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  1. Grimosaur

    What's your playlist

    Don't really have a playlist but I can give you the first 10 songs that appear with my MP3 player on shuffle. 1. Daisuke Tobari - [7.47] 2. Santana - Oye Como Va 3. Frank Zappa - A Little Green Rosetta 4. Casiopea - Tears of The Star 5. Ween - Pink Eye (On My Leg) 6. Toe - There Are Everything Here, There Are Nothing Here 7. A Tribe Called Quest - Vibes And Stuff 8. MF Doom - Fillet-O-Rapper 9. Radiohead - Dollars & Cents 10. Happy End - Haru Ranman That's out of 1476 songs
  2. Grimosaur

    Add on to the story above you.

    Just as the thought crosses his mind, a portal suddenly materializes behind him, and a clone of himself tumbles out of it. "I stole my lunch from the fridge today!" He said to himself, smugly.
  3. Grimosaur

    What was the first custom wads you have played?

    Introduced to doom wads by brutal doom so naturally the first megawad I played was the Hell on Earth Starter Pack, then Alien Vendetta, Valiant, Ancient Aliens, Hell Revealed and I'm 2/3rds of the way through Eviternity right now. ...I mean, It's not much so I might as well list em' all, I'm only just getting into doom wads now.
  4. Grimosaur

    Favorite Name Of Secret Levels?

    Cyberwar 7734 (Valiant)
  5. Grimosaur

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Is that MS Paint?
  6. Grimosaur

    Recommend me some good Youtube channels to watch

    David Bull = Bob Ross 2
  7. Grimosaur

    Play Doom in your browser!

    There's been a flash version of Doom since 2008 but it's pretty laggy and doesn't have custom wad support so this is definitely much, much better. https://www.kongregate.com/games/mike_id/doom-1
  8. Grimosaur

    What makes a level fun?

    Levels that are literally impossible if you shoot your weapon in either of the first 2 rooms, causing... like, 30 chaingunners to spawn in the next room with absolutely no way of being able to kill any of them without being annhilated in 2 seconds. Did I mention that same room is also filled with revenants, mancubi and hell knights? ...Plus an archvile? I sure do love pistol starting Hell Revealed on ultra-violence hahahahahahaahahaahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha
  9. Grimosaur

    Memorable video game songs

  10. Grimosaur

    Random Video Thread

  11. Grimosaur

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Sorry, it turns out all that the 'input lag' I was talking about was is that I was just not used to the slightly different sensitivity levels of sourceports... that and I could swear that the movement feels different in PrBoom+ than in GZdoom but maybe that's just because it's more vanilla? That or I'm just going insane. I think it's the latter. Changing the menu appearance to Stretch to Width makes everything huge and I want to keep the hud smaller while keeping the title screen and alike at their normal size... I'm guessing there isn't a way to do that though...