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  1. Grimosaur

    Best use of potatoes

    I got a static electric shock from a potato couple days ago. Tricksy buggers they are.
  2. Grimosaur

    Things about Doom you just found out

    If you crush the Icon of Sin while it's playing its death sound, you won't exit the level when the sound clip ends and the animated explosion effect will keep going indefinitely.
  3. Grimosaur

    how old is your computer?

    I'm using a 7 and a half year old Dell Laptop I got in 2015. Never replaced anything and it's starting to give me error beeps a lot more frequently so I'm guessing the hard drive is going to fail pretty soon... I should probably start backing stuff up.
  4. Grimosaur

    Games and IRL music that is similar to each other?

    ^ A Trip to the Fair 3:32 onwards and Cotton Island 0:07 onwards Tim Follin has said a lot of his songs were inspired by prog rock so I wonder if this was something he'd lifted or if it's just a coincidence? ^ Vibes and Stuff 0:03 onwards and Peggle 1:15 onwards This however surely can't be a coincidence I mean come onnn!
  5. Grimosaur

    Buying music nowadays

    I wonder what the best way would be to sell your own music in this day and age now that everyone is so used to streaming. I'd assume if you're just getting started and you sell your album digitally on bandcamp for $7 or something, you might not get many sales because not many people know who you are. But if you put your stuff on spotify you're still going to be making barely anything, even if you're getting a decent amount of streams. I wonder if the best option would be to make your album free to download, but keep the option to let people pay what they want for it. So that way you get the best of both worlds where people can still download and listen to it, recommending your music to others, while the people who are willing to buy it can still do so. That could maybe make you even more money compared to a set price because the people who really like your stuff would donate more than what you would sell it for anyway. I guess that would only be the best option for when you're first starting out though, because when you start getting popular people might just always download for free because they assume you're already well enough off. I'm just thinking about this stuff because I'm planning on recording an album and figuring out how I could make money off it when absolutely no one knows who I am.
  6. I always save after parts of a map which I know I can beat every time without fail. It just feels like a needless punishment having to restart the whole map just so you can retry the part you actually died to. Maybe for an endurance kind of map which is hard all the way through would it make sense to want to beat it without saving, but for a map that is just easy gameplay up until the hard fight at the very end, it just doesn't make any sense to me having to replay all the easy stuff just to get to the hard bit which actually challenges you. I suppose it does give you the thrill of playing "in the moment", making you pay more attention to what you're doing, take less risks etc. but you can still train yourself to play like that while saving. And the trade-off for playing without saving only stays in your favour up until you die, where then the dissatisfaction of you going "Arrrggh! Why didn't I just save, now I have to play through the whole level again, this first part is so easy" outweighs the satisfaction you got from playing the level before you died, and now that dissatisfaction won't go away until you beat the whole map in one sitting, instead of breaking it up into only the hard sections themselves like you do while saving.
  7. ^ This is like two aliens acting out what they think a normal human conversation is like ^ Even without the context from the movie this is still very profound (I say this having never seen the movie so you can count on me) ^ IMAGINE being Scottish...
  8. SR40 is just regular strafe running right? Sometimes I flick my mouse a little while strafing because that feels like it gives a momentary speed boost, maybe that's like a split-second SR50? I went back and tried to line skip the lift again and I found if I was only strafe running with no other input then I would trigger the lines as normal, but if I moved my mouse just a tiny bit just before the lines then I would sometimes skip over them.
  9. I've found a soft-lock bug in the submarine map (specifically the NG+ one but I think it would be the same in the normal version). If you run too fast into the lift which takes you out of the sub, you might skip the linedef which raises it. I teleported to the lift but it didn't raise and I was stuck at the bottom. I think if you double up the walk over linedef which raises the lift then that should fix it. It might be worth doubling up any other single walk over linedefs in the maps as well because it's pretty easy sometimes to just strafe run over single linedefs without them triggering. (Also, the NG+ maps are fantastic! For some reason I expected them to just be a few extra monsters and that's it, kind of just to add a bit more challenge in multiplayer, but they really do transform each map into a completely different experience)
  10. I remember spending a good 20 minutes trying to find it. When I finally found it I just said screw it and made a .bat file shortcut because I'm never doing that again.
  11. Grimosaur

    Obscure, Hardly Known Bad Games/Guilty Pleasures.

    I have loads of nostalgia for Taxi Racer London 2. I think it came with this bootleg racing game collection my parents got me which also had an old F1 game, some kind of hovercraft racing game and Re-Volt (but mislabeled as Micro Machines). Honestly had a lot of fun with it for as bad as it looks. I always played the free-roam mode which let you drive around without a timer. There were lots of interesting spots you could find, like the underground where you could drive around in the tunnels or these train tracks which you had to slowly inch your way up to because the ramp was so narrow. There's also a row of parking meters which I remember played a super satisfying sound effect when you ran them over, sounded kind of like picking up a mini-kit in lego star wars. There was also a spot with a boost power up where you could boost over one of the red barriers and fall off the world. I remember being so proud of myself for discovering a "glitch" like that, as if the whole game wasn't a glitch already.
  12. Grimosaur

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Ah, thanks! I thought you would have needed to visibly raise the floor to change the effect and I assumed it would be too much effort to make sure every sector is affected. Though I only just found out you can't actually damage voodoo dolls with damaging floors anyway so I guess this would be the easiest way.
  13. Grimosaur

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Is there any way to disable the zombie player voodoo doll effect for a Boom compatible map? I'm trying to make an air-lock effect where you take damage whenever the air lock is open, but that would mean damaging voodoo dolls which will always give you the zombie player effect. Is there any way to give voodoo dolls a true shared health pool? Maybe something you could do with dehacked?
  14. Grimosaur

    How do I make a special door?

    You can make a door like this using a voodoo doll on a conveyor belt with a layout like this Pressing the switch lowers the red triangle sector which was blocking the voodoo doll from moving, so then it starts moving forward and activates the two linedefs at the same time which raises the ceiling and lowers the floor of the door, then further on it activates a linedef which raises the red triangle sector, blocking the doll from moving again until the switch is pressed a second time. The other two linedefs close up the door and then the doll teleports back to the start. Then raising the red triangle sector, blocking the doll once again ready for the switch to be pressed. If you only want the door to open and not close up again afterwards then you only need up to the first red triangle sector. All you really need is something blocking a voodoo doll from moving on a conveyor, and then pressing the switch un-blocks the voodoo doll, allowing it to pass over two linedefs at once to raise the ceiling and lower the floor. Doing it with voodoo dolls like this would also make it Boom compatible as long as you haven't used any GZDoom exclusive features in your map.
  15. Grimosaur

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Ah sorry yeah, I did mean to say arachnotron plasma, not archvile blasts. I noticed in the map I'm making that revenant missiles were setting off these automatic walk-on lifts I'd made, so I searched it up and found this post listing the other projectiles which also trigger walk over lines, and I misread "arach projectiles" as "arch projectiles", and THEN I kinda autocorrected that to "archvile blasts" in my post. So yeah, archvile blasts can't trigger lines on their own. EDIT: wtf why is my title "Dank Marine" oh 420 posts WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO