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  1. CountArchvile

    Desi's Wad 2

    I mean... what can i say? at the very start you get bum-rushed by all sorts of enemies with only a shotgun and a chaingun and barely any ammo. it doesn't really help that there's almost no room to move around, you bump into everything this is pretty shit level design, and trying to fit 25 monsters in there doesn't really work. i didnt bother with this wad, and you shouldn't either
  2. CountArchvile

    Got my Reaper Miniatures professionally painted

    These are gems (especially the bowling baron) they look like they would be for sale at some unofficial online store somewhere id buy all of em
  3. CountArchvile


    Honestly i clicked for the title it made me laugh Map is pretty good too
  4. CountArchvile

    Go back to first rune trial

    if you go to the main menu im pretty sure you can replay them (not too sure)
  5. CountArchvile

    Crowd Control Doom for Twitch streamers

    this is amazing! if i ever stream on twitch i might consider this
  6. CountArchvile

    What Enemy Makes You Most Vocal?

    i shit myself whenever i hear an archvile
  7. CountArchvile


    Self Explanatory What Are your suggestions?
  8. CountArchvile


  9. CountArchvile


    Will do
  10. CountArchvile


    My body is ready
  11. CountArchvile


    no ones got jokewads XD
  12. CountArchvile

    Id software is 28 years old today

    When i was like 9 and started growing an interest into Heavy Metal (Thanks to Guitar Hero) Doom Caught my Eye on a retro gaming website. After a quick google search on the Game i decided to give it a try...The addiction is still present today
  13. CountArchvile


    Heyy, this was pretty good,not too confusing plenty of health and ammo lots of fun
  14. CountArchvile

    something is very wrong with my GZDoom

    XD if you knew how many times i reinstalled the damn thing heh but i moved to LZDoom and my problem is pretty much solved at this point
  15. CountArchvile

    something is very wrong with my GZDoom

    So recently i packaged a wad and gzdoom for a friend that had no doom experience (you know so they just have to drag and drop the wad),and now everytime i try to run GZDoom it says the following and i need help working this out.So if you might know the solution hit me up. I think its because they were 2 directories maybe its my Iwad thats broken idk
  16. CountArchvile

    Debut Map

    Great Job! Using a Minecraft Texture pack seems to work really well I might give it a try
  17. CountArchvile

    I want to see your classic fps collections

    Damn dude,thats one hell of a Collection
  18. CountArchvile

    Your most epic Doom experience today?

    played 11 randomly generated maps in one go, took me 2 hours and 50 minutes
  19. Shit lol sorry for misinformation
  20. CountArchvile

    Scooby Doom?

    This made my day XD
  21. CountArchvile

    Removed thread

    My little brother told me about this,apparently its really good, i might try it out
  22. Recently learned how to map for Doom (not releasing my first wad cuz its wayyy too mediocre in my opinion),so i decided to move on and learn how to work with Quake.I've gotten the basics down and im gonna move on to some more advanced stuff when i get time in between exams. Im already having a lot of fun doing so, cant wait to release a map for Quake :)
  23. CountArchvile

    I Had a Pain Elemental Dream

    Shit..i knew i wasnt the only one to have video game related dreams, interesting story btw lol
  24. Honestly,Have you seen the Id Software team they visibly weren't taking themselves too seriously.they were just some dudes making games having fun yea doom takes itself seriously at times,but mostly through text (like the exit game messages) you can see they added some humour and ha-ha funnies in there or another example would be how you get a medal titled *Fisting* for melee killing someone in deathmatch
  25. Honestly,i'd encourage him if i were you.seems neat