hated Genre of Music: Trap. Please can this genre just die already? Left Handed or Right Handed: Right Worst Injury: I banged the top of my nose on the fireplace slipping on some marbles when I was around 5, I remember putting my hand to my head and just seeing loads of blood on my hand and then screaming. Can't remember anything after that though. Favorite Hobby: Kayaking Your Definition of Success: Dying happy... I guess.
  4. I'm just finishing off listening to this for the first time. Afterwards I'll listen to this to brighten the mood a little ._.
  5. PC: Doom Nintendo DS: Super Mario 64 DS Nintendo Wii: Lego Indiana Jones Xbox 360: Just Cause 2 Nintendo 3DS: Mario Maker 3DS Xbox One: Doom 2016 I'm always super late to play new consoles...
  6. Yeah but you still have to actually run the files it makes you download, It's not like it automatically infects the whole phone the instant it downloads.
  7. You can get viruses on Android but only by manually downloading an app or a .apk of a virus pretending to be something else.
  8. Vinesauce Joel also played Half Life with an Atari Controller and Half Life 2 with a Guitar Hero controller ._.
  9. Actually, scratch that last one, this is >actually< me. I know I look like the ultimate edgelord here but I was just posing to get a cool shot for my new profile picture.
  10. I just created the coolest profile picture of all goddamn time. Holy crap... and that was just from a crappy grainy picture I took from my phone