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  1. Grimosaur

    PSA: Review Trains Fucking Suck!

    Is it possible to make it so a new review only gets added to the review section so long as there isn't a review for that wad already visible? So the review section could never have duplicates? Or maybe that's not possible either like what Doomkid said about filtering by the amount of stars.
  2. Grimosaur

    Random Image Thread

  3. Grimosaur

    XBox controller: level 3 "Cultist Base"

    If only something like that was built into the console in the first place. Surely the "AI trained" part is only to eliminate any aim acceleration that's hard coded into the game. I don't see why it shouldn't be any simpler than just translating mouse movement into joystick movement, but allowing for values outside of the joysticks normal range. In a perfect world, you could just plug your mouse and keyboard into the console, open up a game, accept the "Would you like to use the recommended control layout for this game?" popup, and the game would detect you're using a mouse and disable any aim acceleration and tweaks intended for controller. Job Done, the only extra work for game devs would be allowing you to disable aim acceleration so it only takes in the raw joystick input which would translate to raw mouse input + sensitivity, and now every console game in existence has full mouse and keyboard support. Uhh.. right?
  4. Grimosaur

    Earworm Thread - What Song Is Stuck In Your Head?

    Been getting loads of "GTA V nostalgia" videos in my Youtube recommended, so now I keep hearing this in my head everywhere I go. Not complaining though.
  5. Grimosaur

    XBox controller: level 3 "Cultist Base"

    It's super annoying that Doom Eternal doesn't have keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One, because other games like CoD and even some non-fps games support it. For a game like Doom Eternal there's no doubt about it that you will have a significant advantage playing with a mouse and keyboard, you can just do everything so much faster and Doom Eternal is ALL about speed. There's still hope though, if someone can somehow get in touch with one of the devs then I'm sure keyboard and mouse support could be added in a patch no problem, it's just not something that's been considered I suppose? It's a shame too, Doom Eternal's got the most PC options menu I've ever seen on console. You can change anything you want, even the controller button mapping, so it's just insane there's no keyboard and mouse support when they've already taken the time out to add that much functionality. Why not go all the way? You know what, I think there are members on Doomworld who are devs for the console port of Doom, so maybe they have some ties to id software and can ask about getting mouse and keyboard support for Eternal? Even the Xbox port for Doom 64 has keyboard and mouse support! *grumble grumble grumble*...
  6. Grimosaur

    The "actually good mod idea" thread

    A wad where the only weapon is the BFG, but the twist is that the BFG ball passes through demons without dealing damage and you can only kill things with the tracers when it hits a wall. The maps themselves are designed with a ton of open space with only a few pillars dotted around the place so you have to be very strategic and time your shots carefully to kill anything. Lots of delayed BFG shots.
  7. In PrBoom+ you can change the colours of the automap lines in options>setup>automap, including colouring key doors. It's weird that they're not coloured to begin with though, I suppose just to be more like the original Doom which I don't think coloured key doors on the automap either.
  8. I can't imagine how big your swear SFX folder must be haha, I think you're gonna need them for some of those later levels...
  9. Don't OLED displays get burn in really easily? How's that going to fare if you play a lot of one game with permanent hud icons?
  10. Grimosaur

    [CANCELED]Community Chest 5

    No need to cancel the whole thing, I'd just call it something else and not Community Chest 5. Or make it a sort of spin-off CC megawad, but not CC5. Really like the name 'Community's Trunk' from Slovinator. That makes sense for it being more of an homage to CC1 and CC2 as well.
  11. Grimosaur

    Anyone here Watch Sumo?

    This is the video that got me into sumo, really good watch if you dont know much about it. It is a shame how the wrestlers really aren't given any time for their injuries to heal. Like with Tochinoshin, if only he'd been given some time off to let his knee heal more then I guarantee he wouldn't have sank down from ozeki rank as much as he has. Those bandages shouldn't have to stay on for so long that they become a recognizable feature of that wrestler, like with Tochi's knee bandage he's had for going on 3 years now I think. They shouldn't have to be forced to compete in every competition if they know they're not fully healed from the last one. I mean, beating Tochinoshin in his prime is completely different from beating him when he's in a damn wheelchair. It's the only reason we've seen him fall so far.
  12. Grimosaur

    Worst looking texture

    Don't forget these masterpieces also from TNT. The green pixels are actually an error I'm pretty sure, you can see the same weird green pixels on the sphinx texture in Misri Halek from Alien Vendetta. Maybe it's some weird artifacting from the way you would remove the background of an image in some ancient 90s photo editor?
  13. Grimosaur

    The first time you registered..

    That Doomkid posts A LOT.